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  1. I agree - that's a very impressive start. There's another stock site I contribute to which has a reputation for very slow sales. When I only had about 20 images there, I made three sales so I was pleased with that. However, sometime after that, sales slowed right down regardless of how many images I added to my portfolio. SS is doing much better by comparison.
  2. As others have said, these are not illustrative editorial images. They would be classified as documentary editorial. Illustrative editorial images are staged / set up specifically for a photo shoot whereas these are not. Additionally, there is a small issue with the formatting in your caption. There should be a hyphen between the country and the date instead of a comma. So it should read: UK - JULY 19. I'm not sure about '/' between Yorkshire and UK - I haven't come across that before in editorial captions though it possibly could be accepted. One way to find out.
  3. I hope I don't come across as a bad person. If I do, it's not intentional.
  4. Sorry to see you go, Rin. The SS forums won't be the same without you.
  5. Sheila, thankyou for the link. It's interesting that even though ticketed events don't necessarily require press credentials anymore, concerts at these same events still do. That's probably why they're rejecting my image because it features a singer singing on stage (at the festival.) However, I'm not sure if you could classify it as a concert because she only sang one song. And her individual performance wasn't advertised in any way prior to the festival. Regardless, it's a free event (not ticketed.) This is the other photo I have of the same singer in the same festival (accepted) and that has sold. So there's a fair chance that this other image could sell too.
  6. Nope. Rejected again for exactly the same reason. Would anyone know an e-mail address where I can contact SS and tell them that this image doesn't require press credentials? Sheila, I might try your idea of trying to get a reference number from them to pass on to reviewers. By the way, it's a free event (a festival) which took place in a public space so it shouldn't need press credentials.
  7. Ughh just got hit with a "Press Credentials Needed" rejection again. And yet previously, I submitted a photo from the same festival featuring the same performer with no issues. Ive just resubmitted the rejected one with an altered description - stating that it's a free event with no photography restrictions. Hopefully, that will work. By the way, Ive just come back from the US - my first time there. I went to Michigan with my family to attend my brother's wedding. Really enjoyed visiting this state. Very friendly people there.
  8. If only penguins could use the internet....
  9. Regarding magazines, It all depends on how It's used In those kinds of publications. Same with newspapers (it cannot be used In advertisements etc.)
  10. Why is it so hard for some people to flip their cellphone to a horizontal orientation for recording purposes? It just takes a second and minimal finger work.
  11. monthly

    If your unpaid earnings turned to 00, that means you're due for a payout. The regular numbers will start up again as soon as you make more sales.
  12. Digital still cameras were around In the 90s. In 1997, there was a Canon EOS DSLR but all It was - was a modified 35mm film SLR that had been outfitted with a digital Imaging chip (ultra low resolution by today's standards) though It was Intended for professional use. And It wasn't cheap at over $10,000.
  13. Whiteaster, the reasons can be found in my post that you quoted. By the way, I'm no stranger to having my photos judged and evaluated. One of my photographs won Second Prize in an art exhibition back in 2008. Another of my photos received a Highly Commended in a 2010 exhibition. Ive also won a number of photography competitions.
  14. Phil, I wholeheartedly agree. This current one photo acceptance rule has lowered the overall quality standards around here. By opening the flood-gates to anyone who can produce a single, decent photo, they've allowed a lot of junk to be added to the database. Even snapshot photographers have been known to take one good photo and that's all that's required here.
  15. There's such a thing as quality standards.