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  1. Thanks for sharing this John. Much appreciated. Truly appreciated.
  2. I'm not sure if this tipic has been discussed before but I'd really love to see an option allowing contributors to simply add their content to Bigstock without the hassle of going through the entire uploading process. Is this something you'd like to see as well?
  3. It's a survey conducted by Shutterstock geared to improving their service for contributors. No harm in letting them know how you feel and offering any suggestions on any improvements. I took it, you can too.
  4. Thank you for sharing Vittorio. I'm sure many drone users here will find this information quite useful.
  5. Hello Pat, Before I can even begin to make a recommendation I would ask; what will you be shooting with the lens?
  6. Agreed 100%. I see nothing wrong with it. In fact I do welcome any effort to help us as contributors sell our images.
  7. My SS Goal for 2020 is to become the CEO of Shutterstock. 😏
  8. Truly a fantastic image David. Thanks for sharing mate.
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