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  1. Sorry Paul, it's a shot taken with the camera to the ground level. During a trip through an alpine glacier in Italy.
  2. Photo taken by me at Elba island, Italy.

    © Mattia Riccadonna

  3. Great, that's right! I've seen it on another monitor and I agree with you. I should calibrate it. Thanks!
  4. ok... though market i think... anyway I want to share my shot

    © Mattia Riccadonna

  5. Thank you all for your time and words. Well yes, this is just an extreme image from my portfolio. For the great amount of my photos I'm just more traditional in DOP and composition. Anyway really thank for your help! I'll post other pics for get your ideas.
  6. Hi, I'm new in microstock. I'd love any feedback you could give me on this picture. I like so much photography, I've discovered microstock just now...

    © mattia riccadonna

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