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  1. Unfortunately the new design looks very bad, usability got worse...
  2. Hello again. I repeat my question. How about sort by vector / raster illustration / photo ? Editorial content, mature content?
  3. Yes, me too, and also sort by upload date, in order to see how new content is being sold
  4. The map is great, but all of us still waiting for sort ability on portfolio page... don't you think this is more important?
  5. I hope that sort option not be will limited only by new / popular. How about sort by vector / raster illustration / photo ? Editorial content, mature content? How about square previews for collections, or maybe adaptive width? Because now it looks terrible
  6. Why header is so unreasonably large? Even if contributor doesn't have an avatar, this header really takes up a lot of empty white space. I think content should be a priority for buyers, how do they care about my avatar? Now without sorting ability and empty half-page-header, this is usability degradation, not improvement. What is the reason?
  7. I'm so sad because of no one from Shutter admins doesn't explain to us WHY do they did it? WHAT IS THE REASON? During 3 days no reasonable comments from administration. Totally disregard to contributors
  8. Here the moment came when I stopped uploading my vectors. RIP
  9. because no one want it) there is no other explanation from shutter
  10. Not for long with such changes. Other stock agencies create much more comfortable conditions for customers and contributors. I hope you will understand this and undo these stupid "improvements"...
  11. Shutterstock didn't hear us at all. Sad, sad situation
  12. If this unreasonable "innovation" will be introduced, I swear, it will stop my work with vectors on Shutterstock until they bring it back. This is a huge mistake
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