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  1. Jeff, you have a 400mm f2.8? Woah I bet that would have cost the earth! Most of my telephoto lenses are pretty slow. Charles, I have heard of people using beanbags as lens supports on African game park safaris.
  2. Jeff, I probably could. Though these are proprietary batteries -unique and specially designed for this particular drone. And thus - probably expensive. Though regardless, the battery was fully charged. So the drone likely has a fault of some kind. Maybe an electronic problem but who knows. If it's dropped out of the sky once, chances are it could do so again. By the way, I saw another whale today. This one had it's fin in the air and was bring it down hard on the water and splashing around. Ive never seen a whale so active before in real life. I got some more shots with the 600mm mirror lens. It was really hard to manually focus at one point (when it was really active.) Though I think I managed to get better focus later on when it had calmed down a bit.
  3. Sheila, amazing that thing came out of the kitten's eye. That reminds me of the time that my father was holding a goanna (monitor lizard) with a grass seed in it's eye. This was on the farm on Kangaroo Island. The goanna was a fair size (close to a meter or thereabouts) but it's eye was tiny compared to the grass seed. The grass seed was very thick and was pretty much covering the entire eye. Not a nice sight. I pulled it out and then shortly after, my father set the goanna free. Wendy, thanks for the good words on the dolphins photo. Dolphins are so hard to photograph. Even harder from a boat, I find. Though amazing to watch and to be around. Sometimes they swim quite close to the rocks. Oh yea I was suspecting that it may have been the Coronavirus that was pushing up the airfare dramatically. I actually haven't looked at any airfares for quite a while. Regardless of what mode of transport I take to Coober Pedy, I definitely wouldn't be part of any itinerary while I'm there. I like my freedom! Though yea good point about stopping on the way with a car trip. I must confess though that even at my age, I actually don't have a driver's license. So I'd have to convince other family members to tag along if I did want to go by car. And another thing - I think I would prefer to go to Cooby Pedy after I get hold of an rc quadcopter that can be used to record decent quality aerial video. Some time back, I was using a cheap action camera strapped to an MJX Bugs 3 Pro GPS quadcopter. That's what I used in Bali to record some aerial clips. Though a few months go, I had charged up the battery and only had this quad up in the air for about 1 - 2 minutes when it seemed to lose power and dropped out of the sky from a fair height. Not sure if I could trust it again.
  4. Sari, certainly tempting! I might make it a family trip in that case.
  5. Debbie, as far as I know, none of us have ever met each other. We all live very far apart so there is that great distance to consider. I wonder if many SS contributors have met each other in person.
  6. I just looked up flights from Adelaide to Coober Pedy and it's a lot more expensive than I thought. Around $600 for a return flight. Crazy. Considering that it's within the same state and only a 2 hour flight, I was expecting a lot less. According to a youtube video, it'a bout a six hour drive from Adelaide to Coober Pedy. I looked up coaches and with that particular mode of transport, the prices are a lot more reasonable but it's an 11 hour journey. I'm not sure if I could handle 11 hours on a coach! I have been on extremely long coach trips before in the past (going interstate) and it's enough to drive you crazy.
  7. Sari, it would take a crazy person to walk around the outskirts of Coober Pedy at night. Yep, one wrong step and they'll be down a deep hole. Yes good point about Tunisia. I saw a little bit of Tunisia on a travel program I watched on TV. They stated that that is where the first Star Wars movie was partly filmed which is no surprise. It looked so familiar. Sheila, great kitten photo. Wendy, I never knew the waters of Fraser Island were so "dramatic" for lack of a better word. I knew all about the dingoes on there. Looks like a great place for sanboarding (one of my hobbies.) Wow, you've been sky diving? That must have been an amazing experience. Charles, awesome orca image there. I saw orcas in a public aquarium in Vancouver. I waned to see them in the wild on a boat tour but I ran out of time. Apparently, there were some orcas that visited Penneshaw in Kangaroo Island, South Australia where I'm based but apparently, I missed them. I had no idea they were here until it made the news a short time after. Orca sightings over here are extremely rare and I'm not sure if they've ever been seen in Penneshaw before. Though some other members of the dolphin family are very common here. Particularly the bottlenose dolphins. There's a local pod of bottlenose dolphins that hang around here. I took this photo of them from land.
  8. Sari, some very dramatic clouds in that video. This is a video about a very interesting town in Australia - Coober Pedy. It's out in the desert and many people there live underground to escape the intense heat. There are even underground churches. It's surreal. Actually, most of the world's opals come from Coober Pedy.
  9. Wendy, that also would have been awesome to have the whale swim under your boat. That reminds me of a similar experience I had with great white sharks. There were 2 - 3 great whites feeding on a dead whale off Cape Jervis in SA waters (hard to say how many they really were since most of the time, they were underwater.) A lot of people came out in boats to see the action (including some members of my family.) I was there among them. One of these sharks was particularly large. It was huge - longer than our boat. And at one stage, it swam right underneath our boat. By the way, the sharks were really calm. Most of the time, they were cruising around. Only once, I saw one of them take some bites out of the whale. They had already been there for about three days so they weren't all that hungry anymore.
  10. Wendy, a whale watching boat tour sounds really cool. Ive only seen whales from land myself. Some of them were closer than others. Once had a whale exhale really close to me and it sounded so loud. Oh gosh that really sucks for the person whose camera fell into the sea. Charles, amazing photo! Yea that's the tricky thing about whales when they're submerged - it can be hard to know where and when they're going to surface.
  11. Normally, I wouldn't mind using an alias for my photos but in my case, I chose a user name that I would only use on online forums. This particular name does sound a bit silly when used in a credit line for a published photo. Out of curiosity, how do you confirm that the name change has been successful? Do you simply log in and find out? I think my real name is displayed regardless on the website from what I recall. Though I rarely log in there anyway as the whole thing is a mess.
