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  1. I also have a port on Dreamstime. Every little sale helps. Though I'm always puzzled why there are some people who choose to be exclusive to DT. An agency that is well known for very slow and irregular sales. I mean what are these people thinking?? It defies logic.
  2. I just received a $1.52 sale. Nice having a break from the usual $0.10c sales. I'm also less than a dollar away from my next payout. When that happens, I'll be disabling my ports and saying goodbye as a contributor here.
  3. Annie, I did the internet speed test on my pc. The upload speed is 0.98Mbps. I suspect it may be a bit faster with the laptop because the modem is closer to it and considerably further away from my pc and also on another level (downstairs / upstairs.) I should be able to check the laptop's upload speed tomorrow.
  4. Jose, are you an SS employee or are you just very loyal to them?
  5. Thanks again. I'll do the speed test the next time I have access to the laptop. By the way, I don't think I know Dimitri. I note when people ask about Stocksubmitter on the microstock forum, it's usually Niakris who answers. He seems to be part of the team behind the program.
  6. Annie, that is pretty fast (for your latest video upload.) I guess missing updates wouldn't be an issue since updates are made automatically when I start up the program. I don't bother with the automatic backups since my files are only temporarily stored on the laptop (it's a borrowed laptop.) Though I doubt that would cause speed issues. I'll ask the team behind the program.
  7. I don't think that would be the issue. Like I mentioned before, I have used the very same laptop with Stocksubmitter many times in the past for uploading videos and it has always been relatively decent in terms of speed. Usually, it takes a few hours or several hours (sometimes less than that.) It has never taken a whole day or two days before.
  8. Linda, awesome looking pond. And yea Ive heard how messy ducks can be. Beautiful looking birds though. We have chickens at the moment and they have an annoying habit of hanging out on an area of slate and pooping on it. They're not meant to be there and they keep coming back. Sheila and Jeff, great bird captures.
  9. Linda, sorry to hear about the computer issues. I can relate. I have plenty of those kinds of issues of my own. My pc is probably over 10 years old and I'm surprised it's still going. Ive never used Resolve before. I did consider it but found out that it requires a huge amount of RAM to run (which my pc doesn't have.) Then later, someone reckoned that for my uses (stock footage clips) I wouldn't really need to utilise all that much RAM anyway. So I went ahead and downloaded it. But then discovered that there is no 32bit version available (only 64bit.) A family member has a laptop which uses 64bit - I might be able to install it on there and borrow it on occasions.
  10. Jeff, it looks like you live in a very scenic area. And the backyard looks amazing. Gosh, you've had the earth moving there too. Sounds like yours was more intense than my experience.
  11. Wendy, I admit that having two rumbles in one day was quite something. Linda, Fortean Times sounds like a very interesting publication. I wouldn't mind reading some issues myself. I think I'll wait before giving them the link to the video as the current links would only be temporary. When I reach my next payout, I'll be disabling my photo and video ports on SS. I also have the video available on Pond 5 but that will later be moved to my Pond 5 exclusive account along with my other editorial videos.
  12. Linda, I'm not familiar with Fortean Times. I'll look them up. Sometime, I am planning to upload the footage to youtube with a watermark. And I'll add narration with my thoughts and observations about the mystery. It will be interesting to read comments by youtubers on what they think is happening. Actually, Ive noticed there are a few videos on youtube about disappearing people.
  13. Linda, that disappearing jogger remains a mystery! After more careful observation of the footage, I noted that his shadow was accompanying the second truck as it went around the bend. So this likely indicates that the jogger was either running alongside the truck or keeping just ahead of it. Though strangely, when you look at the space between the tires when the truck is making the turn around the bend, there is no sign of the jogger's feet! So his shadow is visible but not his feet.
  14. Annie, I usually use the same laptop with Stocksubmitter and there has never been any drastic slowness in the past. It's running Windows 7 with 64 bit. Not exactly sure of my upload speeds with regards to videos. Is it possible to check that with Stocksubmitter? Good point about file size. It is even more surprising that my vids were so slow to upload considering that they were HD with the h264 codec so pretty small. And oh yea I'll definitely contact them about this issue. Linda, I look forward to hearing how you fare with your next uploads. I really have no idea if my issues are local or if there's been some change at Stocksubmitter. And welcome back, Wil. I didn't even realise that you were banned! Actually, I'm really surprised that you were banned. Very puzzling. Anyhow, glad it was only temporary. There have been some other long time forum members that were banned earlier on though I have no idea if that was temporary or permanent.
  15. Annie, I am on NBN. Previously, video uploads were always relatively quick via Stocksubmitter on NBN. Though I did notice something a bit different this time around. After the uploads reached 90%, I went away from the laptop temporarily and when I returned, it was back down to 0% and then increased again. That's never happened before. I wonder how many times it did that.
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