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  1. I turned off licensing once this happened and only turned it back on Jan 1st. Will likely move out of microstock into hosting my own and/or selling digital downloads via Etsy.
  2. I flipped the switch. My images are no longer for sale here. I've been liking Adobe, although their review time isn't as quick. It's a drag, I like a lot about SS, but $0.10 is insulting. They may as well mail me a turd with the check.
  3. Just Unlicensed my work. I got some good exposure, but ten cents is insulting.
  4. If they delete an account because of this, do they pay out what they owe the contributor?
  5. Jes Abeita

    Danger and excitment

    I'm allergic to stinging insects. I think that's why I love shooting them so much. Someone please say something if I'm risking anaphylactic shock for no good reason...
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