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  1. My best day at shutterstock this month was $105. My best day ever at shutterstock was only half as good as your best day this month. This year I had two days where I earned $0. But the weekends still are always much worse than the weekdays for me. Not only here, but at all agencies. This has not changed for me in all these years. As far as the ups and downs are concerned, I totally agree with you. That surprises me again and again. As far as the beginning of the year or the first half of the year is concerned, I am curious myself. I will probably have reached my former level (before the n
  2. I would have expected that your RPD would also decrease due to the new revenue structure. Which obviously is not the case.
  3. But you - once more - have already left the $30.000 behind you. Which I would regard as very successful.
  4. You're right, of course, Milo. That would only be of any use if a huge number of contributors were to participate. But that won't happen. Because countless contributors are desperately depending on the money in the corona crisis. And shutterstock knows that too.
  5. Today was a miserable day regarding the downloads. But the RPD is over 2. When I think about January, the RPD doesn't matter. From the beginning of the new year on it's all about the pure amount to complete the levels as fast as possible. It doesn't even matter if you only get $6.70 for 67 downloads - as you can read elsewhere in the forum. Then even that would be okay. I don't know yet if I will deactivate at the end of December. I have to think about it.
  6. A few years ago, I had on average one and a half times as many downloads per month as the number of images in my portfolio, if I add up the 7 agencies I work for. The scale has changed. Today a month is good, if I manage the ratio 1:1, that means as many downloads as images in the portfolio. So November 2020 is below the average, because unfortunately I reached the 4-digit downloads only yesterday. But there is also good news. Compared to November 2019, I have already achieved 21.5% more income at shutterstock (and also more than in November 2018). And at AS it is 10% more. Desp
  7. My numbers at AS are pretty constant. Nevertheless, I again have fallen by 10 places in the overall ranking last week. If I remember correctly, I have dropped 40 places in the last 2 to 3 months.
  8. The statistics page is broken. But the page on which the downloads are displayed still works.
  9. It seems a little strange to me. I don't know what's wrong with Debbie. It's usually in her hands! Debbie: Is everything okay with you? Or are you on holiday? Anyway: November has started underground. Two days are over and my conclusion is: Miserable! I've got 16 stunning downloads for a whopping $2.72. This will probably go down in history as the worst start of the month.
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