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  1. tviolet

    Milestone for me.

    Thanks for everybody! Meanwhile I'v got my 2000th downloads!
  2. tviolet

    Milestone for me.

    I'v started to upload about 3 years ago,but after I had 1 year gap,so I can say: 2 years.
  3. tviolet

    Milestone for me.

    Hello,I would like to let you know,that I'v nearly reached the 2000 downloads.Just one missing! Thank you Shutterstock! I know,I am just a very amateur photographer,but this milestone makes me happy. DateTotal downloadsTotal earningsSubscriptionOn demandEnhancedSingle & otherCart salesClip packsDownloadsSubscriptionFootageAll-time totals 1,999
  4. Hello,I'v been in your country a few month ago,and I loved it!