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  1. My highest today was 0.13. i also had few 0.10. This is beyond sad. My biggest comfort is that i didn't upload for quite some time here and looks like i wont do it in the future also. When i started, I loved shutterstock for map and i appreciated their professionalism; they never messed up payouts (like some other companies), contributors share was 'clear' (in a way u knew ur minimum) and contributors were motivated with tier leveling. Sadly, ss is on hold for me now, Adobe is on top as my earnings there are mostly 0.69 and 0.99 per sale.
  2. well, i miss thumbnails of sales on the map. Now the map can be kicked out completely ☹️ cos info is on the right. And yes, that map was significant for Shutterstock, now same thing as everywhere else. the rest is ok
  3. oh nononononono u are 'improving' smt again and thumbnails on the MAP ARE MISSING!!!!
  4. woow, i would never think of that. great advice. thank you so much!!!
  5. So, i tried to upload few of pictures i've taken, but processed heavily in photoshop to look more like paintings. I submitted them as illustrations, cos they wouldnt pass as photos. they are all rejected for the reason of missing Artwork property releases (An artwork property release is required for this submission but was not provided. Content containing works of art, such as paintings and drawings, require a property release from the artist of the work.). Since only 'artist' here is me personally, i understand i should fill out property release and put my own name as photographer and property owner. My question is, should i also include somehow .raw files or unedited .jpg files?? Is it good enough to convert raw to jpg and stick it to property release or i should provide smt else, and what?? oh, an edit: if .raw file is mandatory, how exactly i submit that??
  6. I manage to upload but then im getting this: Photo error You recently uploaded IMG_5122.jpg which could not be read by our image processor. Please contact support for help addressing this issue.
  7. I tried to upload few images now, but i keep getting this : "There was a problem with some of your content. Click here for details". When i go to details i get this pop-up: "You recently uploaded IMG_2170.jpg which could not be read by our image processor. Please contact support for help addressing this issue." I tried few times, i also tried to upload one by one and i tried to upload old, already accepted images, whatever i do, result is the same. Anyone else or just me?
  8. im struggling to understand, how exactly, click on keyword suggestion tool-select words-copy them (even tho 'stop' sign appears)-go back to another tab with submissions-paste keywords manually-scroll down and try very hard to check what u've got, is improvement comparing to suggest keywords-select-one click and voila miraculously they are there, in 1 or 2 rows-finish. Why and how anyone there came to conclusion this new system in better, faster and easier?? and worst is, i dont upload much, i can only imagine ppl with tens and hundreds of upload....This is absolutely worst decision and improvement done so far....
  9. I can't attach model release. I click attach and instead of attaching model release to image, it just select another release, as attach button is somehow laying model release list. EDIT: i managed to do it. I had to decrease size of the text to 80%. It was on 100% till now, regular size. I look forward to do this every time when i upload; new submission process is like a little puzzle one has to figure out...supercute...
  10. with all due respect, but this is simply ridiculous. you had something working, then you broke it, and now you are happy to announce you may fix it (or return it more less as it was) in the coming months??? BUT you had it in previous version!!! And another thing-why in the world all these beautiful implementations and modern design, you didn't leave for the front door-buyers, and left submissions as it was??? In one single 'improvement' you guys went from 'the best submission' to one step before worst (and i'm knocking on wood, i hope no one will get great idea to start with check-individual-words-and-make-sure-they-are-in-dictionary). If one needs manual for submitting, then for sure it is not improvement. Btw, attach button for model release still doesn't work...
  11. unfortunately, there is no like button, so consider u got 300 likes from me for that question...
  12. oh no no no. i didnt submit for some time and now i tried to do it, and oh, guys, why u were fixing something that isn't broken?? Suggest keywords is not importing now keywords directly, or even if it does, i dont know how to do it. Attach model release is impossible cos button simply doesn't work-instead of attaching it, in my case, it simplycheck another model release cos button is overlaying list of model releases. It was fine how it was! simple, clear, easy to use and more visible. Why every 'improvment' has to be a step backward???
  13. thank u guys!! I thought it is ok, but i wasn't sure if it is violation of smt, (to upload on one account from different countries in this case}
  14. I need some quick help - I think that i read some limitations regarding IP address and account somewhere and right now i cant find it. So, my question is: may i upload new images from new ip, as i am different country now, travelling??
  15. Try few times, u will manage. The other thing, more important than amazon gift card that i won't get and won't use is - there is a question about payment method. One of offered answers is Payoneer, so since many of us can not use Skrill anymore, i suggest to go and take survey. Maybe, if percentage is high or something, they will finally take it into consideration.
  16. Same here! Not working, so fix it to 150 per day, please!!!
  17. and, just of curiosity-what is the biggest (estimated) life span of stock photo? when the same pic saturates the market so much that buyers will rather take some other image than (very) popular one? 1000 times? 10.000? 300.000?? not that i have to worry about that , just curious.....
  18. I don't know if someone already asked this question ( in that case, sorry) but i have to ask, since i can't find answer on my own: how one can see total downloads number for each picture?? asc/desc/whatever order?? I mean, apart of obvious solution to browse pages manually and memorize numbers...
  19. Oh God. Its simply fun. Funnier than looking at plane data, at least for me. But i dont count, im newbie with small port And, i would say you don't have to worry - they already managed to screw it up with making it smaller, pushing it down and directing all thumbnails toward center (its basically 10pics soup now), so its probably just a question of time when they will kill it completely....
  20. ok, i like it, even tho im used to old one, but still one complain - pending approval/not yet submitted/recent rejections are missing thumbnails. Also, something happened with map, it is less clear and transparent with all last 10 downloads and, some IPs are different. for instance, i have someone from same ip downloading regulary from me, now, their downloads are spread all over the map (which essentially doesnt make difference in earnings, but still its nice to know when same buyer is downloading pics). Also, it would be nice to make font smaller and to bring map on the top of the page like it used to be. Map is to messy right now, and it should be on the top of the page
  21. oh i got it just now, and, huuuuh i dont like it....roll it back!!! and please, (and i already see it coming as next 'improvement'), fplease, keeeeeeep the map
  22. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/little-girl-eating-ice-cream-against-560655925 and here is -10C.....
  23. I have one batch of 4 pics approved, they all appear in my port but when i open any of those 4, it says that image is pending approval or doesnt exist. Approved like 36hrs ago... anyone else with same problem?
  24. I don't think, at the end, it is important to them if you sold a file or i did, important is to sell, so i dont expect it to be solved at all, especially considering some 'big' contributors doing it....
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