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  1. CNN has used my image here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/07/10/goya-ceo-donald-trump-moos-dnt-ebof-vpx.cnn They also used it as a thumb for their video. I got a whopping $0.2 for, though the same image also sold on DT for $0.35. I'd like to add that I find this new outrage/cancel culture to be idiotic.
  2. Got my first video sale of June, finally. Earned $1.2 off it. I'm at level 2 for footage. So, this means the customer paid $6, right?
  3. Getting a couple of DLs a day. Afraid this is the end. ☹️
  4. I have just had my first ODD of the new system. It earned me $2.25. I used to earn $2.7 per ODD.
  5. I suddenly got four sales on P5 today. Very nice surprise but I don't count on it to stay this way.
  6. The twist about everyone's level going to 1 at 1st of every January is simply disgusting. Say, a contributor has 2550 sales year. The chart says he's level 5. But will he get paid level 5 commissions? Yes, but only for small fraction of time. What a disgrace!
  7. The yearly reset to level 1 is simply unfair. Why should everyone's earnings drop in January? Then, let's say you have this big sale in January, while you're at a lower tier, you'll get robbed of a portion of your commission just because of the timing. Not cool. The fair deal is to measure your level based on a moving 12 month window. Regardless, expect your earnings to drop.
  8. Missing video by the id number 1016724241. Can't tell when it was uploaded but it sold. Thanks.
  9. Just noticed that on May 14th I had a full house: sub, ODD, SOD, EL and video sales. That is rare, especially these days. And today is the best day of the month for me exceeding the earnings above thanks to a video sale.
  10. April ended up being a decent month for me. All thanks to 5 video sales.
  11. Congrats on all of those achievements!
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