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  1. Thanks for trying out the new feature! Your model's birthday appears to be the issue. August 2020 is in the future. Models must be at least 18 to sign this release.
  2. Hi, Quick update. @Duncan Andison Your video download count looks correct to me. As somebody else pointed out, "Past month" is May. Only "Year to date" includes the current (in progress) month. As far as the volume of these video downloads over a day or two - I can see that they are from one of our API partners. Customers who purchased these licenses can only use the clips on that platform. They can't save or download them, or re-use them. However, I agree it's odd to see so many on one day. We've reached out to them to make sure there hasn't been an error. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for reporting @Duncan Andison . We're looking into it now. K
  4. Hi, There were two issues some of you reported that should now be resolved. Downloads showing in the Single & Other column instead of in the Subscriptions column. The tech and product team worked to fix this yesterday, however we saw that it didn’t entirely resolve the issue. Having made some additional fixes, the categorization appears to be working correctly now. Let us know if you see further issues relating to this. Image download count exceeding lifetime download count on the dashboard. Some historic (pre-2018) downloads from your referred contributors were included in the image downloads count in error. This issue is also now resolved. You may need to refresh the page to see the corrected amounts. Many of you are also asking how a contributor in the higher earning levels can get a 10¢ commission. Shutterstock makes your content available to our global customers, via partnerships and other promotions, and through API partners and resellers who may have a different package and pricing plans based on volume commitments than what’s offered to eCommerce customers. As a result, any contributor can see 10¢ royalties when their content is being licensed through these opportunities.
  5. Thanks @Jane Rix, @wacomka and @William Perugini, We're taking a look at that issue now. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Thanks for your patience. This display issue has been resolved. Your commissions are now appearing in the appropriate column.
  7. As you've noticed, most earnings are displaying in the Single & Other column. This is a display issue that we are working to resolve. All your commissions are being calculated correctly, they are just displaying in the wrong category. Thanks for your patience while we prepare a fix for this issue. Kate
  8. Yes, we have that update in the works. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, @Photoroyalty. That doesn't sound right. I'll ask our team to take a look.
  10. Hi, As you've noted, commissions are now calculated according to the new royalty structure.
  11. Hi, The new royalty structure will go live this afternoon, New York time. I'll post an update on the announcement thread when it's up and running. Thanks, Kate
  12. Good morning, The new royalty structure will go live this afternoon, New York time. I'll post an update here when it's up and running. Thanks, Kate
  13. When a customer downloads your image as part of a free trial, your commission is based on your earnings level, as with all other downloads. The price per asset we use to calculate your earning depends on the package or promotion the customer is using, but your commission will not be lower than 10¢. Free Images of the Month are negotiated separately, and if your images are part of that promotion, you will be contacted by our team.
  14. When a customer buys a pack or subscription, your commission is calculated based on the price per asset assuming full usage of the pack or subscription. For example, if a customer buys a 10 images per month subscription at $49 per month, the price per image is $4.90. Your earnings percentage is based on $4.90 regardless of how many images the customer downloads from their allotment.
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