  12. For a long period of time, I used an alternative user name on iStock which I assumed was just going to be used on the forums over there. I don't think I realised initially that that name was going to be used on the credit line for my photos that were purchased and published. I wasn't quite happy to see that name on one of my photos on a website. I would have preferred that my real name was used instead. So sometime back, I went through some process at iStock to get the name registered on there changed to my real name. I got an automated message informing me that I would get an e-mail from them about the name change and also instructions to me not to upload any more photos in the meantime while this change was being processed. Well it has been many months and I still haven't received that e-mail. And consequently, it also been many months since Ive submitted any photos there (due to their instructions.) I wonder how much potential revenue Ive lost because of this.
  13. I heard from someone else on this forum that the keywords highlighted in red are not added and consequently, are not used in the searches. Yea - I agree that it's absolutely ridiculous. Some of these words may be highly significant. Previously, I was just ignoring the fact that some of my keywords were being highlighted in red - hoping that they would get through. Later on, I learned that there is a way to get those flagged words through by using that program Deepmeta or whatever it's called. There's an option in there for getting all of the words through.
  14. Wendy yea that's what I mentioned above with the two 19 year old women re-entering Queensland. By the way, I saw another whale yesterday. It was a long way off over the breakwater by the jetty. It was spouting / exhaling a lot. Doing so at regular intervals. Though when I made it to the jetty, it had gone.
  15. Wendy, I just heard the latest news from Queensland. I believe that previously, Queensland was largely virus-free, right? Apparently, two 19 year old women returned from Victoria and lied at the border about where they had been. Both of them were tested positive for the Coronavirus and had been interacting with the local community for eight days since their return. And gosh, the person hiding in the boot of the car is just as bad. What on earth is wrong with these people??? We're all going to suffer because of people like that. Sheila, I hear a lot of people are getting those similar content rejections. I'm not submitting here anymore but when I was, I never got any rejections for similars. I guess I was lucky with that one.
  16. Sari, more great trail camera compilations. Gosh, one of those coyotes clearly had an injured leg. I also learned that coyotes can be playful! Also cool with the squirrel hopping away from the camera. And very nice that you got some more bobcat action. Glad you liked the spider t-shirt. I look forward to wearing it again when the weather gets warmer. Opinions are very divided on those shadows - it's about 50 / 50.
  17. Welcome back Sheila and Wendy. Sheila, the credit card fraud sounds pretty serious. So you reckon the new card was delivered to the fraudster? That's crazy. Wendy, thanks for the good words on the spider t-shirt! Someone on an arachnid forum reckons that the shadows are in the wrong place because when it's worn outside, the shadows cast by the sun would be in the opposite direction. I can see their logic. I could flip the image but I'm too used to seeing it as it is with the original orientation. Great find on the woolly bear caterpillars at the base of the tree. Are they a common or uncommon sight in Queensland these days? They are rare in SA these days. Though last year, I came across three of them which is amazing. Speaking of Covid, it's amazing how bad Victoria has gotten. It sounds like the number of infected cases over there are sky rocketing. I can see the border is going to be shut for a very long time. And what's with the stupid Victorians trying to sneak across the border into SA? Madness. I'm not saying all Victorians are stupid - just the individuals who are trying to secretly get across. I hope all those who try that are caught and dealt with appropriately. I certainly don't want SA to end up the same way as Vic.
  18. Recently, I received my lowest return Ive ever had for a video sale on SS - $7.20. Previously, my lowest was $10 for a clip. I know that others have received much lower returns than that for videos. But for me - it's an indication that things are changing dramatically here on SS. Things are far from stable. As soon as I get my next payout next month, I'll be disabling both of my ports.
  19. I believe that Sari is referring to zooming in on your photos at 100% in a program like Photoshop etc, to check focus.
  20. Yep, you've got to zoom into your photos at 100% to confirm that they truly are sharp and in focus. One thing I have noticed is that the previews of panoramic photos appear especially blurry. Another contributor was commenting about that too with their panos.
  21. Ive done some more research and it seems that the woolly bear caterpillars over here are Spilosoma glatignyi. And they also turn into a moth which has the common name of tiger moth (in this case the Glatigny's Tiger Moth.) There do seem to be a number of unusual coincidences. Comparing the Australian and American woolly bear caterpillars, they both have a striking resemblance to each other and they both share the same common name. Both curl into a ball when threatened. And they both turn into moths which also have the same common name (the tiger moth.) And yet they are completely different species and genus. I do admit though that the adult forms (the moths) do look very different from each other. Very interesting.
  22. Steve, thanks for the good words! So you reckon this is the Isabella caterpillar that turns into the Tiger Moth? I notice Wikipedia states that the Isabella Tiger Moth is native to the US and Canada. I'm surprised it doesn't mention Australia because the ones over here look so much like it. Actually, my father was an entomologist and I asked him many years ago what these caterpillars turn into after metamorphosis and surprisingly, he didn't know.
  23. Stevemart, I have a feeling that this may be the last time we can post here before the working week starts. Of course I may be wrong and it might be just a bug. And here's the woolly bear caterpillar I photographed recently. https://www.flickr.com/photos/189443307@N05/50153942248/in/dateposted-public/
  24. Okay, finally I can share some photos of the t-shirt which features my white tailed spider photograph. I wore this very same t-shirt to an Alice Cooper concert where I received a media pass to shoot the show. And for those who are wondering, that green text is a watermark which I added to the photos. It's not on the shirt itself! https://www.flickr.com/photos/189443307@N05/50154009061/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/189443307@N05/50153460263/in/dateposted-public/
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