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  1. I designed my tattoos as well, and brought them to the artists (any time I've asked an artist to design for me, they've avoided doing so, idk why, maybe time constraints)...so it's pretty frustrating when I got that property release requirement for pictures I'm in, I mean my arm is simply flowers taken from the internet (ironically some were from microstock sites) and tattooed onto my arm... lol. well i simply uploaded those photos to microstock sites in countries that don't require that nonsense. they sell there same price. i guess that's why we have multiple sales accounts.
  2. If you want to improve contributor experience, I think you should make it so that we don't have to re-upload images when they are rejected for things like a mistake in the metadata or unacceptable caption. Why can't you program the submissions so that there is an option to resubmit the same image in cases where it is a simple mistake? Just an idea to help us with our time.
  3. I'm having a really hard time with understanding the selection process for night / low light shots and getting a little frustrated with the review process overall because many of my images get rejected for really dumb reasons that don't make sense... Anyway, I figured out that they don't like a lot of noise, or deep shadow, which is all well and good except in the case of night shots, which constantly get rejected due to "poor lighting". Last night I went to shoot the Dom Tower in Utrecht which was lit by the colors of Belgium, and made sure to use low ISO and a tripod so as not to have a
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