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  1. Charles, that's a cool reflection of the fox's face in the water.
  2. Oh yea I had similar thoughts afterwards. And I actually looked out for sharks a few times. Yea the view of the shore was so distant. And it was getting late in the day (Ive read that sharks are quite active at dusk.) At least I had my GoPro pole! I have watched footage of a guy on TV who managed to fend off a great white shark with just a broomstick. He was being really defensive with the broomstick. His thinking was that sharks go after defenceless victims. They don't expect their victims to fight back. So supposedly, if you show them who's boss with a broomstick (or similar) they won't
  3. In that case, good luck! I hope you can 'send him to the cleaners' so to speak. Though the tricky thing is you might need evidence of how many times that video was downloaded in order to calculate how much potential revenue you lost. Then again, that's only my assumption. I'm not a lawyer.
  4. Very likely. A really horrible situation. I don't blame you for wanting to sue though if the guy lives in another country, taking legal action effectively can be incredibly difficult.
  5. I hope this guy gets shut down. On one particular video (in the comments section) someone is asking permission to use the clip. I replied and said that the uploader is a thief.
  6. Sheila, people have been swimming with this particular dolphin pod in the past. I think it may have been a coincidence that the were swimming away when I got in the water. At this particular location, they swim back and forth a fair bit. But on this occasion, they didn't swim back. Foolishly, I had left my sandals close to the water and the tide must have come in. When I got back to shore, they were gone. I went back there today to try and look for them and the dolphins were back. They were hanging around close by and being very active. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me as I w
  7. I was walking down the road this afternoon and came across a young snake. It was crossing the road. I had my GoPro on me mounted on a pole so I recorded some footage of the reptile with it. Though I'll have to wait til tomorrow to view the footage because I went swimming in the sea shortly after with the GoPro. The GoPro is currently drying over night after being rinsed in fresh water (getting rid of all the salt water.) Gosh, I was out so far from land and it's been ages since Ive been swimming. It took ages to get back to land. I was hoping to swim with dolphins but they headed off when I en
  8. Sheila, if I recall correctly, the correct layer was the active (highlighted one) on the right. In other words, the layer that contained the curves. Though Photoshop was acting like everything was on the background layer. I don't think Ive experienced that before.
  9. Sheila and Wendy, good advice. Though I wonder how I would verify which layer I'm working in.
  10. Yea I should! It's just that it takes time to learn a new program.
  11. Yea I added a stroke to the curve. Though Photoshop is behaving like both the curves and the scanned drawing are on the same layer (even though I created a new layer when I began the project.) Anyhow, I came up with a solution. I can get rid of the original scan pretty well by using the paint bucket tool inside and outside the curves.
  12. I'm doing Bezier curves again in Photoshop. And I'm experiencing the usual frustrations. Though something weird is going on right now that I can't make sense of. As usual, Ive scanned one of my lead pencil drawings and created a new layer in the project and traced over the artwork with Bezier curves. Though when I go to delete the background layer containing the original drawing scan, the Bezier curves disappear as well. The second layer remains but there are no curves visible within it.
  13. Charles, nice capture of a hooded plover. I like the colour of that sand.
  14. Sheila woah, that is a huge number of birds! I remember once walking along a remote area close to the River Murray and over 40 pelicans landed on the water. That was quite a sight too.
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