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  1. Hi Mike My pic got accepted by flipping it... Didnt have to get rid of the skater ! Good trick you gave me there ! Thanks :-) Cheers Cedric
  2. Thanks Mike ! I appreciate it. I'm a newbie in this world, and starting lately to consider photography differently. I wont hesitate to ask you in case ! Cheers Cedric
  3. I finally understood what you guys were meaning when saying flip it horizontally, sometimes I'm a little slow ;-). I'll try that in give feedback for it !
  4. Got it ! Thanks :-) I thought it was nice to have the lighthouse since its out of focus. And didn't think of the overlap as well... Maybe I should start thinking a bit more ! :-)
  5. Composition--Image is poorly composed and/or poorly cropped. Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance.


  6. You mean vertically no ;-) ? Thanks for your comment ! I must admit I don't work with rules yet, I follow my eye and instinct. I shall concentrate more on technical aspects of shooting from now on :-) Thanks again
  7. Hi ! Thanks for the cheering up :-) I don't even have a D700, I have a D7000, and yes undoubtly I should change at least the body and get a full frame. My best lens is a 70-200mm 2.8 VR1 (I love it !) and I should offer it a better "Suit" indeed. For the screens they use you're probably right. I have to change all my gear !! ;-)
  8. What do you think of Photo Shelter for POD ? Any other suggestion is welcomed :-) I shall search the web as well. Now that I sold 25 pics out of 160 in my gallery (for 25cts each though ;-) and reading all your comments, I know I should keep up the good work to improve and maybe I can have more "success" with a DOP website were I can "lure" customers from shutterstock :-)))
  9. I was wondering at some point if it was a computer accepting the pics. I uderstand now better with your explanation that a thousand or two pics reviews a day makes you function a bit like one I guess. My poorly trained eye will need more work to choose better !
  10. I agree Eric and Chris tooo I'm afraid :-) It turned out it was refused today. But in the same time another lonely building I've posted with editorial caption passed the reviews ! So it isn't systematic apparently...
  11. Thanks for the tip Chris. I'm waiting for another one to be approved. We'll see !
  12. Very nice pic ! True for the left eye, and agreed to see more of the beast. Very artistic
  13. Only thing I did was re exposing the foreground(diving board and wall) and panoramic sharpening it in LR. But you are right, they probably don't mention all of the reasons at once.. I did get already a few frustrations and they are slighlty slow to answer as well when mailing. That's life.. :-)
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