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  1. Sales at AS are picking up for me again. They must have changed the search algorithm yet again.
  2. Actually, this reminds me of another rat experience I had at the same house (a number of years ago.) A rat was inside the house (I think one of our cats was responsible for it being inside.) I was in the lounge room at the time with the door closed. My parents were trying to catch it in the hallway. It sounded quite amusing as I could hear some screaming and panic. Then the rat crawled under the door and entered the room that I was in. I happened to be close to the door and as soon as it came through, I picked it up by the tail. I then released it outside over the back fence. A few d
  3. Sheila exactly. She's just another spammer to me. I saw her other post (also postage related) with another link. So I'm curious.....did you encounter a big rat last night? Rats used to be a bit more common in my city years ago. I used to see them mainly in the botanic gardens and on the bank of the local river. It was quite amusing as the rats in the botanic gardens had gotten really used to people being around and were very casual in their presence and out in the open. There was one just ahead of my feet as I was walking along (it wasn't in any hurry to get away.) Though if I go to
  4. Sari, another good wildlife compilation. I feel sorry for that coyote with the limp. Great bird action near the end! Barbara, I don't know or trust you enough to click on that link.
  5. Sheila, thank you for passing along the message. I am sorry to hear that. I can relate to this.....Ive had weird issues in the past that prevented me from posting here. Wendy, I hope your issue can be resolved.
  6. Would be nice to continue this story but Ive deactivated my photo port here. And yea it would be more suitable in the Show & Tell forum but I guess there are no mods around to move it there.
  7. There also might be a scenario where a company wishing to purchase a photo actually owns the rights to the product or business or architectural design etc that is featured in the image. So originally, the image would be intended for editorial usage but perhaps the company (that is represented in the image) wants to use it for their own advertising or promotion etc. Though I have no idea how common or how rare cases like that are.
  8. I remember when I first started on SS a few years ago, I was pleased when I made enough to buy a small meal. Sari, it sounds like your chickens are having an incredibly tense time.
  9. Ive had payouts from the vast majority of stock agencies I contribute to. Ive never reached payout from Dreamstime as sales are a bit of a rare occurrence over there. By contrast, Ive had many payouts from SS - far more than from any other agency. I honestly can't remember how long it took to reach my first payout here.
  10. I admit it was a really tense and awkward situation that I was in with SS some time back. It took me so long to join the 0.33c club with subscription sales. I thought that I had really accomplished something. Then less than two months later, SS changed the earnings system. That felt like a kick in the guts. I barely had any time at all to enjoy the new earnings before the change.
  11. Wow such a long history with SS. I bet you have seen a number of changes here over the years but I guess none as drastic as the recent change in the royalty payments.
  12. Sheila, I have never submitted to BigStock but Ive heard often that the sales are few and far between generally. I do submit to Dreamstime and sales over there are so rare and I still haven't reached payout yet. But I still submit there. I'm okay with a little bit of money trickling in every once in a while.
  13. That could be a possibility. Yea I admit it was weird. He also asked why I would upload such a video. A very strange individual. Oh gosh. That was a big move. But I can't blame you considering the mess we are in right now with SS.
  14. Regarding that car clip above which I shot at the Royal Adelaide Show, I admit I'm puzzled by a guy on youtube who asked if it was security camera footage. I mean huh!?!?!
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