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  1. Waterfall near Peles Castle.

    © Mocuta Sorin

  2. Simple Christmas background, but i see something is missing. My light was poor and maybe sure that was the problem. Maybe i need a softbox for next shooting session.

    © Mocuta Sorin

  3. Sorin Mocuta


    © Mocuta Sorin

  4. Thank you for your time! I must to make a research in Food Photograpy, and not only. Cheers!
  5. You're right! Very helpful video. I see a lot of tutorials there and for sure, all are interesting and helpful for me.
  6. Looks better definitely. I tried from different angles, but I did not think to rearrange the items.
  7. Thanks for advices! I am learning the basics in photography, like exposure, DOF, sharp, etc.., after that I'll try to improve my creativity for a good composition. I shot few classic photo, to see where I make the mistakes. I see that my photos missing something, i don't know for the moment but I'll try to do my best.
  8. © Mocuta Sorin

  9. Sorin Mocuta


    © Mocuta Sorin

  10. Sorin Mocuta


    © Mocuta Sorin

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