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  1. This photo drew me in instantly. I agree, this is great.
  2. C. Clark


    What I love is nature. But, in the same breath, it seems not to be what everyone else loves. I'm trying to find that balance between the two. Thank you very much...I believe you have helped me think outside of the box, yet still shoot what I love & others will love as,well.
  3. C. Clark


    Now that I look at it more closely ,from what you both have said, I can see exactly what you mean. Thank you.
  4. C. Clark


    What classes would you recommend Sir? Less on the obvious & more emphasis on "Unique". Thank you I appreciate the input very much.
  5. C. Clark


    Thank you. I appreciate your input very much.
  6. C. Clark


    Rejected for: Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution.

    © C.Clark

  7. C. Clark


    Rejected for: Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution.
  8. C. Clark

    20140105 95

    Thank you John, you are correct, I shot the photo capturing a memory. "When you do it your way round, you end up shoe-horning an image into some imagined stock need." That is something I do need to learn : to shoot images specifically for stock purposes and less for "memories sake" if you will. I am indeed an amateur, and still have much to learn. I am learning so much just from the input & critique you both have offered to me. Thank you for taking the time to offer honest critique. I need to change the way I think when shooting images.
  9. C. Clark

    20140105 95

    I think it could be used for a Christmas Card, Background , or a Computer Background. I like to believe there are endless possibilities for every image, as it is what a person sees or feels from seeing said image. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it very much.
  10. C. Clark

    20140105 95

    Holiday Lights taken a couple hours after a snowstorm. Taken at night to show the melting snow around the lights. And also to enhance the actual colors of the lights.

    © Carolyn Clark

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