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  1. Hello Deb, thank you very much! You know: When I started here at shutterstock, I already had over a year of Fotolia behind me. I was proud and positively surprised that you could actually earn money with Microstock (which smarter people knew long before me - like Anja, for example). With shutterstock it was like a rocket launch. It was a great start and shutterstock quickly became my favourite agency over a longer period of time. The great start motivated me to create more images, which also brought success very quickly. The new revenue structure killed my motivation. Less
  2. Thank you very much, Anja. I would not have thought that possible a few years ago, so I'm happy about it - despite the negative development recently.... See you shortly, Wilm
  3. Reached a new level. I now receive $0.10 instead of $0.10 before. The download volume at shutterstock is very below average for me at the moment. But I don't believe this is due to Corona, because at other agencies the numbers are in the normal range. Nevertheless, after a long run-up, I have now at least brought it to a round number.
  4. Hello Thijs, I see a parallel between the two of us. For the last 20 years, a couple of friends and we have decided to spend a holiday together in Tuscany. I have never been there. At the end of 2019, we finally chose and booked a beautiful house near Montalcino. Then came Corona. We got back both the money for the flight and the deposit for the holiday home. But it's still sad. We were really looking forward to it. When that will be possible again is written in the stars. But one day I will definitely get to see beautiful Tuscany. And then the camera will be glowing!
  5. At my current RPD, I would have needed more than 650 downloads on shutterstock to generate the same revenue I had in those first nine and a half days on AS. And I am very far from that. That would only have been possible if Thijs had given me the idea to borrow images from Murat earlier. The RPD at shutterstock is now by far the lowest of all agencies. Even at 123, 10% of downloads compared to shutterstock is enough for me to have over 50% of the revenue. It is a tragedy.
  6. I'll gladly take the rest of the images of Murat that you leave, Thijs!
  7. Kelly, I have the shutterstock page and all subpages running normally.
  8. As is more ahead than ever. But that's no wonder either. When you read Luisa's post that 76 downloads brought in $9.45, then that's a slap in the face. "We...and reward performance with greater earnings potential." 76 downloads in 8 days is not a bad performance. In 8 days $9.45 is a bad performance. 11.4% fewer downloads in 8 days is statistical noise. 91.5% drop in revenue in 8 days is a nightmare. Even if there was a big SOD in 2020. Even without that, it's still a disaster!
  9. Dave, Pseudonym or real name - everyone has to decide for himself/herself. There are professional photographers who don't want the work they sell on microstock to be associated with their real name because they don't think their microstock images are professional enough, or because they don't match their real style. Other sellers, on the other hand, use their real names as microstock sellers because they hope that a microstock buyer might search for them on the Internet to hire them for custom work, which in some cases does happen. This is a decision everyone has to make fo
  10. Until January 6, 2021 I had 61 downloads at shutterstock - including 3 SODs. In 2020, there were 62 downloads in those 6 days - and 0 SODs. The revenue in 2021 has decreased by 61.1% compared to 2020.
  11. Congrats, Chy! Considering the fact that the year started with holidays, more than 100 downloads in just over 4 days is a great performance! However, an RPD of 0.21 is frightening!
  12. Dave, perhaps you should think about your contributor name. If it is as you write, wouldn't a pseudonym like DADIllustrator, DAD Digital Artist or something along those lines make more sense? About your lines: I don't have a crystal ball. If I did, I might be rich. Or maybe unhappy. Or panicking all my life. Of course there are countless reasons why a image is bought. Of course, I have only picked out a tiny sample from the endless possibilities. Of course, that doesn't mean that your digital painting can't or won't find a buyer. I myself buy many microstock images in
  13. Well, that's not so difficult. Here at shutterstock, I've only gotten 30 downloads this year. I hope it was the holidays I can use as a reason. My RPD is $0.12. If I convert that to Euros and subtract 2% paypal fee on top, that's €0.094 for me as a middle-european Contributor. With Adobe, the lowest possible revenue for an image is €0.38 - four times that. The share of image sales for € 0.38 is also very small. So it is not a great difficulty to earn a hundredfold at AS. I assume it doesn't look that bad for videographers, but for stills providers it no longer makes se
  14. What I actually wanted to express: It doesn't necessarily matter that pictures are photographically/technically perfect. For landscape or travel photos, of course, that plays a big role. For other topics not necessarily. I have here a snapshot in which nothing is post-processed. The photo is not beautiful, aesthetically or technically perfect. But it has a content that is immediately recognizable. It tells a story. And it sells.
  15. Dave, the key question is: why should a buyer buy a picture - no matter if it is a photo, a traced photo, a painted picture or a vector graphic? What does the image say? What might it be needed for? Is the content - the subject - of the image clear and identifiable? Does it have a content-related statement? Does it tell a story? Is it aesthetic? Is it topical? Can I change it for other purposes? That is what microstock is all about. Personally, I don't think it's going to get you anywhere if you recreate an image just because the original photo is bad.
  16. Hello Dave, What I would like to know first of all is: Do you see more sales potential in such an image if it is digitally traced? Is this a doorknob? Why is it digitally traced? Are you not happy with the photo? Do you think the traced image is better? Or - to put it another way: does the digital tracing increase the commercial value? From my point of view, this is the most important question. One of the selectors at shutterstock may also be asking this question. If they don't find an answer, maybe that's why they reject it.
  17. Sorry, but I have to disagree. The free sites are definitely competitors. When I read our local newspaper, I see every day that half of the pictures now come from the free agencies. If these free agencies did not exist, the images would have to be bought from microstock agencies. And I'm sure the newspaper publishers would survive that. Here there are also many free magazines from the region. These are financed by ads. Most of the pictures in these magazines are now also from the free stock agencies. And they exist because they earn money - especially with advertising (even incl
  18. I looked it up, Steven. The 1st of January of a year has varied for me from one to 11 downloads since 2011. I have only had one download twice. In 2017 I got $0.38. Let's see what happens this year. So far it looks like the screenshot. However, the first of January is no indication of the impact of the new revenue structure.
  19. I just received my first sale of the year. It was one for 10 cents. And I can't distinguish these level 1 - 10 cents from the level 5 - 10 cents. They look identical. In the last weeks I had masses of 10 Cents subs.
  20. December was my second worst month ever. Only my first month, November 2010, was a touch worse - but I only had 120 images in my portfolio then. Versus December 2019 at shutterstock: + 4% downloads - 30% revenues Compared to December 2018 at shutterstock: + 15% downloads - 37.5% revenue Corona fails as an excuse because downloads are higher than in December of previous years. It is exclusively the new revenue structure. December 2020 RPD was minus 32% compared to my average RPD. Level 5.
  21. Hello Alex, I guess it's similar for me. I will have a closer look at my stats tomorrow. Come all well into the New Year and stay healthy - that's the most important thing!
  22. Nice to see you back here, Deb. Have a better New Year and stay healthy!
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