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  1. Happy New Year!

    I hope you all enjoy a great weekend, and a creative, healthy 2018. We're looking for your input about next year. What would you like to see us ship in 2018? Let us know here on this thread, or send your note to our CEO via Twitter. https://twitter.com/jonoringer/status/946157483831148545 Second, I wanted to let you all know that I've moved to a new role at Shutterstock. I'll be leaving the Contributor Care team and taking over as Product Owner for the Contributor side of our business on January 1. I'm excited to take what I've learned on the front line of our Care organization and put it to work making the contributor experience the best out there. I'll still be around on the Forum, and available via email (via submit@shutterstock.com), and on social media, (see below) so you'll be able to reach me as always. Again - thank you for your commitment and ongoing contributions to Shutterstock. PS - I made a small update to our Forum Profile page. Now you can enter your social media info (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as well as your personal website. I hid some of the older, less used platforms (ICQ?! I bet many of you are too young to know what that is!). If I've taken away something you were attached to, let me know, and I can restore it. Best wishes for 2018! Kate
  2. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Forum about the new submission page. As a result, we are making some improvements that will be released in the coming days. In addition to collecting your feedback, we have conducted interviews with many active contributors who are enthusiastic about the upcoming changes. The updated design has a wider right panel that displays two columns side by side for large screens or a single column for smaller screens. Now, you'll be able to: See more of what you’re working on without scrolling Work with keywords in a dedicated panel View different fields in a more intuitive order based on your feedback This update is part of many improvements that we are actively working on to address your feedback. Look out for more updates coming soon: Status flags on each asset to highlight when your image is ready to submit (see a snapshot below) Updates to your Approval Status page, so you can quickly see all your Pending and Rejected content without selecting a batch Addition of Videos to your Catalog Manager, so you can see all your approved content in one place Thank you for your commitment to Shutterstock and for sharing all your feedback with us here on the Forum. Thanks, Kate
  3. Pic Upload Issue

    Thanks for your patience! Our team has put in a fix and you should be able to upload and submit content as expected. Please let us know if you see any additional issues.
  4. RESOLVED - Site Issues - Uploading and Submitting

    Thanks for your patience! Our team has put in a fix and you should be able to upload and submit content as expected. Please let us know if you see any additional issues.
  5. Our teams are currently working to solve an issue with uploading and submitting content. Currently, you may not be able to upload or submit content via mobile, desktop or FTP. You may see this error when uploading "You recently uploaded xxxxxx which could not be read by our image processor. Please contact support for help addressing this issue." There is no need to contact support. When our site is back up at 100%, you'll be able to re-upload this content. We will update you as soon as we're back up and running. Thanks for your patience!
  6. Pic Upload Issue

    Hi @Zyankarlo We are experiencing an issue with uploading right now. Our development team is working on a fix now. Thanks for your patience.
  7. Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

    Shutterstock Premier access is for customers who have large teams with enterprise level usage. Check out these articles to learn more about the Premier Platform and the Premier license. As a Shutterstock contributor, your content is already available to Premier clients if you have opted into both Enhanced License and Sensitive Use. This includes your Shutterstock editorial content, which will appear on the Image tab, rather than on this new Premier Editorial tab. Regarding our Premier Editorial offering, photographers who contribute to the Premier Editorial collection have been selected by the assignment team based on their prior work in the news, sport and entertainment industry. While we are not currently accepting applications, we do evaluate contributors on shutterstock.com and in the past we have selected contributors to be a part of our Premier Editorial team.
  8. Submission Page Update

    Hi @anelerim, Hi @Marina mrs_brooke, The submit page is not optimized for use on the Yandex browser. Please try another browser, and let us know if your issues persist. Thanks!
  9. FTP Upload speed

    Hi, Our team made some updates overnight. How is performance now? Thanks!
  10. Submission Page Update

    Thanks @Perry Correll . I've let our developers know. The workaround I can suggest in the meantime is to use a different browser (sorry!)
  11. I Thought World War III Had Just Started!

    Unfortunately, Vincent was before my time. I'm grateful to have Alex and Nancy to charge ahead here with us. ... And oh my gosh! I'm no photographer, that's for sure! (Actually, I'm a musician!) Indeed that is my kitty. She's 17 years old, and such a sweet lady. Your photos really capture the cat-ness of cats, if that makes sense. Sometimes noble ... sometimes "in distress". Have a great weekend!
  12. I Thought World War III Had Just Started!

    Hi @Sari ONeal, I know we're super mysterious on the forum, but we're working to be more consistently available here. If you need a direct answer to a question, you can always get us at submit@shutterstock.com. We are re-arranging our workload to be more present on the forum, and I think it'll be helpful (and maybe fun...). We'll continue to rely on folks like you to help out new contributors and to share your deep knowledge of Shutterstock. We'll be quiet now until next week because we're all off for a long Thanksgiving Weekend. Talk soon!
  13. I Thought World War III Had Just Started!

    Hi Again, Our team says the notification system is back up and running smoothly. Please keep us posted if you start to see delays again. Thank you!
  14. Submission Page Update

    @Michael Warwick If I'm understanding you correctly, all of that should be possible in the new system as well. Copy and paste for descriptions is working (you can use CTRL C and CRTL V). You can also select multiple images and enter the same title for all of them, then go back one by one and make small tweaks. When it's time to submit, CTRL (or COMMAND) click to select multiple images (or use the multi-select mode), and submit everything in one go. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can clarify anything!
  15. Submission Page Update

    Yes! I'll make sure all of this is on the list.