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  1. 15 minutes ago, Donna Boucher said:

    I found this picture on the internet.  I have some pictures of my pets that I would love to do this for.  

    What photoshop effect do you use to create colour over the fur like it is in the picture?

    Also, would you upload the final product as an illustration or a photo?

    Thank you




    This picture does not look like photo image, should be illustration. It shows ....background removed, black and white conversion, paint over it with colors then smudge tool to create hair .....as a vectorist, you should know better. Now plenty of useful tutorial at youtube not so lucky as ten years ago to create photographic digital arts. 




  2. On 9/17/2018 at 7:39 PM, Qi Yuan said:

    I've been in shutterstock since 2016, still struggling to make a few sales on pictures and only sold 1 video (yeah my video portfolio sucks? i know i need serious improvement... totally unexpected video sale as it was just a footage of trees without any movement - NOTHING in the scene moves , im not even sure why i choosed to upload those static scenes few years back lol) need some tips on how to improve on my photos and videos as well

    Here just to say your Melaka Museum shots are quite nice. I do see SS did gave you some privilege and advantages on your photos. Laurin is a experienced photography teacher and listen to Gary advises, you won't go wrong.   

  3. 6 hours ago, paula french said:

    I had a very good one too - about the same as an EL - it swings in roundabouts - I've also had more than a few for 0.36 cents. 

    Yeah, agree swings in roundabouts. I do have 0.25 SOD too but this month.. one SOD for $64

  4. - update 1 - 

    In my opinion:

    A. Leaf - a simple cutting 

    B. Background -  cutting and blending


    A sample created with Photoshop Transform tool from 6 selection > Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. 


    Here a sample created only with Warp tool (puppet ward later) + above. What it can do to a bubble, check this link


  5. Good day everyone! I’m giving a simple SOOC image for a new game. This image consists of 2 easy subjects, no property release issue. It is easier to cut, clone, texture or whatever your creativity excels with or without composite of your own image.

    Should be an ideal image for everyone to sharpen your digital art skill or advance skillful members to show your expertise. Up to you for safe keeping or submit commercially if you want to (no credit required). But...........

    Please share best creation for the contest here and participate to help fellow members.

    Closing date: One week. I hope everyone giving your part and participate to give some life to the forum. More info will be update at 'Reserved column' 


    Note: Full metadata download at https://flic.kr/p/FPjAdX


  6. 1 hour ago, Laurin Rinder said:

    absolute worst incompetent Review staff ever ..,,,Probably again the upload system and getting worse which is saying something.


    I do agree with you. 17 uploads - 13 rejected, 11 uploads - 10 rejected, 9 uploads all 9 rejected. And expected another 18 soon :D

    Thank you very much SS for waking me up my other dormant site now willing to accept the same 36 files + 10 new with 44 approved, 2 revision (with reviewer notes which part to clone) and 0 rejection. At least that give me some motivation from my 2018 spending of thousands on 2 new bodies, tons of accessories for camera and studio.    

  7. 29 minutes ago, Pamela Walsh said:

    It does. It seems my kit lens has died now , so it's the zoom and my 60mm macro. :(  love the macro lens, but it has limits... like you have to be 5 feet away to take a pic of something less than 2 feet if you want to have it along the short side. ...


    The santa hat pic is now the wallpaper on my computer :)@Alexlky

    Your picture are really good, no such thing 'hopelessly lost' if you could take picture with such good colors and exposure. Thanks, yeah Santa Hat how could I missed it :) 

  8. Summarizing from all helpful members sharing their gadgets, if I am not wrong

    Portable 2.5” HDD = 8 users incl. me

    NAS Storage = 4 users

    I think Steve using Workstation, HodagMedia using IBM. Workstation = 3 incl. me

    Docking Station = 2 users

    My conclusion Portable HDD the winner (What to expect selling 0.33 cents per pop unless SS could give a raise)

    For those with portable, armored casing HDD (Mil-Standard certified) is a very good suggestion from Rudy, still worth it with just a little bit extra of price.  My hp too, in Spigen MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified armored casing. It’s proven, fully tested! haha

    Laurin is not included in above summary. He has 4 PC on his working desk, 6 monitor viewing 180 degree panoramic framing, lol. No offend, my friend.  


    Still confuse???


  9. 4 hours ago, mandritoiu said:

    This why I recommended to go for Enterprise Grade HDDs.

    It's not about how well an HDD can resist to shocks, bombs and blasts, but rather what is their MTBF (mean time between failures) in a peaceful environment, like a home or an office ;)

    Hitachi HSGT was claim to be the top HDD with lowest failure rates at the moment but review rank Seagate to be the No.2 (a brand i avoided at all cost). HSGT technologies is owned by Western Digital. Similar to WD, Hitachi HDD do have many grades, price and specification as confuse as Mil-Spec :D. Some Enterprise Grade is not HSGT. For my coming HDD upgrade, I will not hesitate to try it.

    The advantage as what claim is that HSGT HDD was internally filled with Helium. So, its lift up the engine weight by 30%;), run fastest and heart kidney last longer. Mine old HDDs are running so hot, was thinking to fill it with nitrogen, maybe last few more year before HSGT should be cheaper by then :rolleyes:.      

  10. 4 hours ago, HodagMedia said:

    All true except some Mil-Specs are BS (and I don't mean British Standards) Lets say hypothetically a specific grade of Loctite is approved for a bolt on something. The manufacturer or different companies making the same part or product for the government have to use that specified product, not an equivalent. Just like lobbyists some companies get their products written into Mil-Specs which means standardized parts, components and predictable quality in the end.

