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  1. I know what you mean... Before $10+ per weekday was my goal, and having $8 or $9 was considered low... Last Monday 27 sales for $4,09... With subscriptions sales only it's hard to earn value for your work. This Monday is slightly better, but didn't get to $10 either. Luckely a $150 sale on Alamy today.
  2. Thank you for sharing the information! Luckely i didn't have many more of these throughout the month... Though, not looking good.
  3. Just had an On Demand for $0,20...??? Level 5
  4. The base of our income, i think, comes from the subs... And these levels don't have (much) influence on this... Only on the expensive sales. So, in the end, these levels are good for the show.
  5. Allright... I might just try with one photograph as i reached the 1000 a few weeks ago. Thank you!
  6. Also editorials that shows faces in travel photography style?
  7. A few months ago i also got an e-mail alike to this one about a photograph, asking to take away the sensitive use to have a sale... A day or so later the photograph was sold for a good price... I was also doubting if it was true or false, but in this case it wasn't about exclusivity and change the sensitive use wasn't a big deal...
  8. The noise is indeed minimal... I'd just upload again.
  9. Hey Gunter, I don't think your portfolio has any major problem. Maybe a bit more keywords, using between 40 and 50 of them. Wildlife is not the easiest type of photography to sell, but i wouldn't say it doesn't sell at all... You have a good mix of travel photography (people, landscape, architecture, wildlife...), so the rest should compensate on the wildlife. I've checked your first three pages, and i saw a lot of Vietnam photographs, also some of South Africa, Namibia... Vietnam (as well as South Africa) has a bit more than 700 000 photographs for sale, so depending on which country, the competition is different. Maybe you've been to specific places where there is fewer competition, then it's worth working more on those. Namibia has about 1000 pages of photographs for sale, so it's already 7 times less competition than Vietnam or South Africa. Honestly i'd think you should have more sales for your portfolio, so i wouldn't give up.
  10. Thank you a lot for your kind words! Sadly not all wildlife sells well on SS... Your bearded dragons are very cute!
  11. Next to Uganda, Suriname, Iceland and India... I think the one that entice me most is Antarctica to be able to see the Emperor Penguins
  12. A male waved albatross portrait A Blue Footed Boobies Couple A surprised Green Vine Snake
  13. I'd love to make a guess, but i'll keep it quiet
  14. Just been checking... 5 SOD's of 0.36 in February, 4 of 0.36 and 1 of 0.37 in march...
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