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  1. Some people have built their own super 8 scanning equipment. Ive looked into it myself but there's a huge amount of work involved and technical know-how. By all accounts, Moviestuff's Retro 8 is the duck's guts. By the way, I shot super 8 film at my brother's wedding recently.
  2. 5c? I didn't think it was possible to get lower than 25c for a sale on SS.
  3. Sales have just started returning for me.....but very gradually. Ive probably had the longest period of no sales so far during my time at SS. Sales stopped completely - it was as if my port was switched off or something. That may be due to me not uploading for quite a while - due to various reasons. It's only two sales (that I had just recently) but at least it shows that there are signs of life - that there is a pulse.
  4. You could try but first, it would be good digitally zooming in on the building in the background to see if it's sharp.
  5. Can't comment on the first photo as I'm not familiar with that particular artwork. Though for the second image, the reviewer might be assuming that the building in the background is the main subject and it does look slightly soft to me (unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.) The reason why they might be insisting on you using "illustrative editorial" in the key words is because there is a human subject posing for the photo. In other words, it's a staged shot.
  6. In your second list of keywords, you have 'war' and 'confederate' featured twice. That might be causing a problem. It's considered spam.
  7. To answer your initial question, yes it is certainly worth shooting and submitting editorial images. I would recommend shooting both commercial and editorial. Some of my best selling images are editorial so it's definitely worth the effort.
  8. VarnakovR, those are beautiful landscapes.
  9. Kitty goes to the post office to send the funds.
  10. ...the street was empty the next day so she decided to take a walk through the quiet neighbourhood.
  11. As a result, her vision starts to blur.
  12. Luckily, it manages to catch a plane.
  13. ....while beams of light passed through the air.
  14. When night came, she decided to explore the city....