    In most ways, a Mil-Spec assures component quality, in other ways it can limit competition. Something as minor as a color, can mean a product doesn't meet the Mil-Specs.

    Back to our hard drives meeting Mil-Specs, it means they have a predicted life in durability and hours and who knows what else, might be the case cover has to be a specific formulation of stainless steel or the screws are a particular hardness Rockwell, what head dimension, or a grade. In general it means some government engineer reviewed all the specs for the drive (or wrote them!) and documented what they had to be, meet, or exceed, before a hard drive can be labeled with meeting that Spec. number.

    Mil-Specs is not BS maybe the marketing was. Here Mil-Std 300gb HDD :D



    So far I only found this item  Silicon Power 2TB Type C External Hard Drive

    If component quality was in doubt, this one possessed MIL-STD- 810F. Could ask them to send copy of certified Certificate, I am sure they have it. It is a beautiful design and I think the sales Engineer graduates from Harvard University. Anyway, it does not ship to my country and I don't worry much MIL-STD- 810F is for external casing or hard drive :P, maybe I am wrong. No pun intended.

    You must be very experience with Loctite. It’s good? For industrial application, we don’t use it. Do you have any idea about Devcon International from ITW Polymers Adhesives, North America? Their product was quite good especially ceramic coating and putty. I heard they worked for military in specialize adhesive for a long time and involve with NASA space shuttle too, it is true?


  11. 23 minutes ago, albingraph said:

    I think it depends on the content that why the hackers would break. I think you don't have any state secrets, but who knows. :lol: I use for the example the ADATA HD710 Dash Drive Military-Spec External Hard Drive (I saw on the page which you have linked). I have to tell you I am pleased, but with all the content on this external drive I wouldn't know why is it military. Sorry, I'm not experimenting and I don't accept the denominations like this. "Military"... wow, what do I have to feel? I am powerfull, strong, unconquerable? Maximum I am a jester race who believe in the principles of manufacturers. :rolleyes:

    I lost all my data for two times specifically thank to these drives. Eight years works! I use external drives even now, but I use the cloud storage too.

    Here's guide to help to explain what is regulatory standardize certification worldwide. Paul the crackerjack should be an expert in this field.

    ASTM stand for American Society for Testing and Materials. British standard short for BS. JIS is Japanese Industrial Standards. The oil you pour into your car first word SAE stand for Society of Automotive Engineers. The grease for your car wheel bearing carries specification NLGI stand for National Lubricating Grease Institute. These are all governising bodies to define the quality or else grease might be sold as butter. 

    Military-Spec fall under the standardization MIL-STD-961. Military specs and military standard (MIL-STD-962) are two difference standard of manufacturing you don't get confuse yourself. Military-Spec means a consumer product modified for military used. They are the same thing just with additional protection. Hope this may help.  

  12. On 3/8/2018 at 11:21 PM, Rudy Umans said:


    Very Nice Alex.

    Would you like me to talk to your wife about not allowing plants?

    I found my lotus. It is not completely open, but they don't grow in my backyard, so I had to work with what I got. For good measure I included another Vanda and a Bird of Paradise (that do grow in my backyard)


    Bird of Paradise 7744rz.jpg

    Lotus flowerRZ.jpg

    Thank you, my dear friend. You know a lot of flowers. If you do fly to Indonesia, take a week or two drop at my place. Bring along your wife, women trust women more at least she could convince my wife, men love flower do no harm LOL.  "Bird of Paradise" wow! This is a tropical plants grows everywhere here never expect you have it in Florida

    I don't do much of water lilies. I hate one of my friend, he can correctly predict hour and minute of the day by looking at my water lily LOL. Here mostly night blooming lilies.

    If you would like to get series or doing book, over here have hundreds maybe thousand of species.....  ornamental orchid and plentiful wild, Zingiber families of ginger and those sell-able lousy greeny leafy medicinal plants series in my port lol

    Just at one location, there are easily more than 50 species. I don't know the names and species, many folders just let it be 


    P/S: I told you the other day my Pelican case is my floater when I go outing, actually it does have some leaks. Just worry you do the same with your Pelican.  Here, I have additional underwater bag to put my camera in, so it's save. 


    Additional spaces in my Pelican, I fill it full of extra bodies..... Cheers!!!!!



  13. 4 hours ago, Rudy Umans said:

    He is indeed Alex. No doubt about that.


    Images like that of the woman are great to learn composition. They can easily be changed for that exercise. All one has to do is changed something and see what happens.

    Give the woman a red dress and see what happens, make that one light area dark and the small dark area light and see what happens. Change the shape of that small dark area. Make it larger or more elongated and see what happens or crop in a different way. There are many options. Study all those changes and try to understand why. Would be a great exercise


    Important note: I was just making an observation, but then I realized that some people might actually try that, so remember, anybody who would like to do that with this image needs Rasica's permission first! Nobody can use somebody's work as a guinea pig without the creator's permission!

    After many years of trying to fill my brain with more than what it can take, my shooting really out of alignments LOL. Thank you so much my dear friend for guiding me to the right path for given me a training exercise. It's really beyond what I been practice before especially your great expertise of light & shadow, B&W and colors composition.

    So, if the above picture of women dress change to difference color, it means the image will be Tri colors composition and all the other compos of triangles and diagonal is not valid anymore. I think I get what you mean, the image will be great as it is. Thanks   


  14. 31 minutes ago, Rudy Umans said:

    It is not the placement of the woman that is the most important part here

    Thank you, Mentor. Rasica is a great artist of photography and digital artist too. He has plenty of option to make the image a strong competitor against any masterpiece out there. But if he post the composition that the women head way off ROT, I guess it will attract 10 pages of opinions  LOL. 

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