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  1. upgrade the earning table, and put more bugs on SS .... what can I say to the Tech team... well keep it up boys keep it up
  2. Not even on SS page upload... Shutterstock if u continue like this for real more and more people will delete all their content...
  3. The problem is they show up in portfolio after aprox 5-6 hours, after my images being accepted, sell some of those new images AND after they disappear for 24 hours, and they appear again. And the problem is that 24 hours is key to sell them to be somewhere in good place... but idont even care about this site until they dont fix this major bugs,... BETTER to add some new stuff (full of bugs) than fix this already full of bug site...
  4. Same here, aprox 2 months this thing happens, if those images were online yesterday, and disappears today, next morning will be online again. Pretty frustrating, because its happening also to me, Yesterday the new ones was online 4-5 hours ( sell a few of them ) and this morning they gone. I ain't no worry for them because its almost 100% they will be back tomorrow.. Send mail to SS and they said, they check my account and they didn't see any problem, (this was last week). Now the same problem appear, and send them another email Whit printscreens like yours.
  5. Same here my approved images shows up first day in portfolio, sell a few of them, disappear, and after 24 hours they back, ofc they are now somewhere at 100th+ page so they pretty useless on site cause noone gonna find them. I this case I sometimes delete them and try to re-upload.
  6. Uploading 60 images. After they was approved waiting 16 hours to be visible ond portfolio. Selling a few of them.... next morning 60 of 60 gone... whats happening??
  7. 58 of 58 vectors was accepted, at 10:30 am. its 5:50 PM and still they didn't appear in my portfolio and not in the site, so its a normal thing or after my images are gonna be active, they gonna be somewhere at 100th+ page ? Is this even worth anymore to upload pictures when there is not even a day without a bug or something. My last upload was OK! BUT, from 50 images was active 12, and every single image was uploaded at the same time, same Batch id etc.etc. I delete them same day when was accepted, and all my deleted files show up next morning in my portfolio.. My New Year pledge
  8. Yesterday was on my portfolio available and I was able to see them. And this morning they disapear from my portfolio, and after openin them from their ID I got that ''image is pending or not available''. Pretty sure something not right here. If i upload 30 images at the same time and after 20 hours they was approved (all of them). I don't really understand why only a few is available...
  9. 551872984 551872978 551872972 551872966 551872963 551872957 551872948 551872945 551872942 551872939 551872936 551872930 If i clock on the id shows the image. But i cant find it from search and not even in my portfolio? Can anybody else see those images?
  10. I have 700+ vectors in my portfolio. In 11 months i reach the $500 level. Before reaching 2nd level my earning was around $75-150. After the ''level up'' (btw this is my best month so far with seasonaly images) my earning is around 150-200/month. So guess what if a portfolio will have 2-3000+images??
  11. 80-85% of your total income will be from subscription! an aprox 10% will be On demand Downloads! and a very few EL downloads. I have only 21 this year.
  12. 2 days ago a snowflake icon set become online after 2 days of waiting. Just in 2 days I sell more than 40 downloads (all sub). I try to search my image in new category. After 10 min of search i found it on 27th page. I dont really care from today , how lucky can upload new images and how fast they was reviewed and acccepted...
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