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  1. I dont understeand why your releases are exclusive to Shutterstock only , while you don't offer exclusive contracts with contributors .
  2. .but they can report much bigger earnings in Q1 each year from now on because they're screwed every single contributor. this way they will keep making money as a share holders from dividends on the top of that.
  3. seriously , its insane ! i wonder what is the next step .... boycott them hard...
  4. no explanation , no correction , make them dead like a boss... thanks and welcome new Shutterstock CEO!
  5. This is criminal , i hope you will change your mind .
  6. in the worst time of the year , they make money by taking away your commission .
  7. They forgot to mentioned also they cutting the prices of subscriptions heavily , that is leaving competitors nothing else to do .
  8. it was terrible decision for contributors , towards to share holders .
  9. The worst news i heard , since the beginning of the year , the end !
  10. I know many hear already .... we are becoming slaves again . Terrible Decision .
  11. amazing , but the shares of shutterstock are growing , so the company simply just squeeze us in order to sustain their office in the most expensive city.
  12. the cut was totally unfair i hope soon we will be able to sell images and videos in other way .
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