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  1. Sorry, Doug, I don't understand, what you mean. 🤔
  2. In the meantime it looks a bit better. September will probably be much better than August.
  3. Charles, I am not an economist either. Nor can I judge what will happen. But I am relatively sure about this: the brexit produces two losers: the EU and the UK. As for the bureaucrats in Brussels: I am far from happy with everything that is happening there. But one thing is for sure: an alliance of states - be it economic, military or whatever - needs rules of the game. And everyone must abide by them. We see every day that they do not. Most of all when it comes to the refugee crisis! What is happening there is a disgrace for the EU and most of its member states! Germany and the United Kingdom included!!!
  4. No, Debbie, that's right. The United Kingdom is hoping for free trade agreements with the US. Whether the calculation works out, I dare to doubt. The UK does not agree with the EU's conditions for a free trade agreement. But do they seriously believe that there are no conditions for free trade with the US? Donald Trump has always made it clear: America first. Do the British think that they will get a special position there? I do not believe that!
  5. By the way, there was no error message in the sense of "Sticker not available". My assumption is: As long as the portfolio is disabled and not deleted, the affiliate partner can access the data as normal, because they are still in the database. Probably there has not been a solution how to communicate to the affiliate partners that the file is disabled. They will probably continue to sell and the money will end up at shutterstock. But not the provider who deactivated the file. Or it is the revenue that some contributors wondered about, even though they had deactivated.
  6. Okay, I have just tried to by a sticker because I'm curious. But it's not possible. It is not possible to enter my address - I permanently get an error message. Maybe they have a problem with German addresses. But they also showed $15 shipping costs to Germany for a sticker that costs $ 4,45 - that's too expensive for me just to try. Maybe a US citizen, who is also a member of the Stock Coalition, can try it.
  7. Yes, trade shows won't be back soon. Even if they did, nobody would seriously invest money in the stand for a handful of visitors. But the stand builders are even worse off than me because they can't easily switch to another profession. The same goes for the musical. If no performances can take place, a lot of people have no work. Lighting technicians, stage builders, riggers, transport companies that drive from city to city to deliver the equipment, orchestras, cast... All unemployed. Even the industrial customers, who are not doing badly because they are not so much affected by Covid, have either significantly reduced their investments and marketing budget or completely eliminated them. The coming year will not be easy - that much is certain. And the lack of tax revenues will ensure that the state, the federal states, the cities and municipalities will also be able to invest less money. It is a vicious circle. In Germany another problem is added. Germany draws a large part of its economic strength from exports. But where do they export to when importers also have to make savings?
  8. Great! Congratulations! There are now several possibilities. 1. you have not sold anything to the affiliate partners 2. you have sold something and the interface does not work or has never worked. 3. you have sold something and the interface works, but you are not paid for the sale. Unfortunately I have no idea and certainly no list of how many of these affiliate partners there are. You should let someone there buy something. Then you know where you stand. Do you have someone who would do that for you?
  9. Shit! I'm sorry for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you at least get orders in the corporate video segment. The conference topic will not be coming back soon.
  10. At least I've already reached 56% after a third of September of what I had in complete August at shutterstock (but of course I have to admit that my August yardstick was very low). Still it is only 62% of my September earnings at AS.
  11. The best would be an enormous quantity with high quality. 😀
  12. Your performance is still impressive, especially considering how relatively small your portfolio is, Foodio.
  13. What's you daily job, Milo? A part of my job exhibition design, fair booth architecture, showroom intertors. And I have customers from the musical sector. No idea when the business will start again. But I'm pretty sure: It will be a long time before it brings in money again.
  14. They don't want to know the problem with rejections. I had written that somewhere else in the forum. This comment has disappeared.
  15. I love Brittany, but have not been there for a very long time. Since we decided in Corona times not to use an airplane in the near future, we have Brittany in our sights as our next vacation destination. Anyway: A nice photo! It is easy to see that you have mastered the craft of photography. I haven't uploaded an image here since the end of May. But before that I was annoyed several times, because I too had images rejected because of noise. Photos that would never have been rejected before. From my point of view the HI (Human intelligence) had done a better job in the past than today the AI. Also because they did not only pay attention to noise or Out of Focus, but also to the potential commercial value of an image. Today, every image that is technically ok goes through, even if it is useless in terms of content or aesthetics. But the flood of images is now so immense that the review can no longer be done with a HI. The mistake of the past was in my opinion that they abolished the contributor review. In the past you had to upload 10 images (I don't remember the number exactly) to prove that you know the job to make a good photo. With the abolition of this preliminary examination shutterstock has opened doors and gates for the daily flood of pictures.
  16. It seems that ODs, Enhanced and SODs have been abolished. Yesterday's RPD for 24 DLs = $0,14. If you extrapolate this to one month, with 744 downloads you would get a monthly income of $104. Level 5 is really worth it. 😫
  17. Luisa, I don't know how much the pictures here in this preview are compressed. But the sky has steps in the preview image. It is not a clean blue gradient. If this concerns only this preview picture, then you shouldn't care about my statement. Anyway: Why do you bother? If shutterstock doesn't want the photos, offer them somewhere else. Why invest the time to upload the images again and again if there are no problems elsewhere? Why reward shutterstock with double the effort if they pay 10 cents later? Especially the first image is really beautiful. Simply because I could imagine spending a holiday in exactly this bay - wherever it is. Regardless of the fact that the hydrangeas/wisterias are not perfect. We took ours from the balcony and planted them in the garden because they looked just as bad. We will see next year whether this will be of any use. But don't be annoyed with the AI from shutterstock! There are so many other agencies with more appreciation.
  18. The microstock business has certainly become generally more difficult - no question about that. But at shutterstock it's really as miserable as no other agency. Now the situation has certainly worsened significantly due to Corona. But I can see from other agencies that buyers are willing to spend money after all. So Corona alone cannot be the problem. When I compare it, my situation looks like this in September: shutterstock vs. AS 50% more downloads at shutterstock compared to AS 266% more income at AS compared to shutterstock Or, to put it in other terms: RPD at shutterstock: $0.48 RPD at AS: $1.94 This is four times the value of shutterstock. I readily admit that this does not correspond to the average of my respective RPD. But since the new revenue structure I get at least 2.5 times that at AS. And these are not the figures that keep shutterstock busy. Because they still get the same for our files. They simply keep more for themselves. And that in corona times. It is and remains a mess!
  19. Sorry, Doug, but this calculation does not work in the medium and long term. Because you'll need 10,000 downloads soon - and you won't get them as the amount of video increases steadily.
  20. My calculation of the hourly wage differs significantly from Doug's calculation. But we already talked about this years ago. I include the time I need to create a picture. Although I enjoy creating a picture too. If I didn't have the fun, I wouldn't do it either. My RPI/year at shutterstock is now the same as Doug's. Only 5 years ago, it was twice as much only at shutterstock. The RPI at shutterstock has dropped twice as much as the other agencies. And will fall even more sharply than at the other agencies because of the new earnings structure. I can imagine that this will also apply to videos. At what point it no longer makes sense, everyone has to decide for themselves. The keywording etc. at different agencies also annoys me. I also hate this job. On the other hand, from my point of view Doug could make well over $100,000 per year if he were to supply several agencies. But maybe one can't just transfer that. It's different for everyone.
  21. I'd be interested in your RPI per year if you count all agencies together. And I'd be interested about the development of RPD/RPI for videographers at shutterstock since the introduction of the new earning structure, Doug.
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