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  1. Linda, cool footage. Reminds me of myself when I used to hand feed a crab in my aquarium years ago. I had no choice but to hand feed it because if I just dropped the food in, the greedy zebra fish would eat it all.
  2. There are a number of online stock agencies that accept editorial photos.
  3. You have a very nice port. An impressive collection of travel images of India. I did have a number of video sales before the payment cut so that is likely another factor when it comes to earnings.
  4. By contrast, I have a lot of trouble uploading content to AS (both with the site uploader and FTP.) So many files get error messages and can't be submitted successfully. What worked for me eventually is Stocksubmitter. Perhaps that might end your troubles with the SS submissions.
  5. I think you have done amazingly well. You've had more downloads than Ive had. Though I'm puzzled why your earnings are below mine. Not long before the big earnings change here, I reached the $500 mark which gave me .33c subs. Considering your number of downloads, I thought you would be earning more.
  6. Absolutely spot on. I'm planning to shoot large format sheet film (likely 4 x 5) some time in the future and there's no way I would upload those images here. Even before the earnings change, it wouldn't have been justifiable. I have previously removed my medium format film images from here.
  7. Like I mentioned in my opening post, the camera I was using was a Canon EOS 30 35mm film SLR. The 'D' in the 30D model you mentioned stands for 'digital.'
  8. Oh I thought you were referring to time lapse.
  9. Sheila, regarding time lapse, can't you increase the iso and lower the shutter speed to deal with the low light conditions? That's what I can do with my equipment when I'm shooting time lapse.
  10. Steve, I don't have those whale photos online. Though sometime, my brother should be uploading one of them to his website. Shame on the Batemans Bay trip being cancelled. That would be awesome seeing a whale from a boat. Ive only ever seen them from land. I have seen dolphins from a boat many times and that is always an amazing experience.
  11. Oh and regarding those whale photos of mine, my brother wants to use one of the images for his website. He has a rental property overlooking the sea on Kangaroo Island and the website for the house features photos of the local area. Ive also shown the photos to a local photographer on the island who made some good comments about them. So at least some people are appreciating these photos.
  12. Well looks like my whale photo opportunity won't be a fruitful one with the local magazine. When the magazine editor first approached me after the whale sighting, she said she would buy my photos without even seeing them. Though now, after viewing my images, she says she was hoping for clearer photos of the whale. Gosh, that is so vague! I admit I'm puzzled by that one. My photos are in focus and clearly show a whale. And that whale fills most of the frame (magnified with a 600mm mirror lens.) Additionally, there were no obstructions blocking the view and no distractions within the frame. And there was no haze, fog or mist. I don't know how I was supposed to get a 'clearer' photo of the whale. To summarise, she is not interested in using my photos for her magazine. I am working on one more whale photo which I will submit to her soon but I'm not pinning my hopes on it.
  13. I feel your frustrations. SS used to be a good place to sell videos (Ive sold a number of them here at good prices in the past.) There are still occasions where people do sell videos on SS for very good commissions but more often than not, it's a case of being tossed a few bread crumbs for payment.
  14. Trying to make sense of the mysterious inner workings of SS will just make you crazy and frustrated.
  15. Absolutely crazy what happened late last night. I cannot make any sense of it. I was working on a video file in Shotcut for stock footage and saved it as a project file. And I kept saving changes as I went along. Shotcut is not very reliable on this pc and keeps closing by itself so I was forced to keep saving my changes to preserve my work. A few times, I had to reopen the project file and resume work on it. But then all of a sudden, the project file was not there on the external hdd anymore. It had completely vanished and I definitely didn't delete it. So I had to create a new project file and start from scratch. After a few times of reopening the software and the project file and doing regular saves, it happened again. The project file disappeared. Completely gone from the external hdd. So then I created another project file and as I was doing the saves, I sent copies to the computer's internal drive - the C drive. And then it happened again - the file vanished from the ext. hdd. But I still had the copy on the C drive. Absolutely crazy. I hope this doesn't happen to other types of files on this ext. hdd. And it's my most recent hdd too but I don't know if the issue is to do with the hdd, the computer or the software. I notice this morning that the video project file I worked on is still on the C drive so good to know that it hasn't disappeared from there. And last night, I checked the recycle bin on the computer and there were no project files in there. Weird how a file can just disappear like that with no warning. And it happened three times.
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