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  1. Thanks for reporting, folks. An update we did to our search index has caused a small number of assets to be misclassified. We are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience. Kate
  2. Hi @Tomsickova Tatyana . Hi Everybody. The current limit to how much content you can submit is 100 videos and 500 images per 7 day period. (In my experience, even if you have reached the limit, it will let you have one successful submit each day... but that seems to be more of a bug than a feature.) We've found that submitting more content than this usually ends up working against you, as your content competes against itself at the top of the search results. Thanks, Kate
  3. Hi @Lloyd Vas, We do not currently have a feature that enables re-submission or re-classification of approved items. I'll add it to our feature request list (if it's not already on there). I can see the value in this for sure. For now, you'd have to remove the existing ones, and start again by re-uploading the images. Thanks, K
  4. Hi @Milo J, If you send me the ID of the rejected image or video, i can take a look. I'm super curious now to see what's going on. K
  5. Sorry, yeah. I spoke imprecisely. The witness cannot be the same person as the person who signed in the 'guardian' area. It needs to be a different person, but it could be the other parent. Sounds like your release was rejected in error. Thanks, Kate
  6. Not sure what other agencies will want to do with these. I would guess that, if they require a witness signature, these would not be allowed. Let us know what you find out though. Kate
  7. Hi @Breaking The Walls, You can still use your existing releases, and continue to upload scanned jpgs as well. Thanks, Kate
  8. Hi @Milo J The witness cannot be the guardian (nor the model). If the model is over 18, then the minor model release cannot be used. Sorry about the runaround. There is no rule about the witness not being related to the other parties. Kate
  9. We’ve expanded our digital release feature to include property releases and model releases for minors (under age 18). Now it’s easier than ever to get the releases you need to submit all your content to Shutterstock. This feature is being rolled out slowly, so not everyone will see it right away. Learn more about digital releases in this article.
  10. Thanks for your patience. Approved content has been slow to appear on the site, but a fix is underway.
  11. Hi everybody, I’m happy to let you know that you can now upload your videos and images using FTPS rather than FTP! FTPS is a more secure option that still allows efficient upload speeds. If you’re already familiar with uploading images and videos using FTP, you’ll find FTPS is very similar. Most of the same applications will work, but logging in is a bit different. We’ve outlined how to log in to FTPS in this updated post. Though our old FTP is still available, I encourage you to make the switch to FTPS now. In the coming months, we will email out a notice and take down the FTP, leaving only FTPS for video and bulk image upload. Thanks, Kate
  12. Hi! Great questions. Thanks for posting. While the images are free to use for Microsoft advertisers, Microsoft is covering the license fees on behalf of its advertisers. While we don't disclose the specifics of API deals, I can share that the Microsoft partnership does not result in the lowest possible royalty paid to contributors.
  13. Ok! They've replied that the issue is resolved. Would you kindly confirm?
  14. Hi Everybody, Thanks for reporting. I've opened a ticket with our forum service provider. Hopefully they'll get back to me shortly. Kate
  15. Hi Everybody, Thanks for your patience. Approved content is taking longer than usual to be published. We expect everything to be back to normal by end of business (New York time) tomorrow. Kate
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