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  1. We can make it into the news if we really unite. I want to see titles "Shutterstock rewarding it's artists with pennies" on all popular news outlets and tech media providers. Let's give them what they deserve :). Write your story as a contributor to these media outlets on social media. Someone will pick it up and get traction eventually.
  2. Of course. Shutterstock appreciates constructive feedback. I'm sure the apps will benefit from our reviews as we are so eager to participate.
  3. Don't forget to rate their apps on GooglePlay and AppStore. They really need your feedback too and they demand real reviews. So let's all show them our support.
  4. I'm going to rate their app on GooglePlay exactly how I feel about their service. Transparency and honesty, let's give them some real reviews.
  5. as a native english speaker, I assumed you know the difference between racism and stereotyping.
  6. If Amazon opens up for Digital Images downloads will put this greedy board out of business in a month with their powerful cloud solutions. So Shutterstock should prey Amazon doesn't enter the Microstock business.
  7. They will. Because the quality dropped so hard and they are literally accepting anything. The top quality individuals will move away from Shutterstock and bring their content with them somewhere else. This is the new AliExpress of Microstock.
  8. They are getting rid of individual contributors and favoring image factories. You are redundant and replaceable and this is how shutterstock rewards you. Remeber, Image Factories is the aim here.
  9. Moving my portfolio to Adobe Stock, I will dump only the junk images here once per year.
  10. If this decision kills off the spammers, the +1 million portfolios, I am up for it, I can take the blow.
  11. Guys, There will always be someone willing to work for few cents and Shutterstock knows this. Is the McDonalds effect. If you give up on your work, someone else will take your place willing to work for less so it's a matter of you having principles or not.
  12. Now think about all these people with ultra-expensive gear trying to shoot top quality photos in amazing places, selling literally works of art for T E N C E N T S :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) LMAOOOOOOOO. Good job Shutterstock! You always surprise me with these jokes.
  13. I have a suggestion for you guys: Leave the JUNK on Shutterstock, they LOVE JUNK. Sell the top quality images somewhere else and dump every piece of junk here, they accept anything, literally ANYTHING. There's portfolios with millions of ridiculous images so whenever you take 10 shots, put the quality ones on a respectful agency and dump the rest here. So let's make this place exactly what it is: A LANDFILL.
  14. As other people have stated, we are all down to .10. Most of us will be at .10 mark for few months. I wonder how is this brilliant decision helping the new contributors and by what means. We deserve an explanation how is this ridiculous amount is going to boost the new content and help the newcomers.
  15. Will not be less than 10c. It will be 10 FREAKIN CENTS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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