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  1. This is my favorite of all of them! Great mood! I especially like the reflection of the trees in the water. I'd clone/remove the branches on the right that are cut off -- they sort of just hang in the frame and don't add to the overall scene. But, very nice capture! It's got that morning fog and sunlight look to it.
  2. Yes, that looks like the Northern Mockingbird. Yes, they're beautiful, but, you're not missing much. They annoy me and all of my neighbors with their incessant and high pitched frequency bird calls that extend into the ENTIRE night and early morning!!
  3. Off topic (sort of) but since you were posting this bird image, Paul .... do you have any experience with Mockingbirds and how to get them to shut up during the wee hours of the morning? I've got one that sings all night long in my front yard in a crepe myrtle tree. I researched online and one woman said she used a garden hose to spray water at it. Another person said she hung a fake owl in her tree to scare it away. I love birds, but, this obnoxious mockingbird is annoying!
  4. For starters, I like the blue and peach colors. It creates a very serene look. What's missing though are clouds and some kind of foreground element. The duck is so tiny that it doesn't create that powerful of a foreground subject. Also, I see a light stand (is that what it is?) on the far left. That detracts from the image.
  5. Intriguing composition - I like the vantage point. I see some traces/color bands on the left and right that could be cleaned up.
  6. I'm confused as to what this is? Would a viewer know what this is if they've never seen it before?
  7. I really like this capture - focus could be a tad sharper, but, lighting and composition are good.
  8. TusharDey, For starters, you could read the Shutterstock Shot List to find out what subjects are in demand. I would start there and build your portfolio based on in demand subjects. Even the themes Shutterstock recommends are OVER-SATURATED, but, look at the images in the database. For example, Shutterstock says holiday themed subjects are in popular demand. Why not look through the database and see how you can come up with holiday photos differently than what's already on here??
  9. GREAT image, Phil. You captured a great moment here, albeit a humorous moment! The expression on that dog is classic! Lol
  10. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. As many others have stated, you're competing with millions of images! Your travel photos and food pictures are quite nice! The one thing I would suggest is to get a bit more creative when it comes to surfaces/backdrops. Food isolated on white has been overdone! Give yourself a goal each week on the number of uploads you want to do and pace yourself accordingly. It's a numbers and quality game. Quantity helps and most important quality matters even more.
  11. Good composition, but, I agree with Lost Mountain Studio! This has a "overly-processed HDR" look to it.
  12. Rob Stathem


    Great capture!! This has an ethereal quality to it. The colors are stunning. The only thing that I think would make this image look better is having a more defined path -- the path or trail just sort of fades away because of all the leaves. There's no real horizon in this image. But, aside from that, I think it's a beautiful image. Great work!
  13. Rob Stathem


    Intriguing composition! I don't normally see cityscapes taken from a lower angle like this, but, I like it. It makes the buildings feel significant and important.
  14. I like this image quite a bit! Personally, I would have left more breathing room for the RV on the right -- it feels crammed in a bit. Otherwise, I love the reflection of clouds and sky in the water and the composition is well thought out.
  15. Good comments! Like others have said, I also think it's about quality and quantity! What surprises me are those people that are submitting IDENTICAL images. I'm not talking about images that are slightly different. That's OK - a subtle composition change makes a different image even though it may "look" similar. I'm talking about the exact same image that has been uploaded twice! How do these images get approved? It's surprising!
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