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  1. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    So finally, I got everything set up to do photography through the microscope. I was very eager to get some footage of some micro critters and collected samples from two bodies of water. One was a tiny bit of rainwater that had collected in the depressed sections of a sheet of corrugated iron. There was a lot of leaf litter in there as well so it looked very promising. The second sample was from the bird birth which previously had been a great success with rotifers. But there were no creatures to be seen. Nothing. Just lots of debris. I'll have to try another day perhaps. I hope there's still some water in the local creek - that gave good results last time.
  2. My 3 cents

    And let's not forget that they sell HD and 4k videos for about $4 or $5. An absolute joke. Then again SS might be going down a similar path with their occasional $1+ video sales.
  3. Sales suddenly back on again

    Woah. Very nice surprise to have on your SS dashboard. I got a $20 sale a few days ago and I'm happy with that.
  4. My 3 cents

    Also rhymes with 'my block.'
  5. Being new in Shutterstock

    All three of those subjects do sell on SS but it's super competitive. They have to stand out from the rest to have any chance of selling. I haven't had any luck in selling dog or cat photos myself but Ive got a landscape image that has sold 12 times here. And another landscape photo that's sold a bunch of times.
  6. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Unbelievable. It's happened. You're right, Sari. Youtube has removed monetisation from all of my videos. Apparently, my channel is no longer eligible for the partnership program (even though I was invited into it years ago.) This really is the final blow. I think there's going to be a lot of unhappy youtubers all around the world right now. Well I at least I received a $115 payout from the program a few years ago so that's something. Though I can't touch any of the money that's currently residing in my Adsense account. Maybe I'll setup a website and put some advertising on it so that I can accumulate a few more dollars.
  7. Folks on the Microstock forum seem to think that in scenarios like this, the dispute is between the client and the stock agency with the photographer completely out of the picture. Though I don't know if those are just assumptions or if they actually have legal knowledge about such things.
  8. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Ive just monetised another video of mine so it still works. This video shows a bottlenose dolphin slapping it's tail on the surface of the water at sea (wild dolphin behaviour.) The BBC once approached me about using this footage in a childrens tv show.) I wonder how long before this video gets 'de-monetised' for being offensive.
  9. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Linda, I remember you saying that you managed to get your youtube videos reviewed. Though the current rules state that you must have a massive number of views (can't recall the number) in order to get a manual review by a human being. So looks like mine will never get reviewed unless they go viral. Previously, I requested a review of my other video that got 'de-monetised' months ago and that's still in the same state. Sorry to hear you've got a problem with your adsense account. I hope you can get that sorted. Sari, I didn't hear about youtube changing the rules for monetisation. I didn't receive an e-mail about it. I'm certainly not one of the big players and two of my youtube videos are still monetised. Though Ive got a feeling that it may only be a matter of time before they are 'de-monetised' too thanks to their stupid automatic detection system that flags innocent videos as offensive. Years ago, the rules were different again and you had to be invited in order to be part of the monetisation program. I was invited because one of my videos had reached a certain number of views (it's currently over 200,000 views.) By the way, I'm just about to monetise a few of my other videos. It will be interesting to see if I can still do it (if they have in fact changed their rules.)
  10. GoPro Hero 6

    I used a GoPro for a few shots of dancing at a wedding reception last year. It was pretty effective. Unfortunately, I had to use stabilisation software with 1080p footage (shot with the Panasonic G6) so I had to accept a little drop in quality here and there. Yea it would be good to be able to shoot in 4k to counter this (I just need a 4k camera!)
  11. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Wendy, I do admit that my earnings over there are tiny and pale in comparison to my earnings on here on SS. So not a big loss though it still sucks regardless. They could accumulate some spare cash over time if they were left there. The idea of an automatic system that decides whether a video is offensive is absolutely ridiculous. By the way, I had been a Marvel comic reader for quite some time. I'm glad that they brought the Black Panther character to the big screen.
  12. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I'm so angry with youtube right now. This is the second time they've removed monetisation from one of my videos. It's their stupid automatic system that's responsible for this - it seems to think that my video is offensive and not 'advertiser-friendly.' It's that green screen spider video I shared in this thread some time back. Absolutely nothing offensive about that video at all. Ive put in a request for a manual review but I know that will never happen because I don't have enough views to warrant a review.
  13. Using other people’s work in my own photos?

    Instead of using other peoples work, why don't you be original and create your own? Sarah, you can always go snorkelling or visit an aquarium!
  14. Can I hire a pro-photographer?

    So not just hiring a photographer but also buying the photos from said photographer as well which is what the auditor states he / she wants to do? Hire the photog and then buy his/her images for an additional amount.....yea sure seems profitable to me.
  15. Can I hire a pro-photographer?

    I'm sorry to say this but this is one of the most ridiculous posts Ive seen on this forum.