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  1. Are you a contributor there? Then you have to look under "Dashboard". Ranking options - this week - this month - this year - over all
  2. I just saw that I slipped down 10 places in the overall ranking again. March 3 — 1,740 March 31 — 1,750 April 19 — 1,760 03 May — 1,770 May 09 — 1,780 The intervals are getting shorter and shorter. A lot of contributors are passing me by.
  3. Firn, that just means that 1,760 contributors on Adobe Stock have more total downloads than I do. And last year it was just 1,600. Fictitious numbers: If I had added 1,000 downloads in this year period, these 1,760 contributors would have added more than 1,000 downloads. They simply performed better than I did, even though I was able to improve my numbers.
  4. Hello Firn, For me, it's the other way around. Since May 2020, I have dropped from position 1,600 to position 1,770 in the overall ranking. And this, although my download numbers have improved significantly compared to last year.
  5. Hello Annie, I can't really explain the increase in revenue with AS. I uploaded very little and probably just got lucky with the algorithm. In general, I have the advantage that I not only produce stock images, but also permanently buy stock images. In a few segments I know where there is a need. I see the niches where there is hardly any supply for me as a buyer. I've been very listless lately in terms of producing. I also had a certain "Covid fatigue". And I've had a lot of work. I don't want to make excuses for my laziness, but there was a lot to take care of on the side.
  6. This delicious wine is excellent value for money, Annie! Whereas the Cabernet Sauvignon from Rosemount Estate is also very tasty. They do that well in your home country. I have already checked 4 agencies. This is how it looks for my income in the period from January to April compared to 2020: • shutterstock –12.7% • AS +58% • 123rf –10.5% • DT + 22.9% Whereas the figures for DT are so bad for me by now that it's actually not even worth the effort to recalculate. Maybe that's also the reason why I thought things had decreased there. I should stop uploading there – it's not
  7. Hello Annie, of course I'm interested! When you hit 100,000, I will go to the shop around the corner, buy a bottle of Rosemount Estate Shiraz from Down Under and toast your success and good health in the evening! I promise! The statistics you showed are interesting. I'll compare my numbers on Monday as well. But I'm already sure that the opposite will come out for me regarding DT. I wish you a nice weekend, Wilm
  8. Okay, I have no idea why you don‘t geht paid. Since more than 10 years I never had any problems.
  9. Congrats, Former Poster! There seem to be great people living in Bristol! Unfortunately, none of them has stopped by my place yet. May has been a disaster for me so far. The downloads are only just below those of May 2020 and 2019. But so far only small stuff, in terms of revenue. A quarter compared to the competitor.
  10. Some of the images in this portfolio look familiar. We had already talked about some of these images over a year ago. The images all have a resolution of 2,500 x 1,600 px. That's the size that the "free" wallpaper sites provide the images in. Here is an image from the portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/sand-desert-dunes-dead-dry-tree-1763580224 Here is the same image in much higher resolution: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/valley-dead-trees-namib-desert-dedvley-451640893
  11. Some of your photos are really beautiful. The photography, so the craft, is not your problem. But, as Firn has already written: The keywords are crucial for every search engine, for every database and therefore also for Microstock – almost more important than the images themselves. If you upload a photo of the Teide on Tenerife, then the keywords must also include Tenerife, Canary Islands, Pico del Teide, Teide, volcano, landscape. An oleander is an important symbol in the north for the south, for Mediterranean landscapes. The word oleander must be in the keywords, especially if
  12. Thank you very much Steven! 🙂 Unfortunately, May has started miserably for me. But I have the advantage that I can actually only improve. Worsening is hardly possible! Have good sales and stay healthy, Wilm
  13. Congrats, Steven! You should start every morning with a download like this! 😄
  14. April 2021 was better than April 2020. All agencies added up, I had 100 downloads more – statistical noise. In terms of revenue, it's a 30% increase. Only for shutterstock it is a plus of 27,6%, for the competitor it is a plus of 76%, because there April 2020 was extremely bad. Compared to March 2021, however, I have a few hundred downloads less overall. And accordingly also significantly less revenue.
  15. So did I. It took some days, they made the last payout and all images were deleted.
  16. I guess there was no Financial backup for the credit card that was used by the buyer of your image.
  17. Your ambition and the time invested have definitely paid off, Annie!
  18. This is exactly what I had thought, too! 😀
  19. Before you upload isolated objects, you should check if the supposed white background is really white. Duplicate the layer and set under > Brightness/Contrast to minus 150, so you can immediately see if the image is clean. But I agree with Reimar: There is a problem with your monitor and/or your calibration.
  20. Wow, David, incredible. I never heard about a success like that. Congratulations!
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