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  1. Hi Lorenza, attached two samples for you. Most of your images seem to have no rating.
  2. No, Steven, it's not like that. Why some images get this rating and others don't, I can't explain either. But what I can assure: I have some very old images that have been assessed by the AI. They have not been sold for ages. That can have nothing to do with recent downloads or views from my point of view.
  3. Okay folks, I know what this is for now! It's shutterstock's newest weapon against copycats! It's supposed to mislead the copycats because they now go by the ratings of the images. 😎 I just checked this out of interest for the images with more than 400 downloads. - 22 of them got no rating at all. - None has 10/10. I am depressed now! 😊 - 2 have 9/10. oh wow! At least two decent ratings. 🙂 - 2 have 6/10 (one with 800 and one with just under 700 downloads). ðŸĪŠ - And the rest have 7/10 and 8/10. I guess that everything below 6/10 doesn't get a rating at all, because
  4. This is indeed funny, because it proves once again how much the AI is off! It gives me good estimates for images that don't sell at all or maybe only a few times, mediocre or no estimate at all for images with hundreds or thousands of downloads. When the same AI is used to review images, nothing surprises me anymore. What a brilliant AI! ðŸĪŠ
  5. Okay, I tried once more by choosing english language - now it appeared.
  6. Hello Pavel, I still can't see this. This is what I am shown:
  7. At the one agency he's talking about, his monthly income dropped from $3,500 (2013) to $411 (2021). That's really incredible. I thought my losses were high, but in comparison, this is extreme!
  8. That's very interesting, Pavel. I've tried several images now, but don't get that displayed anywhere. Maybe this is again only visible in a trial/beta version and not available in all countries.
  9. March 01-05, 2021 vs. March 01-05, 2020 Downloads minus 22,5% Income minus 28%
  10. 61 downloads here right now. 59 downloads there (competitor). Income here compared to there: 31%. The desaster of February seems to continue.
  11. So your wife is my only chance to overtake you in a piddly 385 years. Can I have her address?
  12. Still impressing stats, Murat. Congrats once more. Well deserved! So far this March I've reached a piddly 10% of that.
  13. Yes, it's exactly that simple, Steven. I extrapolated my pace and found that if I continue to upload as much as I have done so far per year in average, I will also have 45,000 images in a ridiculous 385 years at the latest. And then Murat will have to get ready, because then I will attack and show him the rear lights. 😎 However, he would have to stop uploading new pictures, because otherwise I'll never make it!
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