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  1. 2 hours ago, Svarun said:

    Horrible month here...sub here and there... considering size of my portfolio, this will probably be the worst month on SS since i started with microstock.
    On a brighter side, AS and DT doing pretty well last days.

    My numbers at AS are pretty constant.
    Nevertheless, I again have fallen by 10 places in the overall ranking last week. If I remember correctly, I have dropped 40 places in the last 2 to 3 months. 

  2. 55 minutes ago, Milleflore Images said:

    Hi Wilm! How are you?

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have GoPro cameras, with similar technology to the smartphone, which I use for driving pov videos, and sometimes I want to take one of the frames and upload as a photo. But it needs a heck of a lot of work to get them to stock quality. In the past, when SS was a lot more lenient, it wasn't so bad, but nowadays its almost impossible.

    Yes, I would say the OP's pics are smartphone ones. I just checked. They are not 3:2 or 16:9 like DSLR's, but instead 4:3 like these. 

    Hello, Annie,

    I'm fine. However, the year was marked by ups and downs. Corona did not leave me without a trace, even if it was only for my job and not for my health.

    I really hope that you are doing well too! Have you reached the 100,000 in the meantime? In my opinion, it can't be that far for you anymore. But that is completely secondary - as long as you are healthy!

    Many greetings to Down Under,


    P.S.: And of course I apologize to the OR for posting irrelevant contributions here.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Milleflore Images said:

    I agree with Sari and Ackab above. 

    For stock photos, you should never use noise reduction over the whole photo. Only use it selectively in areas such as backgrounds where noise is a problem. Or use the blur tool and softly go over the backgrounds only. Never over the main focus area.

    As for focus, the shot is either in focus or not. Unfortunately if its not in focus, you will have to reshoot. Don't use sharpening for stock photos. It doesn't fix the problem and only makes it look worse when viewed at 100%.

    Judging from the size ratios of your photos, if you haven't cropped them, it looks like you may be using a smartphone. And looking at Sari's 100% crop, this is a common problem with smartphone pics. 

    The problem with smartphones is that they are auto-adjusting for everything, and you, as the photographer,  don't have any control over the shot. One of the main problems is when there is insufficient light, and that's when you will get the most noise. If you still want to use a smartphone, then you will probably need to carry around with you some additional lighting sources, such as portable flash lights. 

    I absolutely agree.

    A few days ago I was out and about taking pictures. My son was there and took pictures with his latest generation smartphone. I asked him to send me his photos and I viewed them in Photoshop at original size.

    At first sight they were very good - amazing. At 100% magnification not at all. The photos looked in detail like a watercolor painting. Every detail was blurred.

  4. The first half of the month was miserable. In the meantime during the last days the situation has improved. Better than August. And it will certainly be much better than last November.
    Today has been a very good day for some time now - $100 so far - maybe something will be added till midnight.

    Fill up the pantries a little more before everything goes down the drain in January.

  5. On 11/17/2020 at 10:29 AM, Tawrat Ferdousi Branding said:

    Even After around 6 moth after new Level system it seems like a game.

    Well, if you can set limit on 25K download then why not 50K?

    And can anyone claim they gets more than 25K download a year?

    How many of them?

    The question remains.

    I think the last 2 levels are just taking up space on the Level System.


    The distance between level 5 and level 6 is in my opinion much too big.
    Level 2 to level 3: x 2,5 downloads
    Level 3 to level 4: x 2 downloads
    Level 4 to level 5: x 5 downloads
    Level 5 to level 6: x 10 downloads

    There will certainly be a lot of contributors that reach level 6. But most of them will be consortia of contributors . As a single contributor, this is hardly achievable from my personal point of view.

    Even if I add up all 7 agencies that I offer with, I would only manage half of the downloads required for Level 6 by the end of the year.
    A few years ago I was scratching at the five-digit download figures per year here at shutterstock - but that's in the past and won't come back.
    Besides, I'm pretty sure that I'll have problems reaching level 5 in a few years. On the one hand because I don't upload anything here anymore, on the other hand because the flood of new images will continue to increase.

