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  1. Therefor I will pull my video portfolio from SS. I have allready done that earlier on other sites when they screwed up the video commission's. The first sale I get on my photo portfolio, if it is 10 cents, I will pull my photo portfolio too. It's just not worth it. Other sites gives 50%, and for me SS is not one of my 2 top earning sites.
  2. Got an email from one of the other agencies i contribute to today, with this heading­čśä The email is loooong and well written. It says alot when other agencies are shocked how SS treats its lifeblood (the contributors)
  3. But if we stop uploading new content to unfair sites, and focus all our energy on uploading new content to fair sites it will make a difference. And opt out from video/photos, especially videos on my part.
  4. https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-object-to-the-decline-in-shutterstock-s-contributor-earnings
  5. Same here, I have completely stoppet uploading anything new content to SS as from they announced the new comission structure. I only upload new content to other fair sites. From may 31 i wil opt out and pull my video portfolio from Shutterstock, they are worth more than the tiny peanuts they now offer.
  6. I was just reading it, and now it`s gone. I should have taken a screenshot, it was written good
  7. After the new ridiculous commission structure for contributors, who let`s be honest is the people that keeps Shutterstock in business, I have decided to pause my account and not upload any new content to Shutterstock. There is fortunatly other good sites that gives you a fair percentage for each sale
  8. I have decided the same, I will let is rest and stop uploading content to Shutterstock. Many other sites that gives a fair price for my work deserves my time. In a way it is good that they announced it today because I have a lot of fresh content ready to upload, dodged a bullet there
  9. I am really dissapointed in Shutterstock regarding this decition, and I will, as many other contributors here, not upload any more content to shutterstock until the eventually change this horrific deal for the contributors that keeps them in buisniss
  10. I have gotten the same answer as you the times I have reached out to support regarding the slow upload speed its odd they dont recognize the fact that other sites servers dont have this issue..
  11. I am currently uploading new 4k videos, and the same speed issue is remaining for the record i uploaded 4k videos to other sites minutes before starting the ss uplaod and they were as usual between 7-12 mb/sec. Seems like its going to be a loooong day in front of the laptop today.......
  12. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  13. Hi everybody, does anyone experience very slow ftp uploads when uploading to shutterstock while using Filezilla or is it just me? I average 0,5-0,6 mb/sec when uploading to SS, but other sites gives me between 4-12 mb/sec upload. Large files take a very long this way with 0,5-0,6 upload speed. Anyone have a advice? or is this a server side problem? Cheers
  14. Just got all my videos and photos reviewed, but 2 "invisible" photos are still stuck in review
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