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  1. The demand for isolated objects or mockups is immense. However, isolated Objects and mockups cannot be authentic. In this respect, the question of meaningfulness arises. If, for example, clippings or mockups can be removed by filters in the search, this may reduce sales for shutterstock.
  2. Thank you very much for this information!
  3. Hello Steve, we bought the three Affinity products some time ago for several workplaces because several people told me that they work very well. But I have to admit that I haven't tried them yet. As long as my Adobe products are still running, I probably won't do that either. So unfortunately I can't say anything about your problem so far.
  4. Hello Istvan, but that means that the buyer must have Photoshop. If he has Photoshop, he does not need a smart object for this purpose. He can take his picture, distort it briefly in perspective and the photomontage is ready. That takes 15 seconds.
  5. Hello Istvan, yes, I get that indicated that I could get a product from the CC for free for one year. But I don't need that and I don't want it at all. When the time comes when I am forced to switch to the CC products, I will switch to Affinity. I have already purchased all the Affinity products. My daughter needs the complete CC product range for her studies. It used to cost 730 euros for students if you bought it. Today, if you subscribe to all the products, it costs over 1,700 euros for students for the duration of their studies. This is an outrage that I will not go along wi
  6. On the map today I see a download of the image in Moscow. It is also traceable in the revenue ($ 0.10). In addition to this sale, I had two more of this image today for $0.60 each. Both without naming the location and both are not visible on the map. An image was also bought on that spot the US West Coast on your map , Steve, but that was a different one.
  7. Does anyone have an explanation for this? In the last 6 days I have received 6 SOD compensation for my bestseller. For always exactly $0.60 and always without proof of location of the buyer. That's a weird coincidence, isn't it?
  8. No, you are right. Nobody forces me to sell on shutterstock. I don't know your numbers. I see that our portfolios are the same size. But I don't know how high your losses would be if you would just delete your portfolio at shutterstock. Shutterstock has been the agency I've had the most downloads with since I've been doing microstock, although that's been significantly less recently compared to the other agencies. The gap to the competition is melting away. Nevertheless, it is not an easy decision for me - as it is for so many other providers - to simply delete the portfolio at shutt
  9. Hello Charles, this is exactly where the problem lies. I did not ask shutterstock to offer images for $0.22. I can understand that big customers with a huge image demand get discounts. That's the case with big buyers everywhere in business. If someone buys 10,000 bottles of water, it might be possible to offer them for $0.22. But ask the producer of champagne if he will sell the bottle for $0.22 if you guarantee that 10,000 bottles will be purchased. You will never find this producer. A supermarket cannot simply offer goods to the buyer at prices at which a supplier cannot
  10. Thank you very much, Debbie. The facts here are these: RPD today was $0.18, even though it included an SOD! Previously it would have been – even if all downloads had been only subscriptions – at 0.38. And this concerns only us contributors, not shutterstock! So you can calculate the losses, no matter if you had 1, 10, 100 or 1000 downloads. This is just frustrating!
  11. And, sorry, of course it's sad to hear that you and others here are doing so badly too!
  12. The downloads are halfway okay for me, Debbie. Compared to March last year, a few percent worse. But I would still call that statistical noise. In the meantime, I've earned one and a half times more from the competitor this week - and it's only Wednesday - than I've earned from shutterstock so far in the whole of March. After January and February, I'm getting closer and closer to deciding to quit shutterstock. While that would still be a decent loss for me, it would hurt. But it would hurt shutterstock even more. At some point I'll be done with this crap! I'm really pissed about the
  13. March Level 4 RPD = $ 0,446. It is incredibly miserable!!!
  14. Hi Lorenza, attached two samples for you. Most of your images seem to have no rating.
  15. No, Steven, it's not like that. Why some images get this rating and others don't, I can't explain either. But what I can assure: I have some very old images that have been assessed by the AI. They have not been sold for ages. That can have nothing to do with recent downloads or views from my point of view.
  16. Okay folks, I know what this is for now! It's shutterstock's newest weapon against copycats! It's supposed to mislead the copycats because they now go by the ratings of the images. 😎 I just checked this out of interest for the images with more than 400 downloads. - 22 of them got no rating at all. - None has 10/10. I am depressed now! 😊 - 2 have 9/10. oh wow! At least two decent ratings. 🙂 - 2 have 6/10 (one with 800 and one with just under 700 downloads). ðŸĪŠ - And the rest have 7/10 and 8/10. I guess that everything below 6/10 doesn't get a rating at all, because
  17. This is indeed funny, because it proves once again how much the AI is off! It gives me good estimates for images that don't sell at all or maybe only a few times, mediocre or no estimate at all for images with hundreds or thousands of downloads. When the same AI is used to review images, nothing surprises me anymore. What a brilliant AI! ðŸĪŠ
  18. Okay, I tried once more by choosing english language - now it appeared.
  19. Hello Pavel, I still can't see this. This is what I am shown:
  20. At the one agency he's talking about, his monthly income dropped from $3,500 (2013) to $411 (2021). That's really incredible. I thought my losses were high, but in comparison, this is extreme!
  21. That's very interesting, Pavel. I've tried several images now, but don't get that displayed anywhere. Maybe this is again only visible in a trial/beta version and not available in all countries.
  22. March 01-05, 2021 vs. March 01-05, 2020 Downloads minus 22,5% Income minus 28%
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