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  1. Such revenues are (meanwhile maybe were) also possible without offering exclusively at istock. In February 2018, there was a post here in the forum about one single image, which - only here at shutterstock - had reached $20,000.
  2. This is correct. The use of microstock vectors for logos is not allowed. What is the reason for this? Quite simply. If someone gets the idea to build a corporate brand based on microstock vectors, he cannot have the brand protected. It could lead to a dispute if two estate agents use the same logo. On the other hand it is so that nevertheless endlessly many enterprise logos are based on microstock vectors. If a pizzeria in Rio has the same logo as a pizzeria in Naples, there will be no dispute. Both pizzerias have only regional or local coverage. It becomes difficult when two pizzerias in the near neigbourhood use the same logo. The potential use of such vector graphics goes far beyond the use as a company logo. Wine labels, coffee mugs, T-shirts, packaging, stickers, wall tattoos... A huge field. So there is also corresponding sales potential. Altafs vectors are okay. But the competition is huge - that seems to be the bigger problem. If I search for "real estate logo", I get over 340.000 results. So the image material of Altaf has to be found first. If I search for "dog logo", I get more than 130.000 hits. And right at the beginning I get a logo that looks very much like the "pet care" logo of Altaf. The images should be unique to have a chance to sell them.
  3. Thank you very much, Steven, Milo and Chy! Steven, that's right - the initial situation has deteriorated. Before I started with microstock, the circle of contributors was small and almost elitist. One contributor who exceeded the millions of downloads at AS alone once wrote that the RPD for images was a good $8 at that time. Unbelievable. At AS we get a ranking. I was once at position 1.030 in the overall ranking. In the meantime I have fallen back to position 1.660. The number of contributors has increased exorbitantly and many of them were much more diligent than me. The market is hotly contested. And that explains why certain images brought so many downloads back then - there was little competition. Today, of course, things look completely different. This image sold only 206 times at AS btw. At other agencies there are much more downloads, but much less than here. I have other images that sell about equally well at all agencies. I think that this image simply got a very good start ranking at shutterstock but not at AS. Otherwise I cannot explain the different performance. Milo, You are right - the translation is miserable. They could have simply translated it as personal "bestseller", which is a common term in Germany, too.
  4. Thanks a lot, Reimar! As you can see, I have uploaded the image 2012. Back then, things were very different here than they are today. And those of the contributors who were here much earlier than me know such breathtaking numbers as 30000 downloads - for a single image. Anyway: The photo is one of the best paid images I have ever taken. It did not cost me 3 minutes. Add to that the keywording and the upload. Nevertheless: converted the hourly wage is gigantic! I just had some lucky hits like that one and I am very happy about it. It would be nice if that were still possible today, but those days are simply over.
  5. I can now also report a Schnapszahl. I just got the 6666th download for my bestseller.
  6. Ah, okay, there seems to be a problem in general. I just saw this:
  7. Hello Reimar, you weren't just productive. As far as I remember, you always expanded your portfolio at a high level. I definitely have respect for that! Now I just wanted to have a look at what you have recently photographed, but I get an error message when I click on "my image portfolio" below your name. Something is not right there.
  8. October at shutterstock is moderate in my view. But at least I can say that on the 19th of the month I have already reached the income I had throughout the whole August.
  9. Wow! You are hard-working - no question! For me this is an unbelievably large amount of pictures, Reimar. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this will be reflected in your income.
  10. Hi, I entered the link and was forwarded to shutterstock. There I was able to put the video into the shopping cart, but I couldn't buy it. I received this message when I wanted to pay - see screenshot on the top left: "The file is no longer available. Please remove the file from your shopping cart and try again." I hope this information helps you all.
  11. This is indeed a proud and impressive sum! Congratulations, Aaron! But it is certainly deserved, because you are very active and invest a lot of time. It's nice to hear that this investment is obviously being rewarded. If I would post a screenshot here, you would start laughing. So I don't. All I can say is that, even in my best days here, I couldn't get it done in one month. I've scraped the four-figure mark by a hair's breadth several times, but never exceeded it. My best days were those with 60 downloads. But that was a few years ago. Currently I can't even manage 1361 downloads per month if I add up the 7 agencies where I offer. I am a good 10% below that.
  12. Jose, it certainly depends on where you are living. The average of $1500 and $3500 is $2.500. Which is 2.135 Euro right now. And this is not your income because you have to keep your expenses for all this traveling, equipment, hotels etc. in mind. In Germany the average income is 3.600 Euro ($4.215). In Switzerland it is 6.350 Euro ($ 7435). In Greece it is 1.500 Euro and in India 160 Euro. With your income you'd be rich in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you'd be upper middle class in Russia and per definition (less than 60% of the average income) you'd be poor in Germany. In the case of krakenimages you can say that you can live on it in Spain. In your case it can be said that it can be lived in Cyprus. Ultimately, each contributor has to assess his income in relation to his cost of living. So you cannot answer the question with yes or no.
  13. I think that plurality is of immense importance. Companies like youtube or google pose a very great danger. If companies can become monopolists unchecked, it will have many negative consequences for each and every one of us. These monopolists define prices for buyers and income for providers according to their own taste. That cannot be in our interest.
  14. RPD here is currently $0.97. But appearances are deceiving. A single large SOD distorts the picture. Without it, the month would still suck. I had written that October was always one of my best months. That is true in general. But at shutterstock, October last year was really lousy. This year it will definitely be better than last year. And that would also be the case if the big SOD hadn't been bought.
  15. In my opinion/definition the Jeep "Willys" is a car.
  16. No, Alex, it is certainly not discouraging. But you still have to do the math. 60 models per month in the studio also cost money. Rent, equipment, storage media - you have to calculate all that. Taxes also have to be paid, health insurance, pension insurance. My estimate is approx. $40,000, and a few people have to be fed on that. So you can live on microstock. But that is certainly not a highlight, as it was in Yuri's time.
  17. Yesterday i had talked to a contributor who had deactivated and reactivated, but without uploading new images. The question, if you want to do without - as in this case - $800 per month, can only be decided by yourself.
  18. Many thanks, Awana! Now I am reassured. I thought I would never be able to do this, but now the prospects are much better of course! A piece of cake! 😁
  19. Oh, Steven, then this is easy! It took me only about 10 years for 1250 pictures. So according to my calculation I only need another 7985 years and that's it. 😎 Thank you for your motivating words!
  20. Sue, the matter is quite simple. You either filmed the sky from a private property and therefore the property release is missing, or you forgot to ask God if you are allowed to film his design of this cloud formation. So you need a Property Release in this case as well. 😎
  21. Yes, I know some people who make their living with microstock. It is then a full-time job. And it does not necessarily have to be a team - it is also possible to do it alone. The definition of whether one can live well from it can only be answered subjectively. From my point of view, the people I know certainly live quite well from it.
  22. Received my money three days ago. You have a very nice portfolio!
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