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  1. Buying first dlsr camera advice

    Sir, you are so right. Regarding filters. It's questionable. In some "heavy" conditions, we have to protect lense especially on a field where "high-speed particles" are expected. Better to keep alive lense sumtimes by protecting it with some neutral filter.
  2. Web uploader is busted again

    Ok. It's working now.
  3. Not accepting data

    Ok. It's working now.
  4. Not accepting data

    Same's here. Browser cache cleaning allowed for one submit. And... Submitted image disappeared except batch number what exists per submit. It's rare. And we stopped to upload images for now.
  5. Earning update issue

    Ok. At least, I got sales report for March 10 on mobile application instead of shown on map (the same). Earnings summary as well as rest of counters do not reflect March 10 sales at all. Hope, SS will sort it out shortly.
  6. Earning update issue

    Same's here. Sales shown on map only.
  7. Photos from NASA

    Read it carefully, please. NASA Media Usage Guidelines Regarding another photographer's work using in yours. Please, pay respect to you colleagues first, and download SS brochure regarding copyrights "Protecting Your Content: A Guide" - very helpful reading to understand DOs and DONTs when you creating and submitting your own content.
  8. SHOW your latest download

    You'll be laughing, but this one is even in top sales Just sold today again.
  9. SODs of February 2018
  10. Payoneer is Here!

    Great! Thank you!!! Linked successfully! "Account connected"
  11. Images disappeared from portfolio!!!

    Yeap... Seems, it's coming back to normal. Heh...
  12. Images disappeared from portfolio!!!

    And we have same problem today. Re-indexing is failed, isn't it?
  13. Issue with sets of photos images are not displayed

    Give'em a chance. They still do some migration job to move to SS v2 platform. It's affects indexing for a while. Just wait a little bit more than 72 hrs.
  14. Inflation and Shutterstock

    With all of respect... You gonna be kidding
  15. Please tidy up the database, Shutterstock!

    So... Suggestion tool in app and web version is suggestion tool. Means, contributor still take responsibility to enter and/or select from suggested proper keywords accordingly to his/her image's content, isn't it? The thing is, that keywords database is formed mostly by contributors in respect to SS and final consumer. Misleading keywords surly affecting suggestion tool quality and as some of contributors think (I guess) will increase exposes of their artwork to consumer. In some cases we can surely call it spam. Seems, Reviewers pays attention to keywords of submitted images in less load time, but I never met any rejection related misleading keywording while submitting my content to SS. It is understandable. And actually, if contributor agreed to follow rules, is it necessary to create "Keywording Police Dept." on SS? Aren't we damaging our sales tool by trying to 'hack' SS search tool entering wrong keywords to 'help' ourselves to pop up our artwork? Regarding byers search. I've seen people used SS to obtain images. Most of them are entering phrases in search such as "concrete word describes object/scene, additional words describes detalization of object/scene description, location/time if necessary". For example, if some one going to make ecuadorian tourist's guide and looking for Cuicocha, he/she enters mostly 'cuicocha' in search, but not 'crater lake'. In case if not sure about landmark name, sure better enter 'crater lake, Ecuador', but we have misleading keywords on Oregon crater lake image, and person who never seen place like that can make mistake and download wrong image. Sure, if someone is compiling geology study book, he/she will look for 'crater lake', here is landmark name and country are not really necessary, depends of specific. Next is,as you mentioned, 3-5 keywords in use. Generally correct. But if buyer want to find image of same place for example but with clean sky, or during night, or with people on image, or without? Here we go with necessity to increase amount of keywords and more concrete and fine description for searchable images. My point is... Keywording and description entries is same part of job to deliver proper artwork to proper buyer as initially to make interesting artwork. We should be client oriented doing this job. And client is here not SS but final consumer. Sorry for longsizedtext, folks. PS: actually, what we are discussing about is not technical issue but community issue. Sorry.