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  1. my video sales last night. no SS officials who read this forum and are ashamed? why don't you speak, this is a big rudeness.
  2. where are the great Contributors? why are they silent? or do they have a special deal?
  3. Shutterstock is managed by the people who doesn’t now how to do their joh properly. I agree to lock my account on 31st of May
  4. why did not you put the white or black option in? I prefer black. White was not beautiful at all.
  5. My problem is still going on and they did not even answer my mail, although 2 weeks. if i try upload. my upload page error pics. here
  6. but, before I sent ID and approved?
  7. 5 days, I get this error. I can install but can not edit. why could it be ?
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