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  1. Hello, Images approved on 12/12/2017 are not shown in my portfolio. Although they are shown in catalog manager section. Here are the Batch ID numbers:202966318202332988202332772202332775202332778202332763202332781202332766202332784202332769202332787202332757202332745202332748202332739202332742202332751202332733202332760202332736202330132202330129202330126202330078202330147202330102202330123
  2. Skrill is just outrages. 50 usd ended up in my account 15 usd. Their bank charged 28 euro swift fee plus skrill's fees.. this is pure ridiculousness!!
  3. Same here. 5 images got rejected because of their sizes which are totally ok.
  4. Can your kettle photo still come up on the first page of popular in "Manhattan" search even if you remove manhattan?
  5. By the way having those Eiffel tower photos on the first page of "Le marais Paris" search is another issue. Edit: I just checked one of those eiffel tower photos and found that it doesn't have "le marais" in its keywords either.
  6. Those unrelated photos appear on the first page of your search too. And they don't even have words "Le marais paris". + Why do you think your results are 200 pages shorter than mine?
  7. Hello, I was looking for a picture for a project. (I'm also a buyer). These pictures came up on the first page of popular tab. Keywords for the search were "Le marais Paris" http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-413896468/stock-photo-stainless-steel-metal-cooking-pot-pan-over-isolated-white-background.html?src=EngWSEBlMvgbrW6m5StVSg-1-61 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-326178023/stock-photo-top-view-of-cooking-pan-isolated-on-white-background-with-clipping-path.html?src=EngWSEBlMvgbrW6m5StVSg-1-70 http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-224689930/stock-photo-top-view-of-cooking-pan-isolated-
  8. Following images were approved on 10/24/2016 but not in image gallery yet. 503623273 503621662
  9. I made 10 searches. All of them came out with no "same artist" section. I hope it is temporary like you said.
  10. Hello, When i searched an image on shutter, i always used to see same artist section under the photo. But recently i have only seen similar images section. Do you know if this is a new change on the site?
  11. My sales have also dropped dramatically. I wrote to costumer support. According to their answer, they do changes on the site only to attract more new clients. Changes in sales should be seasonal. But reading all those topics and messages. It seems something different than seasonal.
  12. According to email i got from them, it is going to be editable again after next payout circle.
  13. I wrote to shutterstock to increase the payment amount until payoneer is available. I used to be able to change the details of payment but i guess it is not like that anymore that i had to write to customer service to do so. I hope the fee banks charge through payoneer is much less than unacceptable 30%.
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