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  1. This doesn't happen these days. Yet, I had one sale today that happened less than 24 hours after the image's approval.
  2. Today my running Feb total surpassed the Jan total for the entire month. Of course, Jan results were pitifully low.
  3. Crawling over the threshold to level two didn't do much at all to my earnings per download. Still, 10 cent sales are prevalent.
  4. Six downloads for sixty one cents total. I think I'm close to killing it in 2021.
  5. My latest batch consisted of a handful of illustrative editorials done with iPhone Pro 12. All went through on the first attempt.
  6. I have a bunch that have been accepted. Done with my old iPhone 7. I noticed that recently they started rejecting everything on the first go. My recent experience is quite limited but still...
  7. Sorry for the slight off-topic, but do you guys find that your videos get rejected blanketly on the first submission? Then, on the second submission I usually get the same results - all are rejected, however, the rejection reasons may vary from the first go-round. So, I resubmit yet again and, if my videos get rejected then, I usually give up. Very frustrating. Especially knowing that the videos are fine. I haven't changed anything in the way I shoot or process my videos since the time they were getting accepted at healthy clip. Have you guys been having similar experience la
  8. Your port's biggest issue, in my opinion, is the fact that its images are not in demand. Stop with the flower fields, the dog, etc. Try to find different subjects. Shoot some editorials.
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