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  1. Wendy yea very good points about the security of the system in place. And there's also the fact that SS no longer allows contributors to opt out of sensitive use scenarios for models. So these days, models could end up in all sorts of embarrassing advertising campaigns if the images are purchased through SS.
  2. Wendy, Ive been submitting videos to AS for years. And this is the first time Ive ever sold a clip through them. So it's definitely a rare event. It's not about the confidence in me. It's about the amount of confidence I have in AS. I have a lot more faith in P5 for giving me video sales....though unfortunately, things have died down there in recent times. And yea good point about the potential for identity theft. We should be careful how much information we provide about people on MR forms. You do have to wonder about the integrity of the reviewers.
  3. Steve, Sheila, Wendy and Sari, thanks for the good words on the video sale. I'm still amazed I managed to get one through AS. Sari, Ive a strong feeling that this is an isolated incident! Sheila, it sounds like you are very successful with video sales at AS. My photo sales over there used to be reasonably decent for a small sized portfolio. But later on, they may have changed their search algorithm (as many suspected) and my sales fell off a cliff and never really recovered. These days, I get an occasional photo sale from them every once in a while.
  4. I don't recall if it's SS but there is a stock agency that allows cityscape images with visible trademarks to be used for commercial as long as it's a distant shot with multiple buildings within the same frame. Like a distant view of a city skyline.
  5. Sheila, sorry to hear about the loss of the kitten. What a beautiful looking cat. Steven, your are right on with your analysis of SS. It's really an unhealthy relationship between contributor and agency. Wendy, that's messed up with the model release form requirements. I have submitted a few self portraits here in the past but I didn't have much success with sales with those particular images. Something unbelievable has happened today. I was beginning to think it wasn't possible (at least for me.) I sold a video through AS for the very first time. Crazy. A nice sales figure too
  6. Yea that makes sense. One of the youtubers I contacted has replied with a "Thank you." So perhaps some action can be taken now.
  7. Gosh, the nerve of this channel. Whoever is behind it adds their own watemark to the videos that they've taken from other uploaders.
  8. Oh indeed! It reallly annoys me when I see this kind of stuff happening. It looks like some of the original content creators have monetised their videos so I'm sure they wouldn't like potential views being taken away and redirected somewhere else. It's just as bad as stealing stock content. I'll take a look at that link you posted. Hopefully, the copyright holders will take action.
  9. Would anyone know how to get a youtube channel shut down? Ive discovered a channel that grabs other peoples videos and reuploads them (adding them to their own collection.) It looks like all the videos are stolen Though it's not stock footage this time around. It's content specifically created for youtube. It's a good thing that a lot of the youtubers who created the content watermarked their videos. I have contacted them and let them know about this.
  10. Steven, amazing timing there! That certainly must have been an honour. And yea Prince Philip so was close to 100 years of age....an amazingly long life.
  11. After a long dry period, I sold a video through P5 not long ago. Actually, this is the first time that Ive sold a GoPro clip in stock. The footage was shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver. Usually, if I sell a video, it would be one of the clips captured with one of my Panasonic M4/3 cameras. Regardless, video sales are a super rare event for me these days. I know Ive mentioned this before but I used to sell a bit more of them on P5 in the past. I expect it will be a long while before the next one sells. Gosh, big news on Prince Philip of the English royal family passing away. Certainly
  12. Sheila, sounds like the vaccinations may be a little uncomfortable. But as you say - certainly better than the alternative. Wendy, sorry to hear about your friend passing away. The virus has certain hit England and the US hard. I do recall some time ago, the virus was particularly bad in Florida. And shortly before then, I was watching some newly uploaded prank videos on youtube that were shot in Florida. This guy was going around public places where large numbers of people were congregating and making all sorts of physical and intimate contact with complete strangers - including ki
  13. I think we all know where that money goes.....it ends up in the fat pockets of SS.
  14. Charles, that's a cool reflection of the fox's face in the water.
  15. Oh yea I had similar thoughts afterwards. And I actually looked out for sharks a few times. Yea the view of the shore was so distant. And it was getting late in the day (Ive read that sharks are quite active at dusk.) At least I had my GoPro pole! I have watched footage of a guy on TV who managed to fend off a great white shark with just a broomstick. He was being really defensive with the broomstick. His thinking was that sharks go after defenceless victims. They don't expect their victims to fight back. So supposedly, if you show them who's boss with a broomstick (or similar) they won't
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