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  1. from weeks, almost all my videos are rejected for noise/artifacts reason. even those mede at iso 100, in the sun and with professional reflex and lens on tripod. it's happening often with HD clips and less with 4K. the same clips are accepted from all the other agencies and I had 90% approval rate in the past on shutterstock. is someone experincing the same ?
  2. I have the same problem with videos rejection I've passed from 95% approval rate to 10% in the last 2 or 3 months. the quality I upload is always good and the rejections seems to be random, I also tried to make a professional post production to remove any noise and improve sharpness, but nothing seems to change. the compression I use is PhotoJPEG 90% MOV (they suggest 75% in guidelines) someone is still getting approved the most of his videos ?
  3. 94 downloads in the whole May or only in the first 10 days of May ?
  4. why should we earn more on other sites ? All the disappointed contributors will start to upload to other sites now, that usually don't sell a lot anyway... and all will sell much less everywhere. Shutterstock has 326.000.000 pictures, will never be the smallest site even if the people will remove 50% of their contents and I don't think they people have the courage to do it... Shutterstock will not lose any customer. 2 or 3 years ago the biggest agencies had 100.000.000 pics and they were enough to cover the demand. Now we have oversaturated the offer with low-quality pictures and this is the result.
  5. be aware of the terms and conditions of the other agencies before uploading, and check the sale price of them to customers. because I've seen that some small agencies are selling any licenses for 1 dollar without difference between standard and extended licenses, which normally are sold at 50-100 dollars each and you get 30 % in big agencies. So if you don't check the terms, you could sell an extended license with unlimited rights to print and resale on products, and get only 0.20 cents commission. Or some sell any video size and license for 10 euro and you get 2 euro only. Just check the conditions and final price before upload anytime.
  6. I'm level 5 too I see a lot of sales at 0.10 !!! and one at 0,23 USD there should be a minimum guarantee for each level, 0.10 should be fine for level 1 at level 5 the minimum should be 0.35 USD otherwise why someone should work hard to escalate ? I suggest this minimum payable table, the same of the percentages: LEVEL 1: 0.15 LEVEL 2: 0.20 LEVEL 3: 0.25 LEVEL 4: 0.30 LEVEL 5: 0.35 LEVEL 6: 0.40 Consider that the customers don't download always all the credits, so It's not correct to pay a % to us ONLY when they download. And the prices paid and never download where they go ? with a minimum guarantee both contributor and SS will earn and will be happy. Please, Shutterstock reconsider your commissions in a more meritocratic way. Thanks
  7. Congratulations Rudra You have a great portfolio and are very talented photographer I suggest you take some reportage pictures and videos of your wonderful country with people wearing surgical masks to upload and sell.
  8. For me the FTP is still not working properly, half of the uploaded images disappear into nothing, probably the best solution is to delete all the upload files in "to submit" folder and restart the machines to reset the queue
  9. hi I report that the previews in status emails: "Status of your recently submitted images" are not shown anymore with no previews the email is useless
  10. the video feedback email have no problem, only the image feedback are not coming anymore, sometimes I got some duplicates too in the past, but now nothing since weeks
  11. hi all since some days I just receive e-mail notifications for video acceptance and "thank you for upload" e-mails after new uploads. But I don't receive image acceptance e-mails anymore is this happening to someone else ? thanks
  12. Hi what's the best format to upload picture to shutterstock ? sRGB Adobe RGB 1998 prophoto RGB I guess sRGB, but it's not the best for print, so what are the recent guidelines ? thanks
  13. hi all I have received the same warning email too It would be useful to know if someone have not received it, please check in spam folder too... the mail is probably genuine but maybe an automatic filter have been set in wrong way and too many people have been involved. but the spam is a real problem that we have to fight... for example if you search "dog" in "relevant" you will find top results like this: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-422034133/stock-vector-hot-dog-icon-hot-dog-icon-eps-hot-dog-icon-vector-hot-dog-icon-eps-hot-dog-icon-jpg-hot-dog.html?src=H4_kPay2U8s-0pR7bbCtng-1-55 "Hot dog Icon, Hot dog Icon Eps10, Hot dog Icon Vector, Hot dog Icon Eps, Hot dog Icon Jpg, Hot dog Icon Picture, Hot dog Icon Flat, Hot dog Icon App, Hot dog Icon Web, Hot dog Icon Art" probably SS means this kind of titles, not a word repeated 2 or 3 times in the context. but an automatic filter is not so smart to understand the context, but it's the only way to find out possibile spam users. its up to us to fix or ignore this warning. I've requested more info to support, I hope they will confirm that im not involved or provide me some examples in my portfolio anyway the curators usually refuse this kind of images, but one can edit them later, so I suppose that if you have never edited approved files in that way, you have not to worry about that email
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