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  1. Regarding U.S.A.-based contributors, was wondering how many of you register your images with the U.S. Copyright Office/Library of Congress. I'm asking in light of all of the theft that has been detected of late. If you do not register your images, is it something you simply opt not to do, or something you have considered and just have not done yet? If a stolen image is used in a product campaign or packaging, most photographers would opt to sue. As it stands, the law favors those whose images were registered at the time of the infringement, or within three months of first publication. Further reading: https://corporate.findlaw.com/intellectual-property/are-punitive-damages-available-under-the-copyright-act.html
  2. I uploaded 59 videos successfully via FTP. CSV was uploaded to apply metadata to the clips, but about 80% of the clips have the wrong information applied to them. Metadata from the CSV appears on the wrong clips. I've uploaded the CSV several times with the same result. Column names are correct and I am using the same template that has worked without issues in the past. I changed the metadata manually on a few clips, but even then, it does not allow me to choose more than one category for those clips. There have been a few threads addressing CSV problems, but the last one was over a month ago. Is this still a known issue? Is doing this manually my only option?
  3. Hello, is it possible to create sets for videos? In "Catalog Manager," I see the check boxes next to photos that are used to indicate the photos you want to select for a set, but do not see the same check boxes next to video thumbnails. I also see the "Create Set" button when "All Images" is selected, but it does not appear when "Videos" is selected. Glitch or just the way we roll? Thanks for your help.
  4. Is this still possible? It seems the "Catalog Manager" doesn't allow this.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have already tried that variation--without underscores. I received the same message, so I went back to including them.
  6. "Filename must contain valid value. 3 Occurrences" I keep getting the above message each time I try to apply my CSV file. It doesn't give any other information. CSV is formatted exactly as SS has requested. Someone suggested that it means I left something blank or have a space before letters in 3 different places. Unfortunately, that is not the case. File name structure is very simple: city_object_1.mov All 25 file names have exactly the same naming structure, with only the file number being different. There are neither spaces nor blanks in the file names. I've checked and re-checked (too) many times. I've changed the file names several times, each time having to re-upload the files to SS and try to apply CSV file. Nothing works. I even considered that the system may not like capital letters in the file name, so I changed them to all lower case. Still I get the same message: "Filename must contain valid values. 3 occurrences." Can someone offer detailed assistance? I've invested hours into trying to resolve this so that it doesn't happen again, and still haven't been able to. Thank you.
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