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    Looking up, looking down, looking all around, preferably with a camera.

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  1. THREE images for licensing since June 3rd. 17cents a download is an insult.
  2. If you are prepared to slog to sell an image for 25 cents then good for you.
  3. Hi, I've been really active on Shutterstock since October 2107 and have built my portfolio up to 1,100 photos. I'm not into really commercial photography and am definitely in it for the long haul. Sales have been good and sold 33 photos in 24 hours in April. You need to manage your expectations. If you have access to studios and props and all the gizmos of the trade, you can make decent bucks. -and if you have 10K GOOD images you can make good money. I'm new to photography (2 yrs) and treat the whole process of stock photography as a very very steep learning curve. Excited about the future and am not daunted by the competition, because, when all is said and done we are all artists and are free to express ourselves in our own ways. One thing I will say about photography is create your own style. If I look at 100 images on a page, some really stand out because the artist has his or her own peculiar and unique style. Good luck!
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