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  1. It is true. When you place several photos, good ideas for titles or descriptions do not always come. Thanks for this attention. I will try to apply it in practice.
  2. Do you think that the variety of photographs placed in the portfolio is a good panacea for more sales? I have a diverse portfolio but I can not get more sales of my work. I do not know what to do. I do not know where I'm making a mistake. Do you have any good advice?
  3. I agree with you that the SS is a good place to earn. You can upload a lot of photos here, but how do you influence your photo to appear in the search results? I am still looking for original words to describe the photograph. And you know what, the harder I look, the longer I sit at the computer, and photos need to be shot and pre-prepared for shipment. I do not know how to deal with it?
  4. Alex Shutterstock, and perhaps in response to our expectations, creators want to develop a new plan for photographers.
  5. Right, my mission is customer satisfaction. It is true that the customers do not like. Thanks for the comments. Photo was taken use a tripod, with a long exposure time.
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    my rejected
  7. professionals do not like fuzzy photographs.
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