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  1. Intellectual Property Decline

    I give you an Example and I hope it may help you. If you took a picture of your own living room and even if there was just a single picture hang onto wall or painting or arts decoration which is not your own creation or without artist copyright release (ACR), it will be rejected too. There is no problem you bought it and hang it in your own house but if you take a picture of it and want to sell commercially, you can't. In your picture, I would say those simple semi-precious stones jewelry earrings and necklaces are quite common may not have issue but those handmade Chandelier earrings was definitely infringes of artist intellectual copyright. Since multiple items was arrange into a frame or display tray, all of it involve shop owner intellectual property right. These are already 2 type of release involve you need to have. So, almost all of it do have infringements of copyright. Maybe you could try your luck under editorial. I can say so because I'm doing some jewelry designs, beading and silversmithing before. Here some of my jewelry images in display below you may have an idea and I don't upload to microstock.
  2. Seven Sisters Walkway, Eastbourne, Sussex, United Kingdom

    Allow me to try my little hand, Laurin. I turns day into night, I add people and most of all is Master Jedi. So, if I need a helping hand trimming long grass, I know Master Jedi will always be there for me hehehe
  3. Sold for the 1st time today
  4. I like your question probably we could continue in constructive discussion. Although I am small kid as of my avatar, your question much better than a full grown adult still fantasizing outer space cartoon than in real life. It is just... you not offer your POV. If you know composition, you will know what is dominance main subject and what it is going to tell. If you can't see clearly, it is not my fault but yours. So, case millions of images should be rejected is not related. Will you mind to share one? By the way, Harry, why not make some improvement on 2nd image and submit under non-editorial. If you do not know a very fast way using 2 steps color remover to remove unwanted obstructions without any blurry edges and effect, pm me. Laurin know very well too, I learned the small part the way how he did it.
  5. IMHO, first one car accident may have court case between owners or car manufacturer may proceed legal action if the image was wrongly used. Then you or SS may be ask to appear in court as witness. The same goes to 2nd image if that dry tree trunk later fell on person underneath it and become legal issue. I don't think it is because of bank logo or name which mine have no problem always being approved under editorial.
  6. Backup

    I might be wrong, those been using this drive members here, it is true 2TB or just 16gb maybe US hacks 128gb? ok, here what i found out at ebay. Capacity: 8-512GB, 8G-1TB, 16G-1TB, 16G-2TB. PLEASE NOTE: These items was upgraded by 16GB Pen Flash Drive Memory. 16G-128G 16G-256G 16G-512G 16G-1TB 16G-2TB What does it means: 1.!/ 2. 3.
  7. Backup

    what i know Kingston got 2TB USB flash drive, its price is not for everyone maybe super contributor - its price as much as Macbook Pro
  8. Backup

    Are you sure? Too hard to believe. You might drag many poor contributor hard earned 0.25 cents loosing $16.
  9. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on

    Is there a guidelines defining ‘do and don’t’ for stage entertaining editorial. These does greatly helpful for contributor not to waste resource and times on something SS rejected and at the same time encourage us to submit. The time frames within these 3 months do have plentiful of celebration and entertainment event. I already lost counts how many batches were rejected previously. Give it another 'lost counts' trying- Entertainments Editorial is NOT accepted. It need press credential. Who is she: A famous lawyer, publisher, comedian, Best Actress and FHM 100 Most Wanted Women in The World. In these series, she is representing Avon brand products Ambassador. What: Avon sales and new products get-together event. (I don't want to compete with others, upload this series was just because Avon Products, a famous US company founded since 1886 having so few images in ShutterStock): Where: - as stated – What I do: Surrounding, on stage and backstage posing shots. Some posing shots of Host, Emcee and celebrities. Some products shots. Not Approved - Press Credentials -- This image was taken at an event requiring press credentials.
  10. My First Grandchild!

    Congratulations! Laurin and Paul. Big congrats being conferred new titleship of 'Grand' Quite surprise with both of you. Laurin might have married late but Paul, you might have married at the age of 16.
  11. Be patient, sale may appear later on. So far SS is quite transparent. Much better than *****k which only provide monthly sales update, AFAIK reasons customer haven't pay. You having a very good port so much better than mine. MSN was clearly promoting you with bold and clear artist name, how I wish that. Mine seldom appeared best was only credit to SS, no idea it was buyer or SS doesn't like it. But I don't mind once a while anyone can have mine if they willing to brighten and sharpen artist name. At least my port of everything from A to Z won't go wastage.
  12. Sold for the 1st time today
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