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  1. We are waiting for an answer to this question from the site administrator
  2. Very constructive suggestion. Then it will be a victory not only over the ss but will affect all other photo stocks.
  3. I see a solution to the problem. 1. Return old prices 2. Give the opportunity to be an exclusive author 3. Non-exclusive authors limit upload
  4. The mistake is that they want profit today, and what will happen tomorrow they do not think
  5. Shutterstock usually knows that slavery has been abolished?
  6. What is the difference between 1 level and 4 levels? All the same, sales for 10 s. I immediately closed my port. There is nothing to wait. My port is closed !!!!!
  7. https://submit.shutterstock.com/account/settings - in the lower right corner, mark everything as "No"
  8. Goodbye Shutterstock! 10 cents is humiliation. My port is deactivated
  9. Thanks MJD Graphics! Just the illustrations sent earlier also contained Wuhan and China.
  10. Reason, first time: Rejection reasons (1) This content is too similar to another image or clip that has already been submitted or published. Rejection reasons (1) Metadata contains potentially objectionable or offensive language. Metadata:People in medical face mask. Global epidemic coronavirus 2019-nCov. Virus covid-19 wuhan from china. Concept blue background, vector illustration. Keywords:coronavirus, quarantine, covid-19, 2019-ncov, people, man, women, mask, pattern, background, blue, bacterium, precaution, tips, medical, medicum, information, line, cough, social distancing, pandemic, global, epidemic, virus, wuhan, china, europa, vector, illustration, concept, corona, crown, health, illness, infection, lung, warning, dangerous, alert, breathing, symptoms, isolation, sequestration, disease, international, flat, design, modern Where is here potentially objectionable or offensive language?
  11. Illustration for which a reference image is required
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