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  1. Sheila, I caught some of that webinar. But it was about 4.00am here when it was streamed lol. Sari, a few years ago, I did a time lapse of stars here on Kangaroo Island and there were so many shooting stars. About 5 - 6 of them captured during the TL. Hard to say if that's normal or not.
  2. As far as I know, illustrative editorial images have always required traditional editorial captions. So you've had some accepted in the past without such captions? I'm surprised they were let through.
  3. Ive heard from elsewhere that content can still be sold from a portfolio up to 90 days after it has been disabled. Though don't quote me on that.
  4. I keep hearing that iStock only offers a few dollars for HD and 4k video sales. Literally peanuts. Though one person stated that they made some decent money from video sales there.
  5. Njene, yes good points. On the other hand, it is a tough decision for people like me who don't have much in the way of money anyhow. By the way, at the last whale sighting here, I had just finished photographing and was about to walk back home. On the way, I was approached by a woman who had also been watching the whale. Apparently, she runs an online magazine and is interested in buying some whale photos from me for use online.
  6. Wendy and Sheila, that sounds like a smart plan - waiting til the end of the year to see how things play out. Maybe I should have done that.
  7. Incidentally, the director of the old movie Koyannisquatsi, Godfrey Reggio, also made a film called Anima Mundi which is composed entirely of stock footage.
  8. Well obviously - larger ports = more sales most of the time. Then again, there are people who have hundreds of videos in their port with 0 sales. Though port size shouldn't affect how much a clip is payed for. It is the particular plan and license that the buyer has purchased that determines the price and our commission. Regardless, most of my video sales ranged from $21 - $23 generally. Never got any of those $1.50 or $0.60c video sales that people were angry about in the recent past. Anyhow yes, I have disabled. I also deleted most of my sold videos as well before the disabling.
  9. Ive just disabled both of my ports. Although I feel it's justified to end the low commissions, it wasn't an easy thing to do. It was actually hard to flick that switch. By the way, my best selling image had sold for the 57th time not long ago. I know that may be considered low compared to some other peoples best sellers but it would have been interesting to see how many more times it would have sold.
  10. Okay Ive made up my mind. I'll disable both ports as originally planned. Here's hoping that the payment will still go through.
  11. Actually, now I'm in two minds about disabling my video port. It is the right time to do it as my earnings have just zeroed (ready for my next payout.) Though the thing is - Ive never experienced any of those insanely low video sale amounts. Like I mentioned above, my lowest was $7.20 for a clip. Although not a great return for a video, it's not super, super low as others have experienced. I guess if I leave my video port open, it's inevitable that I'll get those ultra low commissions eventually? And I certainly wouldn't be happy about that.
  12. Jeff, you have a 400mm f2.8? Woah I bet that would have cost the earth! Most of my telephoto lenses are pretty slow. Charles, I have heard of people using beanbags as lens supports on African game park safaris.
  13. Jeff, I probably could. Though these are proprietary batteries -unique and specially designed for this particular drone. And thus - probably expensive. Though regardless, the battery was fully charged. So the drone likely has a fault of some kind. Maybe an electronic problem but who knows. If it's dropped out of the sky once, chances are it could do so again. By the way, I saw another whale today. This one had it's fin in the air and was bring it down hard on the water and splashing around. Ive never seen a whale so active before in real life. I got some more shots with the 600mm mirror lens. It was really hard to manually focus at one point (when it was really active.) Though I think I managed to get better focus later on when it had calmed down a bit.
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