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  1. what about uploading unedited images?they work? i mean just noise reduction and maybe a little exposure. how much editing will be good for travel,outdoor and landscape photography?
  2. i reuploaded them and they were rejected again lol
  3. I take photos of ancient city walls with a text writtten in old greek language or whatever.ss says tranlation problem.how to translate them? lol
  4. which ones accept editorial images?
  5. i upload paintings on walls as editorial but they say they cant license them.
  6. i want to record some travel footage but i am not sure if i need a video slider.will it affect selling rates? maybe a cheap slider you know?
  7. I watched a few youtube tutorial videos about how to make white background .but i cant make perfect white background when there is woman hair. Corners of hair mostly too soft/hard or cant whiten among hair. how can i perfectly cut out hair? do you know any good tutorial videos or guide?
  8. i check my sold image at google and saw a web site sells it as poster.is it possible? here is where it is sold: http://zakazposterov.ru/фотообои-на-стену/42606-фотообои-Стамбул-Турция---марте-11,2017:-смотреть-старые-узкие-улицы-с-Галатской-башни(по-турецки:-Галатской-башни)-назвал-Христа-башни-Генуэзской-знаменитая-средневековая-достопримечательность-архитектуры-в-Стамбуле,-Турция. here is original at my portfolio: https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-photo/istanbulturkey-march-112017-view-old-narrow-615854069
  9. At first days i uploaded some images as editorial but now i see they are commercial.So are there any ways of changing them to commercial content? When i want to edit at approved photos part,it is not possible to change "editorial" what if i delete them and reupload as commercial?
  10. there is only one week duration between my uploads.not so long.
  11. i have uploaded a few model images with model release form and all of them were approved.later i uploaded more images with same model and same model release form and they were rejected by saying "Model Release -- A model release is required for this image; or the attached model release does not meet our requirements, is illegible or additional model releases are needed." how this can be?
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