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  1. Charles, if you had a business - a mall or something like that. How would you organize your shelf display? I assume that you would perfectly position the products of which you know that their manufacturer delivers perfect goods. Goods that have always sold well so far. Who has a feeling for what sells. It is more difficult in this case: the producer is known for delivering good wine that has always sold well. Now, all of a sudden, he's also offering sausage. Then, of course, it becomes a little more difficult. Microstock agencies are ultimately the same as search engines. They p
  2. Hmmm, of course I have no idea at all how the algorithm works. But I personally believe that there is a kind of contributor ranking. That influences where the new uploads are found in the search. That the same clip (or image), uploaded by a "good" ranked contributor is positioned better than by a "bad" ranked contributor. "Good" or "bad" in the sense of: He takes good landscape pictures. She takes good architectural pictures. He takes good event pictures. And she takes good food pictures. And that contributor offers perfect editorial images. Something like that... And, that is i
  3. As for your calculation, we will never agree, Doug. No matter how much I enjoy creating an image, I still always calculate that time in. As well as the other possible incidental costs. So I'll never come up with your hourly rate. But we had that topic a long time ago. Nevertheless, the basic economic principle remains - no matter how one calculates it for himself/herself. What I would really be interested in, though, Doug - if you want to say it: What's it like for you? How are your new videos performing? The latest 10 or 20%? Do you get new video files - if you rank as well as y
  4. It's true: stills now simply bring in dramatically less than videos seem to. On average, anyway. Yes, the golden age is over. At least for most of us. There are still a few exceptions, of course. But success stories like earning over 20,000 dollars with a single image only on shutterstock are definitely over. In a few years, that will also be the case with videos. Then there will perhaps be databases where you can buy 3D models for 3D printing houses, sneakers or vehicles. But what counts in the end is not the RPD or the RPI, but the RPT - Return per Production Time. How much ti
  5. Congrats, Milo and Doug! 🙂 Milo, the generic milestone thread is still there.
  6. Compared to December 2019 at shutterstock: • downloads + 14% • income - 28.4% Compared to December 2019 at AS: • downloads + 35.5% • income +46.8%
  7. Usually I try to get the 50 keywords full. And so far this was not an absolute wrong decision. More difficult I find the topic with the image description. I still don't know how important this is for the internal search at shutterstock. Nor do I know what role it plays in the search engines. Doug has written several times that contributors have a hard time if English is not their mother language. I can only agree with that. The topic of describing an image is still a real problem for me. I have never uploaded any videos. So my statement is subjective: I think it doesn't matter i
  8. For me the dark winter has already begun. My RPD so far this December is $0,415. The download amount is fairly normal. At least for December, when it is always relatively bad for me. I don't have any corona problems either, because this year the download volume was better than last year. There are many industries that don't notice anything about Corona. There are many industries that are even recording double-digit growth rates in these strange times - and these are not few. The problem is the RPD. And the RPD is really miserable at the moment. And will of course become even mor
  9. This one made me smile! And I know exactly, what you are talking about. Some of the images I'm proud of have never sold. And some of the images I wouldn't even dare to upload these days sell very good.
  10. They seem to be a bit late this month. Maybe because of the weekend. The e-mail will come soon.
  11. Right now I would have to sell 709 subscription images for $0,10 to buy one share. Short before the new earnings structure was introduced, a 100 subscription downloads for $0,38 would have been enough. So I can no longer raise the money for a share. 😉
  12. Basically everything you write is right. But at the same time I have to say clearly: I don't know any other business area where calculations are made in this way. If you invest work, you are not out to earn less money. You invest time in order to get more for it in the end. So you can talk about the new revenue model however you like. It is and remains a catastrophe. If, like you, you've worked your way up, you've given a company a lot of income, it's just incredibly miserable if that's not rewarded but punished at the beginning of the year. I quote: "We are making this adj
  13. We have bought the complete Affinity software, but I haven't used it so far. Right now I'm still using Illustrator. But as far as I have heard, the products are ok.
  14. My results at shutterstock: Downloads Compared to November 2019: +42 Compared to November 2018: +26 Compared to November 2017: -32 Compared to November 2016: -187 Compared to November 2015: -378 Income $ Compared to November 2019: +79 Compared to November 2018: +48 Compared to November 2017: -27 Compared to November 2016: -125 Compared to November 2015: -386
  15. Take a look at the Affinity software - Affinity designer.
  16. November was absolutely average. AS has the nose in front. At shutterstock I had 13% less income than at AS.
  17. My best day at shutterstock this month was $105. My best day ever at shutterstock was only half as good as your best day this month. This year I had two days where I earned $0. But the weekends still are always much worse than the weekdays for me. Not only here, but at all agencies. This has not changed for me in all these years. As far as the ups and downs are concerned, I totally agree with you. That surprises me again and again. As far as the beginning of the year or the first half of the year is concerned, I am curious myself. I will probably have reached my former level (before the n
  18. I would have expected that your RPD would also decrease due to the new revenue structure. Which obviously is not the case.
  19. But you - once more - have already left the $30.000 behind you. Which I would regard as very successful.
  20. You're right, of course, Milo. That would only be of any use if a huge number of contributors were to participate. But that won't happen. Because countless contributors are desperately depending on the money in the corona crisis. And shutterstock knows that too.
  21. Today was a miserable day regarding the downloads. But the RPD is over 2. When I think about January, the RPD doesn't matter. From the beginning of the new year on it's all about the pure amount to complete the levels as fast as possible. It doesn't even matter if you only get $6.70 for 67 downloads - as you can read elsewhere in the forum. Then even that would be okay. I don't know yet if I will deactivate at the end of December. I have to think about it.
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