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  1. First sale

    Woah, sounds intense!
  2. First sale

    Not really possible with unidentified people in the photos. However, it certainly is a possibility with people who are identifiable / recognisable. It's up to you to decide whether to comply with their request or not. If you don't, they could take legal action but whether that would be successful or not might depend on a court of law. Just to be on the safe side, it might be wise to remove said photo.
  3. First sale

    People featured in the images will be exposed to the public, sometimes just as much as subjects portrayed in commercial images (especially politicians and celebrities.) Think about all the newspapers and other publications that use editorial photos. And they can also be viewed by the public right here on Shutterstock when people conduct their searches. By the way, Tedrique, congrats on the first sale. I hope you have many more.
  4. Still struggling on shutterstock - give feedback

    "Green thin branches growing everywhere" - are you referring to the subjects in the foreground? From what I can see, they're not branches. They certainly don't look like they're a part of any tree. They're plants. And I wouldn't say they're "growing everywhere." You might be implying that they're growing on every land mass all over the world.
  5. Which countries are your clients from?

    I did have one sale from Qatar. Only time Ive ever sold a photo there.
  6. That happened to me today. I had an old image that sold for the very first time (on SS) several hours ago. Though it had also sold on another stock site some time ago. In general, sales have slowed right down for me lately. Though my second to last sale was a new image. Sold only a few days after it was uploaded.
  7. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Sari, yea I noticed the carnage on the left side of the screen and suspected that the feline/s were responsible for that too. That is amazingly destructive. I hope they don't do the same to furniture!
  8. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Sari, that video is CAT-astrophic! Ive never seen a cat do that before.
  9. Drone laws

    Drone laws vary country to country. Here in Australia, legislation was passed recently that allowed anyone with a 'drone' weighing under 2kgs to commence commercial work without any permit.
  10. Latest Download Map

    They must be good swimmers.
  11. Looking for a particular youtube video on aligning photos

    It wasn't just the merging and aligning that I was interested in. It was also making each individual image visible after the merge so you could see through all the layers (and without fooling around with opacity which would weaken the appearance of the top images.)
  12. I know this is a long shot but there's a particular youtube video that I'm looking for that I had seen a few years ago but am unable to find now. Not sure if it's been removed or if I'm using the wrong search terms to find it. It's an Adobe Photoshop tutorial and it was really good at explaining the whole process (using simple instructions and not over-complicating things.) The video explained how to combine three separate photos of the same subject using some auto align feature that Photoshop has. The subject in this case was a fountain (which was photographed hand held but Photoshop did a great job at aligning the three images as they lay on top of each other as individual layers.) If I recall correctly, there was also some manipulation of the colour channels so that the streams of water from the three different fountain photos appeared red, green and blue (the three primary colours) in the final, merged image. Though everything else in the scene that was static retained normal colours. I'm assuming at some point, the three photos may have been converted to greyscale and then a particular colour (red, green or blue) was activated for each individual photo / layer though I can't recall. Don't suppose anyone's seen this same video on youtube?
  13. Latest Download Map

    Ive sold photos all over the world as well though some countries show up less so than others. Only twice have I sold photos in Russia. Once I sold a photo in Japan. I believe I may have sold a photo or two in China. I recently had a sale in Poland for the first time of a photo that I took in Germany.
  14. I remember reading on an online forum several years ago that it was suggested that there was a difference in the calibration of built-in light meters of film and digital cameras. In other words, the exposure settings used for a correctly exposed image on digital would not lead to a correctly exposed image on film (and vice versa.) If you were using a digital camera's meter for working out the exposure for film, you'd have to compensate by a certain amount (can't remember how much – could have been something like a stop or a stop and a half perhaps.) Just now, I compared some light meter readings from my Canon T70 35mm SLR and Panasonic G2 M4/3 camera and got some interesting results. I used the same settings on both cameras and metered the same subjects. The vast majority of the time, I got the same readings. There were a small number of occasions where I got about a 1/3 of a stop difference. Though mostly, I got the same f stop displayed in both cameras' viewfinders. I wasn't expecting this after reading that info on the other forum years ago. I would be interested in hearing others' thoughts about these results that I got. Has anyone else compared film and digital camera light meter readings?
  15. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Paula, Lily is a beautiful looking cat and she must be glad to have a good, responsible owner now. I like her large eyes - almost like an anime character.