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  1. I'm so sorry Linda. I removed the images already. Yesterday I was so upset because the rejection reasons were unacceptable. I sold my icons here for 4 years. This is not the first time that SS reviewers gave unreasonable reasons. Thanks for your advice but they're also rejected. By the way, now I decide to stop submit my icons here because they're doing better earnings in other websites than SS. And all of my icons are accpepted in every other websites. Thanks to you guys who try to help!
  2. Did you check out Fresh Content page before reply to this post? Here : https://www.shutterstock.com/search/icons?image_type=vector&sort=newest Keep refreshing that page man! you will see tons of similar content are coming out.
  3. What about your image portfolio? Same elements in your images but only different angles, are they similar content????
  4. Really? they don't like this but there're tons of similar content in this website!!! By the way, my icons are not only different color but they're different icon styles and they're designed in different way.
  5. I recently submit many set of icons and they were rejected because similar content. My icons are in the same topic but they're different styles. Various styles of icons are for various customers' need. I don't have problem to sell my icons in other websites. Shutterstock was my favourite stockphoto marketplace but nowsaday earnings from Shutterstock is the lowest. And Shutterstock inspectors are really bad and poor quality.
  6. Please bring the Follow button back. It will help customers to easily find the images that match their needs and their style of work from professional contributors they like. And please make Following button or link to be easily seen by customers so they can easily open Following page. I believe Shutter stock wants to work with the professional contributors so don't make them become anonymous. All professional contributors can produce the good quality of works and increase sales for Shutter Stock. Encourage them to work better and better!
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