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  1. Yes, it is obviously. Then it's not far until the advertising agency can't pay you either. Then they will ask you to work for them for free - for profit maximization.
  2. Oh shit!!! The main problem seems to be Arcangel - July compared to August. I keep my fingers crossed for you that it will get much better in the following months, Alexandre!
  3. When large advertising agencies no longer have a budget for microstock images, they should clearly question their business model. Then something is wrong there. Why are there (large) advertising agencies? Because companies hire them to promote their own products or services. If such a company is no longer able to pay a budget of $100 or 200 for the purchase of images, how should they be able to pay an advertising agency? Something about the story can't be right! Or is it just that the entire customer budget should remain with the advertising agency in order to maximise profit? Then the advertising agencies mentioned above behave exactly as shutterstock is behaving at the moment. Profit maximisation at any price. My 10 cents.
  4. Great comment! Thank you! You made me laugh. And that is really remarkable at shutterstock at the moment!
  5. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Steve! I wish you lots of success, too!
  6. I have to report the opposite, Steve. In general I have to say that August is one of my worst microstock months for years. But this August is my second worst month since I joined shutterstock. My first month here, November 2010, was even worse. But I wasn't accepted until November 10, 2020. If I calculate that I would have been accepted on November 1st, even this first month would have been much better. At that time, with a tenth of the images and the lowest compensation of $0.25/sub and $1.88/OD, I earned a touch less in only 20 days than I did this August with level 5 in 28 days. So far in August I have only 11 SODs. The highest of these was $8.20. There were also only 25 ODs and no Enhanced. So the month would have been miserable even with the old revenue structure. But it would have been much better than with the new revenue structure. Compared to my best months here I have lost 75%. My RPD in August here is $0,49. At AS it is $1,47. Three times as much. My average RPD here used to be $0,72, at AS it is $1,30.
  7. Hello VdZ, what shutterstock has done there is a mess - no question about it. But - I had written this before: One of the problems lay also in the fact that there were a quantity of offerers, who offered their images here and with free agencies. Why they did that, I can't understand either, because they deprived themselves of the opportunity to make money here, when potential buyers could get the images for free elsewhere. That should have been prohibited by contract by shutterstock! But it would be disastrous for the entire microstock industry if contributors were to upload good image material to free agencies now. Then no more money can be made from Microstock in future. I can understand your anger. I myself have not uploaded a single image to shutterstock since the new revenue structure was introduced. But I regularly upload new images to the other agencies where there is still money to be made. I would suggest that to you as well. If your images are good, why give them away and spoil your own future? At the other big agency, I only have 49.6% of downloads this month compared to shutterstock, but 159% of income compared to shutterstock. I myself am planning to deactivate my portfolio here by 31 December. If the numbers remain as bad as they are this month, maybe even before.
  8. Hello Chy, the same numbers are displayed under Level 5 ODs and subs.
  9. Oh, wow, Ole, great news!!! Congratulations from me as well! Shit! Obviously the microstock game is over.
  10. Yes, those images at FAA are part of my portfolio here and at Getty.
  11. I also found images of me at FAA. But I never uploaded anything there. There seems to be a link to shutterstock. How much I get for an FAA sale, I don't know. I do not even know if I get anything for it at all.
  12. I do not know this web address. Mine is https://submit.shutterstock.com
  13. It is not only the percentage of subscriptions. It is not better elsewhere. But there is a financial difference. In addition, one is US dollars and the other euros. You have to multiply the right numbers by the factor x 1.18.
  14. Since June 2020 88,7% subscriptions.
  15. This is incredible, Merrillie! 3 enhanced and only $59! Such prices should be prohibited! If you think about how much money the buyer can earn with the enhanced. Probably such a customer like art.com, waltmart, kunst-fuer-alle, fine art america or similar. They can then sell it a hundred times over. Beautiful landscape images in your portfolio, by the way.
  16. I think that from his point of view the microstock model no longer makes sense. He knows the real numbers, the ones we never get to see. He knows how shutterstock has evolved recently. He has lost his confidence in the business model he co-founded. Corona may have had a hand in that. In my view, the biggest part is mismanagement, wrong decisions and misalignments. But he may have lost interest in this business long ago. Much more decisive than what Oringer is doing is the question of what those who took over the business from him are doing. And in my opinion, they are swimming around in the area completely disoriented. Destroying not only our livelihood, but their own livelihood as well. I personally believe that the microstock business model will continue to exist for a long time to come, albeit under different circumstances. I personally doubt that shutterstock will survive in this business model in the medium term. But I readily admit that I can be wrong. In a year or two we will know more.
  17. My numbers: RPD 01.06. to 22.08.2019: RPD = 0,81 01.06. to 22.08.2020: RPD = 0,65 RPD 2020 = minus 20% Downloads: 01.06. to 22.08.2019 vs. 01.06. until 22.08.2020 Downloads 2020 = plus 16% Income: June 1 to August 22, 2019 vs. 01.06. until 22.08.2020 Income 2020 = minus 6.2% Without the SODs and Enhanced that I had in June, which were exceptional by my standards, things would look much worse. And this, although I now get 35% - before the maximum was 30%. All this is based on four-digit downloads.
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