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  1. Did you mean something like this?
  2. Thanks for the help Thanks for the feedback, D.Pimborough
  3. Hmm very good question Jonathan, what to do with it? Thanks for commenting!
  4. Hi and lovely pic! I have to ask, where is Laurin? Fernando
  5. This image has got downloaded about 5 times, makes me happy. Thank you for you're critique an advices.
  6. Hello guys! I just want to say sorry for not responding to your comments much earlier. I have been away working and doing studies so i haven't had the apportionity to login to this forum. Thank you Laurin for believing in me, it made me very happy when i what you wrote about me. I am never giving up the shooting before i know that i made my best. Fernando Delgado Lopes
  7. What was I thinking man!I thought that penguins where in but this one is out! Thanks!
  8. Thank you Rob Stathem, I will definitely go back to give this image a new chance. Thanks for liking it and for the feedback!
  9. Shot from the city zoo. Sorry Laurin, this isn't a photography from Gothenburgs streets but i had to make sure if this suits as a stock image ore not. The critique will guide me for the future. Like critique from you others to Fernando

    © Fernando Delgado Lopes

  10. This one got sold today guys. Thank you very much Laurin and Concha1a for your support.
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