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  1. Hi, just received rejection, reason - visible trademark. Where it is? Ferry is a trademark?
  2. I just received this notification. Did i miss something, there is any updates of uploading rules?
  3. Hi, just woke up and found one video sale for $625? I was shocked. I hope it is not a mistake. I am on level 4 with video. What is the licence or where the customer gonna use it? Movie, regular news, documentary?
  4. I think some still have older subscription plan, so that's why we still have old income. New customers, who started today, they have new price, we as well.
  5. Just photo was rejected because of Missing Artwork Property Release. Maybe someone could find artwork here?
  6. Only 2.5 years I am here. I know, maybe I have some issues with keywords, littles, or maybe uploading.
  7. https://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-chemistry-factory-in-lithunia-achema-1332071489.jpg
  8. I thought the same, so I changed it. Doesn't matter, the same error.
  9. Nop. Doesn't matter. Actually, maybe there is a way, how to process file?
  10. Hi, I decided to create CSV file and use it for footage upload instead of playing each time with keywording and names. I found example on Shutterstock help page: Thats nice, looks easy to follow and paste with my metadate. This is my version of CSV file: But after CSV file upload, I have this message: What I am doing wrong?
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