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  1. September sales too slow...$5.78 only
  2. Very Very Slow start.... $1.00
  3. Very very bad sales on this month...
  4. Yesterday I got 4 video sale (good news) but per video sale $0.34 (bad news). Please any one explain what percentage commission Sale price.
  5. +1 Same Going from 0.36 cents to 0.10 cents?
  6. I got two sale today at 0.10 !!! and one at 0,12 USD
  7. last two days no sales.....February start 🙄🙄🙄
  8. Yesterday my video sale $ 0.60 ( this month worst my sales )
  9. Worst this month sep...last two days sales o,
  10. Zero day for today very slow start to September.
  11. Hi all friends i am so Happy buying new ( My Dream ) camera canon 5d mark iv ( only body ) not buying kit lens, Today i plan buying on canon 50mm 1.8 stm ( Budget Lens ) please tell us your opinion. please tell any other best budget good lens for canon 5d mark iv, any one use this lens ( canon 50mm 1.8 stm ) please tell your experiences. ( Sorry for my english ) Thanks.
  12. bad August for me....very, very... slow? sales
  13. No sale - This month too slow waiting for videos sale....
  14. No sale - This month too slow waiting for videos sale....
  15. Same issue running my page ( "server is not found". )
  16. Last four days no sales... ( this month slow )
  17. Same i'm try Filezilla upload my videos too slow for upload....
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