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  1. As far as I have read here it depends on the browser if you can see those asset data or not, Chy. I use Safari and Opera and can't see this data.
  2. Thank you for the information, Terry. Why do you want to close your forum account? It was always interesting to discuss with you – even if we have different opinions sometimes.
  3. Why would anyone snitch on that? As far as I know, those who have obviously done this in the past are no longer on the forum. But I have a question about your book: is there a chapter with detailed information about your wirestock experiences? If so, I would like to buy the book. Do you also ship to Germany? Or is the book only available digitally?
  4. I can't see the asset data. Nothing is displayed there. Basically, this is a good medium for buyers to search for images that have not already been used by thousands. However, I read here in the forum that the asset data is not correct. Then I don't know what the point is. It would be easy to do it the same way as the competitor. There, there is the filter "Undiscovered" in the search. And it works.
  5. Hmmm... It may be that these Micro-cents are reality at IS. However, my RPD there is not one bit worse than at SS. Even though I keep hearing that other contributors seem to have different experiences there. Maybe I misunderstood your post, but it sounds to me like you are promoting offering on free sites rather than IS. I myself will not praise IS, because there is no reason for that at all. But the four-digit annual revenue there is still preferable to me than four-digit likes. And if they don't offer there for likes, then for what? Then why do they even bother uploading? It's a
  6. That's what I mean, Whiteaster. "Conversations". That means nothing other than saving on staff. You simply create a sub-forum for each product in which the users answer the questions of other users. That reduces the costs to an absolute minimum. And in fact, when you look at the FAQs at Adobe, the first thing you get is a link to the forums. The ones for support are well hidden. And that's why I think they introduced this great "reward model" where you get badges and rankings for participating in the forum. If you don't want to spend money, then give out medals. There are enough
  7. For me it was the best day this month so far with more than $80. And there are still four hours to go.
  8. Hmmm... it must be an affiliate partner of another stock agency. I found my images there. But I never uploaded anything there.
  9. Whiteaster, I am so proud to show you those glorious badges! ðŸĪŠ Obviously my ranking ist "Participant". Great! However, I received no epaulettes, no crown and no money for it. 😚 The greatest badge is "Correct answer" 2 hours ago. Because I didn't write or answer anything at all. Another interesting one is "First Post" on October 05, 2020. How the hell was I able to get badges before that date? You can find this very important information under https://community.adobe.com > upper right corner > there is an icon (in my case it's a soccer ball that I never chose) &
  10. In half a day one third of the month is over. Downloads are very low compared to last year. But income here at shutterstock is already almost half of complete May 2020 - so that's okay. But it will become very difficult to reach last year's income at the competitor.
  11. Congratulations on this valuable promotion, Whiteaster. It will really bring you forward. ðŸĪŠ I can only tell you this much: on October 5, 2020 I received 4 e-mails from them. They showered me with badges: - Handy Helpers badge - First reply badge - Conversationalist badge - First post badge The last time I was on the forum there was over 3 years ago though. After you posted this, I checked out these badges on Adobe's website. And a few seconds later I just got a new e-mail: I am now also very proud of my new "You earned the first correct answer badge". What an achievement! I
  12. Thanks for this information, Firn. I didn't know that.
  13. Here you can get some information, Annie: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/contributor/help/contributor-faq-for-cct-cce-pro-edition-.html
  14. Are you a contributor there? Then you have to look under "Dashboard". Ranking options - this week - this month - this year - over all
  15. I just saw that I slipped down 10 places in the overall ranking again. March 3 — 1,740 March 31 — 1,750 April 19 — 1,760 03 May — 1,770 May 09 — 1,780 The intervals are getting shorter and shorter. A lot of contributors are passing me by.
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