    It has also become very difficult to generate bestsellers in recent times. That used to be easier.

    And that's also Reimar's problem from my perspective. He started here too late, otherwise his great portfolio would certainly generate a lot more downloads.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Former_Poster said:

    Realistically the only way model photography works on here is if you're doing a shoot normally as a day job and just get a release signed to upload here for no extra cost.

    I can't see it ever being profitable to pay a model for a shoot specifically for microstock.

    Im lucky in that my "models" are work colleagues and the images collected are part of the day job (so they get paid nothing!).

    So it is not only the contriubutors who have to suffer from the fact that the shareholders have to get more money, but also the models?

  7. 5 hours ago, Alexandre Rotenberg said:

    Their email goes into my spam folder where it belongs

    Today I had 21 downloads so far. These brought me $4.02. That makes a RPD of $0.19. Then I have to deduct the fee from paypal for the conversion from US$ to Euro. That leaves $0,18 per image. Which I also have to pay tax on.

    Does anybody seriously expect that you do model photography for the money and also fill out model releases?

    I feel like you, Alex: I don't look at these shot lists and I can't take them seriously.

  8. 13 hours ago, blvdone said:

    Had some higher price "Enhanced" and "Single & Other" photo sales this week.  November so far is 266 downloads and $322 sales.  RPD is over $1 now with only photo sales.  Not bad.  I hope this continues.

    Not bad! Congrats!

    I am close to 200 downloads here, which is still within limits. But the RPD remains miserable. So I'm still on the way to the worst month ever here at shutterstock.

    AS is far ahead, even if the month is also bad there so far.

  9. With Alexandre, the difference between shutterstock and AS is in my opinion very extreme. For me, it is the case that in one month shutterstock brings in more, in the other month it works better with AS - but both are close together.
    Secondly, I notice that his income at shutterstock fluctuates strongly and is declining sharply, while his figures at istock are relatively constant in comparison. This means that travel photos are not as affected at istock as they are at shutterstock.
    The Alamy figures are also interesting for me because I don't sell anything there. I had uploaded about 200 images to test if something works there. But this is not the case with me.

  10. 47 minutes ago, blvdone said:

    I have 5x more photos than you.  But it sure looks bad this month for many.  

    I've reached three digit downloads, but not 150. Just a few years ago I had between 200 and 300 downloads in average at this time of a month, but here at shutterstock this has halved over the years.

  11. 7 hours ago, blvdone said:

    150 downloads for $65.81.  It's horrible.  This is on a pace to become the worst photo sales month in many years and less than 1/3 of November 2019.  

    i have not yet reached the 150 downloads. November is my worst month ever here at shutterstock. However, my November 2019 here was also a catastrophe.

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-09 um 09.40.25.png

  12. Only peanuts here as well.


    November 2019 was already very bad at shutterstock. So far this November, things do not look any better.

    3 DLs more than at AS in the first five and a half days. But as far as the income is concerned, at the moment it is only 37% of what I got at AS. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Studio 2 said:

    Here I am 😊 Thank you Wilm. I was busy planning how I was going to spend the 13 cents I have earned so far this month. 🤔

    All the best everyone.

    Okay, Debbie,

    of course I have full understanding for that. In view of these unbelievable sums of money, the investment must of course be very thoroughly planned and thought through - no question about it!

  14. It seems a little strange to me. I don't know what's wrong with Debbie. It's usually in her hands!
    Debbie: Is everything okay with you? Or are you on holiday? :):P

    Anyway: November has started underground.

    Two days are over and my conclusion is: Miserable!

    I've got 16 stunning downloads for a whopping $2.72. This will probably go down in history as the worst start of the month.

  15. With me there were many months in which the income at AS was better than here.

    However, my October 2020 at AS is extremely bad. 48.2% less downloads and 25% less income than at shutterstock. This was my worst month at AS since July 2014.
    At shutterstock October will be a very average month.

    BTW: Meanwhile you can upload "illustrative" editorials at AS.

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