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  1. I had disabled my images for sale on SS a few weeks ago after hitting the $35 threshold and I have seen an increase in AS and DT. They have picked up some of the slack for sure and I do not have a huge number of images on either not like SS.
  2. I am turned off my 8500 images. Going from .38 cents to .10 cents is a 74% reduction in earnings. SS has not reduced any internal employees earnings. In fact, several top executives make over $1 million dollars and receive lucrative stock options and many executives having been cashing in those stock options since January. So the employees who created customer subscription plans that resulted in losing money and designed a contributor earnings reduction plan get rewarded handsomely. Pretty Unbelieveable!
  3. So quick to turn off earnings but it takes days to turn off the images. In the meantime, who is getting the sales? OH, Yeah, let me guess.
  4. But is this your May payment? I received that but I still have active images on SS and no indication of sales. They are quick to turn off sales but not the images.
  5. @Kate Shutterstock Yes, please explain where the money goes after deactivating the portfolio. I have a few top sellers in some categories and they are still showing for sale. If they have sold, why is it not appearing in my earnings account??? Please explain.
  6. Hmmm...insider trading; he knows when to get out.
  7. But it also reflects the dishonesty of this company.
  8. Well, ironically received the email for May payment of $506 and reached $35 for June today. So, 7 years, 36000+ downloads I have deactivated my portfolio. The treatment of it contributor "employees" and the lack of honesty will eventually destroy this company. Customers will soon notice the difference and then Shareholders. The Emperor has no clothes.
  9. Do you believe them??? Have you ever seen that happen? SS made a mistake and took money away from you.
  10. I am $1.50 away from $35 for the month. The prices I have received this month for images are all over the map (level 5). I have, as have many others, asked SS to explain the earnings structure, shows a spreadsheet but they stay silent. I don’t trust SS to be fair and honest so when I hit that payout mark of $35, everything gets turned off. The new earnings structure is horrific but the lack of transparency is unacceptable to me. I wish we could insist on an audit on contributors payouts because this may have been going on for some time.
  11. So Kate you respond to this issue but do not respond to our inquiries asking for clarification on the earnings schedules, levels and amounts. I don't understand. Is this not important to you/ SS?
  12. New CEO may be trying to make the company look attractive in the short term to lure in a buyer. 27 downloads today for a whopping $6.11. As soon as I hit $35, I am turning it off.
  13. But I don't think they have told the shareholders of their new contributor payout plan and when they brag about earnings margins, they will have to disclose what they have done. And when they have no new downloads and a decline in contributors and images they will have to explain. And when sales fade because of the lack of fresh content, they will have to explain that also. I wonder how shareholders and wall street analyst will view this change because this business model is not sustainable.
  14. Yes, and I wonder what they will tell shareholders on the next quarterly report. I can't believe they are getting any new downloads and it would be nice if they lost half of their database images.
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