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  1. I have some, I haven't uploaded them. The ducks are not selling.
  2. tviolet

    Contributor Ratings

    I've translated by Google,and copy here the text,what I've read.I hope,you will understand. " But in response to your question: I know that rumors have long been rumored that the reviewer scores the pictures, but that was not the case for a long time. However, since last year, 1 to 5 can be rated by the reviewer for images. This is not mandatory, but I think the majority is doing it, especially since it does not mean work, the difference is that I do not press the A key at the time of acceptance, but one of the numeric buttons 1 through 5. In any case, I rate every picture. 5 is rarely unfortunately given, 4 is the case, but most of the images are 3, that is, average. Which is very weak, but according to its evaluation criteria, it can not be dismissed, it is 1st. However, I honestly say that we do not even know how our scoring has a direct impact on the images, whether it counts for searches, etc. When they introduced the scoring, they told us that there is no consequence for this yet, but this system is under trial, but it has been at least a year. Since then, no one has spoken about this, but I can not believe it enough to count it, then what would have been wrong with incorporating it into the reviwer interface. So yes, approx. We have scored for 1 year, I assume that you can count on the point in the search algorithm, but this is not tied to our nose. Something very weighted may have a slight effect, as in many searches today, those pictures are released at the beginning of the list, which they have been importing for 6-8 years, and certainly have no score."
  3. tviolet

    Contributor Ratings

    As I've heard from one of the reviewers, they can rate from 1 to 5 every picture, but they don't know, for what and how SS use this rating. Sorry for my English!
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    Milestone for me.

    Thanks for everybody! Meanwhile I'v got my 2000th downloads!
  5. tviolet

    Milestone for me.

    I'v started to upload about 3 years ago,but after I had 1 year gap,so I can say: 2 years.