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  1. If the people in my editorial images or footage are not celebrities is it still important to include their names?
  2. Pretty cool indeed! Now I want to be there and see it for myself! How many cameras did you use to catch all the different views?
  3. No the clips that I have currently on stock aren't trail camera ones. I just ordered a new trail cam to replace my old failing one and it's supposed to be very good so we'll see if the quality is good enough.
  4. My old trailcam is failing so I just ordered a new one. It's a Stealth Cam DS4K Ultra HD Trail Camera. We'll see if the quality is up to stock standards.
  5. Love that video clip. The camera brand would be a problem though if submitting it. I guess it would have to be cropped. It's true that the quality varies according to conditions but the cameras are getting better every year.
  6. Why can't I publish video sets?
  7. I've had video of mountain lions sell. They weren't wild though. I think a good video of a wild mountain lion would be more authentic and perhaps more valuable than a staged one
  8. All the talk about video has me interested in adding more but my favorite subject to capture is wildlife and for me right now that means camera traps. I'm wondering if something like this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1395858-REG/browning_btc_7_4k_recon_force_4k_trail.html?ap=y&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgLLoBRDyARIsACRAZe4cR2FB04fDLRlUy6d6hMlvn1UMMxifU7a7-IIHYsajLAZ8FQgiOnkaAoZ6EALw_wcB&smp=y would produce video that would be usable as stock.
  9. That would be a pain. Not worth the trouble of trying to line it up!
  10. I stopped using the camera's mic when I had trouble with background noise while I was trying to video the song of an Anna's hummingbird. I bought a Rode mic and am now trying to find a hummer that's willing to cooperate with me and let me get that video. The sound they make is pretty cute and I think would add to a video if I can get it without other noises intruding.
  11. Thanks @Whiteaster that makes more sense now. I'm surprised it never came up when I submitted video clips in the past.
  12. I watched a video last night to help contributors learn more about submitting stock images and footage. One of the comments made was that video should have no sound. There was nothing said about why though. I can see why if the video is shot in a noisy environment but what about videos where the sound is an important part of the story? For example a songbird singing in a tree? Or a rushing waterfall? Wouldn't the audio be an important part of the clip then? Could buyers not easily mute the audio if they choose?
  13. MelaniWright


    I had an idea for depicting the concept of getting out of your comfort zone. Just wondering if there's some way to execute this better or if I should go ahead and submit it.
  14. Glad I looked here before wasting any more time trying to upload video. Hope it's fixed soon!
  15. I'll just say that I used the same release (Easy release) and filled out the same fields that have been accepted in the past. Did SS change their policy on accepting model releases that aren't proprietary?
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