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  1. Hy there, I noticed that Shutterstock just launched new model release form with new data and structure. I want to know if I have to transcribe the old ones to meet the new requirements or it's good to leave the old ones as they are? I am still selling people images with old ones written so this is why I am asking because i didn't received any email from Shutterstock and i couldn't find anything regarding this action on their blog nor here on the forum. Thanks in advance
  2. Hand typing on keyboard with shield icon. Hacking security concept illustration
  3. I'm curious if there is someone shooting and uploading raw footage files with Canon 550D and it's also satisfied with income. If you would like to say what is your monthly RPF (Return Per Footage) taking in consideration the last 6 months, that would help, not just me, alot. Thanks in advance, Rolly
  4. Nope. I got thousands of images and i can't say that i have great earnings taking in consideration that i'm living in a country where $400/month it's a decent living. I have more like... a mediocre kind of earnings
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