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  1. This morning a search showed 52,018,182 vectors on the site. Now there are only 48 135 820 pieces on the site. A week ago it was 75,885,413 vectors. Is this SS deception again? Let the admins tell you what's going on?
  2. I have the same problem. 25% of my vectors are rasterized
  3. #5050FairPayForArtists and copy and paste or use your own words why this is important. I want to launch this movement calling for stock agencies to pay us artists 50% royalty. Art galleries pay artists 50-60% average from art sales. General retail markup on average is 50%. Only in this stock photo/video industries, many companies normalize and get away with this predatory and exploitative low pay for artists. Shutterstock takes more than 2x what most artists make from sales. That's unacceptable in 2020. Although I was disappointed with Pond5 lowering royalty to 40% from 50%, Pond5 made it fai
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