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  1. I am so tired of...

    Agree...and with less consistency and more leniency in review.
  2. I am so tired of...

    I am so tired of uploading problems, file transfer errors, images being stuck in "pending", 2 images approved while 10 images wait for weeks to get reviewed, of keywords disappearing, of algorithms that bury most popular images and elevate new images to popular etc. etc. SS, you are a major corporation publicly traded on the NYSE. Aren't you tired of this also? Anyone care to add...
  3. Copyright infringement

    I don't understand why the meta data doesn't trigger a red flag unless these thieves are somehow altering the meta data.
  4. Question on Everyones Mind

    I don't think they know how to fix it all. They seldom follow through on their comments or problems and their contributors get left in the dark.
  5. Question on Everyones Mind

    My earnings were down the last couple of months but are actually up this month. I don't know what to think about SS and about trusting their system.
  6. Question on Everyones Mind

    Sadly no response from SS.
  7. Question on Everyones Mind

    @Alex Shutterstock @Panny Shutterstock @Kate Shutterstock With all the recent problems and system glitches i.e. missing earnings, missing keywords, lost images/videos etc.; can you please provide us Contributors some assurance that we are accurately and completely being compensated for our images sold? Does SS conduct an independent audit? Thanks, your reply would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    SS, can you please explain why recent images show up in "popular" in our catalog whether they have sold or not? We have been waiting your promised response.
  9. Earning update issue

    Earnings show up and then disappear again. I do not trust SS to compensate us for everything that has sold. There are too many problems and too few corrections and far fewer responses.
  10. Earning update issue

    Yes, images appearing on the map but no sales being recorded. How can this happen? I think there should be an audit to make sure contributors are getting paid properly. As a publicly traded company, I would think this would be a standard practice.
  11. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    Not a word. Like so many other responses from SS...empty promises. I guess they simply do not care that they promise to resolve issues and then do nothing and never send you a message. I don't know why they have this forum actually.
  12. Don't shoot flowers unless...

    Sold today.
  13. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    SS, we are still patiently waiting to hear from you.
  14. Don't shoot flowers unless...

  15. Unpaid Earnings

    Yes, all clear here. The app clears automatically. It seems to take a day for online.