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  1. LighthunterWS

    Can this by legal

    This is illegal for sure:
  2. Folks, Here is strange application found in Google Play Store. This guy sends SS images by image ID for free. Any. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hossamgamal290.Shutter_Stock_Free According to description of this app: and Looks like he's robbing us. Any thoughts? P.S.: Oh, yeah... I am not talking about SS trademark used like this
  3. LighthunterWS

    A new way to track the progress of your content

    seems fine. thnx.
  4. LighthunterWS

    Buying first dlsr camera advice

    Sir, you are so right. Regarding filters. It's questionable. In some "heavy" conditions, we have to protect lense especially on a field where "high-speed particles" are expected. Better to keep alive lense sumtimes by protecting it with some neutral filter.
  5. LighthunterWS

    Web uploader is busted again

    Ok. It's working now.
  6. LighthunterWS

    Not accepting data

    Ok. It's working now.
  7. LighthunterWS

    Not accepting data

    Same's here. Browser cache cleaning allowed for one submit. And... Submitted image disappeared except batch number what exists per submit. It's rare. And we stopped to upload images for now.
  8. LighthunterWS

    Earning update issue

    Ok. At least, I got sales report for March 10 on mobile application instead of shown on map (the same). Earnings summary as well as rest of counters do not reflect March 10 sales at all. Hope, SS will sort it out shortly.
  9. LighthunterWS

    Earning update issue

    Same's here. Sales shown on map only.
  10. LighthunterWS

    Photos from NASA

    Read it carefully, please. NASA Media Usage Guidelines Regarding another photographer's work using in yours. Please, pay respect to you colleagues first, and download SS brochure regarding copyrights "Protecting Your Content: A Guide" - very helpful reading to understand DOs and DONTs when you creating and submitting your own content.
  11. LighthunterWS

    SHOW your latest download

    You'll be laughing, but this one is even in top sales Just sold today again. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/buildings-on-hill-pation-ville-haiti-629904410
  12. LighthunterWS

    SODs of February 2018

  13. LighthunterWS

    Payoneer is Here!

    Great! Thank you!!! Linked successfully! "Account connected"
  14. LighthunterWS

    Images disappeared from portfolio!!!

    Yeap... Seems, it's coming back to normal. Heh...
  15. LighthunterWS

    Images disappeared from portfolio!!!

    And we have same problem today. Re-indexing is failed, isn't it?