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  1. Interim result April Just 5 hours more, then April is half over. So far this month, shutterstock is ahead. Several bigger SODs – the highest of them for $77 – and Enhanced downloads were there. In this respect, April is currently much better than the comparable period last year. At the competitor, I also had some higher special revenues, so that after half of the month I have already earned more than in the entire month of April 2020 (which was admittedly by far my worst month there ever).
  2. Hello Kate, I wish you all the best for your future! Have success with your small startup. An thank you for support in the forum.
  3. As of today, I can say that April 2021 at shutterstock actually turned out slightly better than the same period last year. I am a little surprised myself. But I must also say that April 2020 was not so good.
  4. This is a great example of how anything can sell. But this image has nothing in common with 95% of the flower images in the database. I can crop this image in a few minutes and use it for many purposes. This is microstock. And yet, the image would probably only get a 7/10 rating from the artificial intelligence because the artificial intelligence doesn't understand what's in the image and what I can use it for. If you - the OP - want to improve, you have to keep such examples in mind, compare them with your own images, understand the differences. If you internalize that, you have cha
  5. I would like to make one more addition. I could write a whole lot about this. But I realize at this point once again how difficult it is to pass on information sensibly when you can't write it in your native language and many technical terms are simply missing or they are difficult to translate. Sorry for that!
  6. Steve, this LZW compression means that similar pixels - e.g. white pixels - are compressed as if they were only one pixel. If you open this image again there will be no losses in quality. Attached you can see the German flag in 6000 x 6000 px. The jpg file in maximum quality (12) takes 2.4 MB of storage place, the LZW compressed tiff file needs only 0,43 MB. The difference is so extreme because the image is so simple. For more complex images – for example a landscape shot with many different color elements and textures – the jpg image will therefore take up less space on the hard disk th
  7. You will see that there is a big storage difference if you use LZW (this compression doesn't lead to loss in quality), Awana.
  8. You're welcome, Rudy and Steve. BTW – even if that has nothing to do with good rules: When I work with layers in photoshop and I wan't to save those layered images (as Pete says as "working file"), I always save them as tiff file with LZW compression. The layers remain but the file size is much smaller than a psd file. Since I have many many files with a size of more than 1 GB (when opened in photoshop) it helps me to reduce my storage capacity.
  9. You are way ahead, Annie. I have just compared our stats. In those 11 days I only made 34,5% of your (photo) income. My best years were 2015 and 2016. In 2017 I already had 37% less downloads than in the previous years. Things got really bad in November 2017, when the sharpest drop was felt. I'll just let this expire at shutterstock. And am generally unmotivated for microstock. I upload almost nothing anymore. But that's also because I hardly ever get around to it. Too much work right now. Anyway, stay well, Annie! And keep on being successful – no matter where your journey
  10. I would like to add the noise filter, Rudy. If too much saturation or dynamic is added to an 8 bit image, it can lead to bad gradients (for example blue gradients in the sky) that are no longer clean, but get edges. If you convert the image to 16 bit, change dynamic or saturation and then add about 2% / max 3% noise after adding saturation or dynamics and then convert back to an 8 bit image, the gradients will look perfect in most cases. By the way, this also applies to the users of the images if they need them in CMYK mode. Because often the purchased RGB images look perfect, after
  11. Hi Istvan, of course I could not hold the RPD of $ 1. That was a one day thing.
  12. As for the rest of this discussion, I look forward with anticipation to the 2020 Annual Report. I hope that it will provide some insight. Whether the numbers have actually improved or deteriorated because of the revenue structure, we all have no way of knowing. Because there are too many factors at work here that we don't know. All large companies are making the biggest savings in the personnel area. Job cuts always have a positive impact on the balance sheet. And this is more noticeable than, for example, selling the product more expensively or making savings in purchasing. The arti
  13. Annie, even in the golden old days I had just a third of your downloads on the best days. Therefore, this is and remains impressive for me!
  14. $89 – so you are ahead. And only $96 at the competitor. But it is exactly as you write: Due to the Easter holidays, of course, less downloads came in.
  15. Thank you very much, Steven. Have success and stay healthy!!!
  16. Hello Rudra, congratulations from me too for such a large amount of beautiful images! Cheers, Wilm
  17. Thanks for sharing this information, Doug.
  18. I haven't had that with shutterstock yet. But with other agencies. It was almost always the case that payment was made with an unsecured credit card. The annoyance that always remained was not that money was charged back from the contributors, but that these buyers could probably still use the images, even though they had not paid. Because the images had already been downloaded before the scam was discovered.
  19. Oh, Deb, you might be right...just a joke. Enjoy your Easter days, Deb.
  20. Thanks a lot, Monika! All the best for you!
  21. 7 ODs on April 1. Those ensured that RPD was $1 yesterday – well above my current average. It would be nice if that would continue for the rest of the month!
  22. I had my worst RPD since 2010 in January 2021. February was a touch better. March RPD was 27.5% better than January and 22.5% better than February. Actually, due to the new revenue structure, January should have been the worst month for you as well. And since then, it should actually have gone uphill for you. Why now March brings you such a bad RPD is difficult for me to understand.
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