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  1. Apparently, 100 Balinese police will escort Schapelle Corby to the airport tomorrow in preparation for her deportation to Australia. Gosh, that's like an army of police. I bet there'll be a media army too.
  2. I assume you might need two seperate model release forms for both models.
  3. Jane, very true. But I believe after a certain period of time (generally a very, very long period of time) copyright expires and images can become public domain. Apparently, in Australia, where I am, copyright expires roughly 70 years after the death of the image's creator. I'm not sure about other countries.
  4. Whenever the system wrongly identifies my keywords as misspelled or incorrect, I just submit them anyway.
  5. sales

    Agreed. Great movie. I saw it on the big screen when it came out. And yes, your image is very similar to the promotional picture (I mean that in a good way.).
  6. sales

    I like it too!
  7. Wendy, they used to have repeats of The Saint on TV in around the late 70s or early 80s. So yea Ive got a vague recollection of that show (but only from repeats.) I liked that stick figure representation with the halo. Much later on, I discovered that Moore had taken part in another good old show - The Persuaders. And actualy, I came across one episode of The Persuaders that had a guest appearance by Catherine Schell who was a regular on the science fiction TV series Space 1999.
  8. Ive just heard that Roger Moore has passed away. He will be sorely missed. Moonraker was the first James Bond film I saw on the big screen.
  9. Well done! 500 downloads in that time frame is very impressive.
  10. Well a street sign photo of mine has just sold - for $1.88. I guess you never can tell what will sell.
  11. Yes, I know. Ive had my films pushed far more often than pulled.
  12. It was indeed hard. But at the time, I tried to think of it as a happy experience (for both of us.) Sari, yes so very true. She was loyal too. A few times when magpies were aggressively swooping me during breeding season, Holly would run up and down - barking at the birds. She saw what was going on and reacted defensively. Same when my pet sheep was getting a bit aggro with me one time - Holly saw this and got stuck into the sheep.
  13. Thankyou Wendy. Very emotional too. She actually went into the water twice which was quite something.
  14. You traded a Leica for a sweater? I never would have seen that coming. Though I could see that if you had gotten accustomed to large format, a 35mm camera may seem like a toy, even a Leica. Interesting perspective. Though I'm glad it all worked out anyway with the building of the darkroom.