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  1. Thanks for your optimistic information, Milo. It would be nice if some pictures still see the light of day. Annie, congratulations on this great SOD! I never had that either. A beautiful image! Two downloads for $120 each in one day was the highlight for me so far. But lately I can't get past SODs for $90. And they're too rare, too. Terry, thanks for your information as well. I will take a closer look at WS - it sounds really interesting.
  2. I don't know either. They say: Revenue per download is the amount of content-related revenue recognized in a given period divided by the number of paid downloads in that period excluding revenue from custom content and the impact of revenue that is not derived from or associated with content licenses.
  3. But how can you increase revenue per sale (download) without making the product more expensive?
  4. I have problems to follow, Charles. If revenue is "sales", then we would talk about sales per download? My interpretation is: Revenue is buying a product for price x and selling it for price y - which is the primary operation. Afterwards you have to deduct the costs for rent, energy, soft & hardware etc. But I might be wrong.
  5. That's exactly what I wanted to express, Charles. The decrease in paid downloads is the core problem, not cherry picking. Because that's what shutterstock thrives on. If revenue per download is up 16% and per customer is up 4%, that's because shutterstock had to spend less on contributors. But that is exactly what will not be maintained when the contributors will have reached higher levels in the second half of the year. And, yes, of course the enormous increase of subscribers is our biggest problem.
  6. That's perhaps where the big problem shows up: The image database has increased by 40 million images in one year = +12%. The amount of paid downloads has decreased by 2% – and this does not include the given away images and special agreements. So for the shareholders, you can only present increasing numbers if you save money elsewhere. For example, by introducing the new earning structure or/and by saving personnel costs. This may have worked well in the first quarter, because all contributors were reset to level 1. But how will shutterstuck keep up the numbers if the contributor
  7. Search term "interior". You get 13 million results. On the first pages there are really only pictures with interior shots. With one single exception only – right on page 1: the picture of a speedometer from a car. As far as I could see, it does not even contain the keyword interior.
  8. 4.5 more days, then April is through. Compared to April 2020, I am still missing 14.8% of downloads. I expect that I will slightly exceed April 2020. In terms of revenue, I already have 7% more. At the competitor April 2020 was extremely bad for me. In this respect, it is not surprising that I already have 9% more downloads and 56% more revenue there. The trend for me at Microstock remains negative, but has leveled off to some extent. That's how my review looks up to 2015, in terms of downloads.
  9. Hello Clay, as Firn has already written correctly, the image contains a lot of noise. I used the noise filter and then scaled the image down a lot to 3000 x 2000 px. Even then the noise is still clearly visible. But it would at least be worth a try to upload this downsized version again.
  10. I don't know, why there should be a reason to apologize. What you found is absolutely interesting. Of course, it is possible to land at position 1 of the search with normal, average images. With one image - maybe. Or two. However, it is certainly absolutely incredible to land at position 1 with normal, average images in almost all extremely diverse categories. And, Whiteaster, this has nothing to do with bashing: The images are – with respect – compared to many other images simply nothing special. This has nothing to do with the exceptionality of the images – because they are no
  11. Yes, those photos are really brilliant! Finest stock photos! Great!
  12. If you search for "rocks", you get 13.8 million images. Rank 1 and rank 2. It's really incredible! How does that work???
  13. My current RPD is an exception. Over the past 10 years, my RPD here at shutterstock has averaged $0.70. In January, it was only $0.43 due to the downgrade to Level 1. And thank you for your kind words!
  14. You have a great portfolio, Masson! But back to the topic: Woman: place 1 among 40,489,700 images Flower: 2nd place among 34,169,100 images Snow: place 1 among 10,080,900 images Airplane: place 1 among 1,677,000 images Brick: place 3,4,5 among 4,487,600 pictures And so on. That's not normal, is it? If the portfolio size should have an influence on the ranking of individual images, which is claimed again and again, even less, because the portfolio is small compared to – for example – yours. And with respect: Compared to – for example – your images, these top ranked imag
  15. The images we're talking about are average at best. There are better turkey pictures, better brick walls, better crayons, etc. It is almost impossible to get a picture to the top of the search with the flood of pictures that are accepted each week. In this respect, the statement to simply delete and re-upload is wrong. That is definitely not the solution to the puzzle – that much is certain.
  16. You are right! Incredible! I don't know how he managed to always appear on the top of the search.
  17. My portfolio size is three and a half times bigger than yours. So statistically I should have a few more downloads. 🤪 By the way, the April RPD has stayed >$1 so far. I can't remember the last time that was the case. However, my April download numbers are anything but impressive.
  18. Oh, Alexandre, good to hear you left it behind you and that you are obviously doing well! That's the most important thing! I hope you don't have any of the after-effects that we often hear about. I wish you good health! I'm taking my wife to get her shot on Wednesday. She works with young children in after school care – I actually always feel a little queasy. So I'm glad it's finally working out after many weeks of waiting.
  19. Oh, nice! Congratulations, David! May many of those downloads follow!
  20. I can't imagine that - sorry! My 3 warning points by Kate are still there...
  21. The competitor responded with a comparable offer, Deb. In the medium to long term, this means that microstock has had its day as a model for earning money.
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