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  1. Hi,

    I wanted to know if someone else is experiencing this.

    I started at level 1 as everyone else. I was having very steady daily sales of 0.1$  and more on demand than usual.

    On 17th this month I got an e-mail saying that I had leveled up.

    I haven´t sold a thing since then. I was thinking maybe they give priority to profiles of lower levels that get lower commissions so they can keep more money. It sounds bad but...seeing the direction this is taking I would not be surprised. Or maybe I am having a bad second half of the month, but 0 sales for 2 weeks...that never happened before.

    Anyone else noticed a drecrease of sales after leveling up?





  2. So I got my first sale today at 0.1USD...ridiculous, what a waste of time shooting, uploading and keywording all those photos,

    I guess they did this to earn more money and to get the smaller low sales photographers out of the way and have a more stable quality portfolio of the big production companies that can reach 5,000 sales in one month.

    However I do not like companies that disrepesct the work of any creative, especially when all of them have to pass a quality test before entering. 

    In a way this is good news. I always struggle after a session deciding what to do: Should I upload content to Micro or go for premium Macro? Now I have the easiest choice ever. I won´t bother wasting time uploading here anymore. Sessions that do not make it into Macro will go to other micro agencies as exclusive.



  3. Hi everyone!

    This must be happening to more people but I couldn't find a thread so if someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great,


    The problem I have is that when I go to edit some keywords from my already approved images and delete or modify 1 keyword, suddenly a random number of keywords disappear automatically. Words are relevant and normal, such as "Summer", "sunset"... On one picture the system removed 25 keywords after I tried to edit one of them.


    Any idea what's happening here?



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