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  1. similar to me. I'm in a group Noise / Artifacts:
  2. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/shutterstock-appoints-stan-pavlovsky-as-chief-executive-officer-and-names-jon-oringer-executive-chairman-301004175.html
  3. images showing but i cant download your pics. So disallowed licensing works There was an issue with your request. Please try again, or Contact us if you need further assistance.
  4. just for the sake of interest this month, I downloaded from shutterstock as image editor several hundred photos of flowers - herbs into a special issue of the magazine
  5. will see tomorrow if i understad better. iam in both side in game so i will see. but more i read discuss here no way its not profit for my work
  6. are we still talking about how to earn money from images and what works here in shutterstock? as i mentioned before for me there is no problem live with small number (i know personally one person which is multimillionaire from imagebanks, 1 000 pics in ss)) even with hughe number of images (some can say i have big port but in my opinion no, there are may ports with many more images but works for me very well my way)
  7. too much english for me i will try answer with little help of google translator. i cant say for 100% what port make artist rich of course but with lots of experience in industry i can say about some ports here that this makes happy artists because its f.e. original, professional, something new etc when i browsing ports i always see many same themes in poor quality. its like iam in project about herbs, its book with 700 images, lots of images were by one artist. or project about animals ... same names repeatedly because i dont need pic from safari (which can be of course nice) but by wildlife
  8. iam also buyer here and looking for interesting ports. Some of artists which are in shutterstock are well known worldwide and their work you can see every day in media or ad or film etc. NASA images and terrible collage? use reverse search of images in google it's strange but people buy it. NASA is giving pictures to everyone for free. ok one example of very popular port https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/g/dell?search_source=base_gallery&language=cs&page=1&sort=popular&measurement=px&safe=true
  9. I keep repeating here, but even small portfolios (around 1 000 images) here at shutterstock can reliably earn. Then there are a large portfolio of terrible collages with NASA photos that also have customers when I tried google. Sometimes it only takes an idea. now makes me happy about a snail on a pumpkin
  10. last week it was super fast images approved and moved to port but from this monday i still waiting with approved images which are still not in port. and looks to me that sales are also show in "batch" not real time edit new images are in port now
  11. resubmit it will be ok. i have different problem. several images accepted on monday and some yestrday and still not in my port
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